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The Chase (NC-17) Ronon/OFC Chapter 1

Title: The Chase
Author: Angelsdee
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda
Disclaimer: I don’t even own my navel lint so don’t sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon pursues Mikaela after she returns to Atlantis. This is a sequel to The Hunt written by Heimedall for me a while back.
“She’s impressive to watch,” John arched a brow when a particularly brutal punch took one of his SO’s down. He was leaning against the doorjamb of the gym with Ronon, the both of them watching Mikaela spar on the mats. “I think she could take you, big guy.”
“She already did,” the large Satedan growled when one of her adversaries caught her with a right cross to the jaw that snapped her head to the side.
Mikaela spun with the punch, coming in a full circle and backhanded him with her right fist followed swiftly with her left. He fell just as another wrapped his arms around her chest and another moved in from the front. She gripped the forearms holding her, brought both booted feet up catching the approaching man under the chin before she flipped over the man’s head behind her. Her arms wrapped around his neck arching him backwards and heaving for breath when her feet hit the mat.
“Yield,” she growled in his ear. He patted her shoulder to indicate his surrender and fell to his knees gasping for air. “It is nice to know that all of you men are not so stubborn.” She moved to place a hand on his back to ensure he was all right and received a nod. “In that position, I could’ve snapped your neck easily.”
“So what do you think of my new team member?” Lorne smiled as he crossed the gym to stand next to John and Ronon. “She kicks some ass, huh?”
“That she does,” John nodded his head slowly while keeping his eyes on the leather-clad body of their newest ally.
“She shoots just as good as she fights,” Lorne’s smile was infectious and he tended to bounce on his feet when he talked about her. “I’ve got my very own Ronon on my team now but she’s nicer on the eyes.”
“That she is,” John agreed with raised brows when several SO’s moved to offer her a towel. “The men are falling all over her. Lucky for us she can kick anyone’s ass that tries to mess with her.”
“I think the attention she’s getting from the men confuse her,” Lorne said while he turned his eyes to her. She glanced amongst the guys around her like she was expecting another attack before she grabbed a random towel and walked out of the circle around her. “I don’t think Mikaela realizes that they are interested in her. It is kind of cute how naïve she can be.”
“Make no mistake,” Ronon said in a low tone. “She is naïve about nothing.”
Before John or Evan could ask him to elaborate, Mikaela walked up to the three men wiping the sweat from her face before drying her bare shoulders. “Colonel,” she nodded at John.
“Mikaela,” he grinned with a nod. “That was a hell of a workout. Thank you for sparing my men any permanent damage.”
“It was my pleasure,” her accented voice drifted to their ears but their eyes followed the towel’s trek across the swells of her breasts. She wore a black leather bustier that laced up the center, covered her breasts and stopped to reveal her well-defined abdomen. Her skintight black leather pants molded to her curves like soft butter. She hid her grin at John’s reaction to her before she turned her gaze on Major Lorne. “Evan, did my workout of the men satisfy you or should I work them harder?”
“No, Mikaela,” he shook his head to get the images out of his mind that that statement invoked. “You did great and Colonel Sheppard’s right. We don’t need them permanently injured.”
“As you wish,” she bowed her head to her commanding officer before she pulled the tie from her hair and released the yard of black tresses down her back. “Excuse me,” she turned, shaking her hair loose as she retrieved her bag from a nearby bench.
“It must be nice to have someone else spar with the men, Ronon,” Lorne turned his attention to the silent man beside John. He noticed that the Satedan’s eyes never left Mikaela but that was no small wonder since neither did his, John’s, or any other man on the base. “It gives you a break from training them all the time.”
“It doesn’t bother me to train the men,” Ronon snapped a little harshly when he thought of the SO’s running their hands all over her body during the workouts. “I think some of them need to be put in their place and I might take over the next session,” he grumbled.
“I think she puts them in their place just fine, big guy,” John turned to watch his team mate’s dark gaze following Mikaela’s every movement as she packed up her weapons and equipment. “You aren’t jealous, are you?”
“What?” Ronon’s eyes quickly snapped to the smirking faces of Sheppard and Lorne. “No, I’m not jealous. Why would you ask that?”
“Well you did ask me if you could bring her home with us and since she’s been here she hasn’t given you the time of day,” John crossed his arms over his chest cocking his head at his friend. “You asked for leave to go to the mainland more times than I can count when she was settling her people in with the Athosians and I practically had to drag you back to duty each time. Not to mention you were crankier than usual when you came back.”
“You also happen to be here in the gym every time she has a sparring lesson with the men,” Lorne jumped in on John’s little game to unsettle Ronon ticking off points on his fingers. “You watch her the entire time. You’re always in the gate room when we come back from a mission and I see you hanging out outside the infirmary when we go in for our check ups.”
“You make a point of sitting in the best place in the mess hall so you have an unobstructed view of her,” John continued and grinned when he saw how irate Ronon was getting from the constant barrage. “Her quarters are no where near yours in the living areas but I always see you wandering around the corridors and I can’t help but think its because you want to catch up to her or see her. So what’s the deal, Ronon?”
