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My fics and videos are public but I decided to make a little home for my friends to come in and rant or share with me! As all of you can see, I decided to change the appearance of my home! I would like to extend a massive amount of gratitude and hugs to violetinstincts and agt_bush for my new header and friends only banner. lovetruthbella and heimedall are the other artists for my custom headers and friends only banners! I have begged my good friend, causette for a new header that she delivered on and I'm making a layout to match it! Since I'll be changing back and forth between layouts, I figured I'd give props to all of my wonderful women so I don't have to keep changing this post. lovetruthbella is also the talented artist that created all my beautiful colorbars that make me drool whenever I visit my profile page!

And I've decided to move my music player up here and delete the post it was in. I update the music regularly with my ever changing moods.

Get your own playlist at!

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The latest drama in my pathetic life!

I'm moved...kind of. For those behind on the drama of my wretched life...

My husband (James) decided to move us from a smaller house on this property to the larger one when our landlady finally got sick of the former tenants and booted them out. I never wanted to move. Let me repeat this. I Never Wanted To Move! Yes, we were crammed into the other house and this one is bigger but I figured for the increase in rent, we could get another house instead of renting but since he makes the money I left the decision with him.

So, during the two weeks that our landlady gave the former tenants to move, I went into a stage of depression. Let me explain. I am a shut in. I seldom leave the house EVER and if I do I am a nervous wreck. I haven't always been like that - just the past 4 years after an accident I had. Anyways, me - depressed and left to pack our shit myself since my husband works 6 days a week. FUN! We fought like you wouldn't believe cuz I went silent (which I tend to do when depressed) and he couldn't handle it.

Anyways, the landlady (Cindy) takes two weeks to clean up the vacant big house since the former asshole tenants left it all fucked up. Then get this:

1. We started to move on Mother's Day
2. James' "friend" (Gary) with a truck that was supposed to help us move the big furniture never showed
3. He picked up an old friend and we used James' work van and my car to move boxes

1. James had to work, I was alone
2. I went and picked up a friend of my mom's (David) to help me move
3. Stopped by Gary's and he said he'd be over in about 4 hours after he finished a job on a car
4. Gary never showed
5. David and I moved more boxes in my car and carried furniture 500 ft from one house to the other
6. Cindy told James she wanted the keys to the old house by Tuesday night!

Three fucking days to move out, plus we still need to clean the old house so we can get our deposit back and transfer it to the big house! Can you say "hitting the crack pipe"?

1. I picked up David again and we went to get his brother, Henry, to help with the big stuff in case we had to carry it too
2. Gary showed while I was gone!
3. I passed him on the road on my way home and he turned around and came back
4. The three of them got all the rest of the shit and big furniture
5. I gave Cindy the keys

So I have boxes all over the place inside and a ton of shit outside on the deck and in the yard that I don't have room for yet til I unload boxes inside! AND on...

1. I have to go help Cindy clean the old house all day

1. I have to go help Cindy clean the old house all day

I officially quit cuz she's doing shit that is above and beyond the call of my duty of cleaning the house like painting and replacing light fixtures, doors and cabinets that I didn't fuck up to begin with. Not to mention I cannot handle paint. One whiff and I get migraine from hell and wish for death within 2 hours max. So today...

1. I am busting ass to make room in here before the rain comes.

The sun is shining, its been in the mid 90s all week but since I have computer parts, photos, paperwork, satellite receivers and other shit that will go to shit if rained on I tend to believe it will rain. Why? Because that is my luck.

So to wrap up this little melodrama, I basically got stuck doing all the moving and cleaning associated with a move I never wanted to make in the first place.

End of rant and back to unpacking.


So we went to pay rent for the new place last night (we pay on the 1st and the 15th) and discuss the transfer of our deposit with Cindy. This batshit bitch told James she wasn't giving back any of our deposit! She said all the carpets had to be replaced (which is BS) and it took 3 people 36 hours to fix it up (considering it took 2 weeks to fix our new place how bad could it be plus I was in there and it just needed mild cleaning which James and I helped with) - but it wasn't all of our mess, she decided to replace doors, fixtures, and other shit in there that has nothing to do with our returning the place to its original state of when we moved in.

James got into an argument with her, I bit my tongue cuz when I go off it goes bad quick. Then she told him she has to think about whether she even wants us to stay in the new house and wouldn't sign her part of the lease. She's actually thinking of making us move again! After I shelled out $150 to my Mom's friend and his brother to help me move in here.

She said she'd let us know her decision today so I'm sitting here making myself sick, contemplating doing all of this shit again but having to actually go look for a place to move into! I haven't unpacked a single box since we got back from that little meeting last night.

I swear if she dicks us over, I'll take her to court for the moving costs plus the expenses of fixing my big screen TV and DVD recorder that blew out due to faulty wiring in the old place. Yes, we actually had a fire in there once right after we moved in because the wiring was all fucked up.

I'm just sick. My ulcer is flaring up, I'm popping Xanax like mad and a migraine is building. Going to lay down and mope now.
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Back by popular demand

Well, I got a few minutes with a laptop and I need to smatter you all with men! I know you won't complain so in no particular order, my list (that I could come up with on the fly) of my all access men!

Teaser but so much more beneath:

Brad Pitt

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Fic: Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse (NC-17) Ronon/Liz

Title: Ignorance of the law is no excuse
Author: Dee and Kat
Chapter: 1
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/Elizabeth
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Dub-con

Disclaimer: We do not own the characters from SGA. This is intended for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: While attending trade negotiations on a new planet, Elizabeth unwittingly breaks one of their laws and ends up in a predicament that only John or Ronon can get her out of.
Author’s note: This little plot bunny belongs to Heimedall and we’re writing this together for her.


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Dean - Bad Day

I lost my baby today...

He was born in my hands, lost his sight when he was a few months old due to an attack by a wolf hybrid but remained my constant companion for over half my life. And today, I put him to rest so he wouldn't suffer anymore.

You will be missed, Pookie!

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