Ronon’s gaze flicked back and forth between John and Evan’s smiling faces, his mouth open but no words coming out in his defense.
“What’s Ronon’s deal with what?”
He turned around to meet her dark eyes when she approached him silently from behind. Ronon felt his breath catch in his chest as she captured him with her gaze. He could feel a warmth rush through him from her proximity. Her scent seemed to mesmerize him and the memory of their one time together flashed before his eyes. She cocked her head at him waiting for something and he couldn’t find his voice.
“We were just telling Ronon that it must be a relief for him to have you here,” John stepped forward to draw her attention off of the beyond unusually silent Satedan. “He used to be the only one that trained the men and now he gets a break since you are here.”
“Why would he have a deal with that?” Mikaela said uncertainly. “That doesn’t sound right,” she shook her head blushing at John. “I don’t know if I have all of your language and slang down correctly. I’m sorry.”
“You’re doing just fine,” John smiled at her softly. “You’ve come a long way since you joined us. I remember how much of a loner you were when we first approached you about joining Lorne’s team and how many times you refused to follow his orders. If I remember correctly, all you did for weeks was rant about the whereabouts of the Wraith you hunted.”
“I was difficult, wasn’t I?” she lowered her head seemingly embarrassed of her past behavior.
“No more difficult than someone else I know,” John grinned, his eyes sliding briefly to Ronon before returning to hers. “You both lived through some bad things before you met us and Lorne and I both knew that there would have to be some allowances made before you became comfortable with us. I think our trust in each other has developed very well and I find you a very important member of our team.”
“Thank you, Colonel,” she nodded her head in deference to his position of authority before she glanced at Lorne. “I hope I didn’t put Evan through too much trouble while I decided if he was worthy enough to give me orders.”
“You put me through the motions, Mikaela, but it was worth it,” the Major smiled with light in his eyes. “You’ve saved my life and the other members of our team more times than I can count and at great personal risk to yourself.”
“I was the leader of my people for a long time before I met Ronon and returned with you. I was used to my orders being followed but I’ve always been a warrior of my people,” her gaze moved between John and Evan while she struggled to explain herself in their language. “I knew once I joined your team that I would have to learn your ways and follow your orders and I accepted that but the leader in me would not allow me to blindly follow them until I was sure it would not compromise my ways or my survival. Once I trusted you, I would give my life to protect any of you like I would my own.”
“You’ve done that,” Evan placed his hand on Mikaela’s shoulder and turned his gaze to Ronon when he heard him growl at the friendly gesture.
“Is this part of whatever is Ronon’s deal?” Mikaela asked with a curious look at John.
“Well we were giving him a hard time and he got a little heated,” John said as he eyed up the tense body language of his friend.
“Giving him a hard time about what?” Mikaela snapped in a low tone that had both John and Lorne looking at her like they had Ronon. She sounded defensive of the Satedan and the dark look in her eyes made them wonder how far she would go to protect him.
“Uh, we were just wondering which one of you would win in a fight against each other,” John fibbed the conversation to spare Ronon any humiliation in front of her and possibly to spare him and Lorne any harm from her if they continued to harass her would-be suitor. “Lorne puts his money on you, hands down.”
“And where would you put your money, Colonel?” Mikaela asked in a sultry tone as she stared into John’s eyes.
“Uh,” he ran his hand behind his neck and shifted uncomfortably between his feet. “I haven’t decided yet. You two are very much alike in a lot of ways, one of those being your fighting skills.”
“I see,” she smiled softly before she glanced at Ronon. “We have fought before and I had the upper hand during most of the exchange.”
“I had a different objective in mind other than winning the fight,” Ronon said in a low growl near her ear and noticed the almost imperceptible shiver run through her body. “If you remember correctly, I won that particular encounter easily.”
“Perhaps,” a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she ran her heated gaze over his face. “Or did it ever occur to you that I let you win because that was my objective as well?” she smirked when she saw his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. She had caught him off-guard and loved his reaction. “I guess we’ll never know,” she purred seductively before she shouldered her bag. “I will see you gentlemen at lunch,” she turned her attention away from Ronon. “Colonel, Evan, if you’ll excuse me,” she smiled smugly before she slipped between them and walked out of the door.
“What the hell was that about?” John asked no one in particular as all three men turned to watch her walk down the corridor.
“What other objective?” Lorne glanced at Ronon when Mikaela disappeared around a corner.
“Like I said,” Ronon smiled smugly at his companions, “that woman is far from naïve and she knows perfectly well the effect she has on the men around her.”
Ronon made his way into the mess hall at the precise time that Mikaela usually dined. He normally made a point of getting there before her and taking his seat near the table that she always sat at but this time he decided to hold off his arrival until after she was already seated.
He never tried to join her, he always hoped that she would sit with him but she never did. It was a constant frustration for him. He had visited the mainland several times after her people were relocated there and sought her company but she made a point of keeping him at a distance.
It was Ronon’s hope that they could continue their ‘relationship’ after she returned with them to Atlantis but Mikaela avoided any contact that could lead in that direction. It bothered him greatly. He had never been with a woman since his time as a Runner until her.
He had never had the urge since he came to Atlantis until he saw her. He never considered a long-term relationship with anyone until he had been with her and she accompanied them back. Now she rebuked every effort he made to be alone with her or even near her.
‘Sheppard is right,’ he thought as he walked down the table loading food on to his tray. ‘I am crankier than usual but this female confounds me.’ He grabbed his utensils and a drink before he turned to stare at her back. He grinned when he saw her tense under the weight of his gaze. ‘At least I know she is aware of me now and I still have an effect on her body,’ he grinned before he moved to sit in a vacant chair at her table. “Do you mind?” he asked her after he sat, picked up his fork and met her arched brow at his intrusion.
“Not at all,” she said dismissively before she took a small bite of her sandwich.
Ronon watched her, his eyes never leaving her face once while they ate in silence. He could sense her unease and growing agitation from his constant perusal and did nothing to hide his amusement when she dropped the last of her meal and finally met his gaze.
“Why are you staring at me?”
“I’m just reliving our time together in my head,” he smiled as he bit into a chicken leg. “It was invigorating as I remember it,” his eyes flashed to her face in time to see her bring her blush under control. “I was also wondering why you have denied anymore involvement with me since you came to live amongst us. Did you not find it as enjoyable as I did?”
“What if I did? That is no reason to continue along that path just because you gave my people safe harbor against the Wraith,” she sat back in her chair folding her arms across her chest in a purely defensive gesture. “Should I feel indentured to you for your role in our relocation and just give myself to you out of gratitude?”
“No but you could admit that you felt something for me and not avoid me like a child,” he said in a bitter tone. “You know I want nothing from you for helping your people but I do know you shared yourself with me before that was even offered. So tell me,” he leaned forward with his elbows on the table separating them. “Why do you run from me whenever you think we might be alone? Why do you deny your body’s reaction to mine when we are near?”
“You overstep your bounds,” Mikaela stood so abruptly that her chair shot out from behind her to crash into the table behind her.
“I don’t think so,” Ronon stood up just as quickly sending his chair back into another table disrupting the personnel sitting there. “I have intimate knowledge of every inch of you therefore I think boundaries do not apply.”
“You are an insufferable man,” she growled at him with her fists propped on the table.
“And you are a frustrating woman,” he growled back in her face mimicking her position, his large fists next to hers.
“Whoa!” John dropped his tray on the end of the table and watched the two volatile members of the expedition square off. “You two need to calm down. If you let loose in here no one will make it out unscathed and nothing will remain intact. Mikaela!” he yelled at her until she stood upright, fists still clenched at her sides and met his stare. “Ronon!” he looked at his friend waiting for him to back down until he finally stood up to his full height but kept his gaze on Mikaela. “Want to tell me what this was all about?” he asked the former Runner and the woman that made the Wraith into Runners. He received no answers but dark glares focused on each other. “Someone? Anyone? Bueller?”
“What?” they asked in unison with angry looks on their faces when they glanced at him.
“Nothing, I just thought it would get your attention,” he smirked before he sat down. “Park it, both of you,” he indicated their seats and waited until they reclaimed them before he started on his meal. “So what sparked this face off that scared the hell out of every member of the expedition that happens to be in the mess hall?”
“Nothing,” Ronon grumbled before he tore into a hunk of bread.
“Mikaela?” John asked as he ran his gaze to her. “Anything to add?”
“No,” she said in a hiss before she picked at her food.
“Okay,” John mumbled beneath his breath, his eyes darting between the two dark warriors. “Just try to avoid scaring the natives in the future, okay?”
“I apologize for my role in the disruption, Colonel,” Mikaela said self-consciously.
“It’s okay, Mikaela, just try to keep a lid on wanting to tear up the big guy over here,” John tilted his head towards Ronon. “I kind of need him and believe it or not I like having him around. Oh and it is John by the way.”
“You are the military commander of this world,” she leveled her gaze on him. “It would be disrespectful of me to address you otherwise.”
“Not if I insist,” he smiled.
“John then,” she nodded her head at him. “I have never felt right calling Major Lorne by his first name either but he insisted as well. I guess I still have a lot to learn about your people,” she said softly before she pushed her tray away from her. “If you will excuse me, I have a mission in a few hours and would like to shower and prepare before I must leave.”
They watched her walk with purpose to the exit and John turned to Ronon when he heard him sigh. “Ronon, I have a feeling that something went on between the two of you back on that planet where you found her but it’s only a suspicion. However you show all the signs of a man with a broken heart so I tend to think I’m right.”
“What’s your point, Sheppard?” Ronon sighed heavily when he felt the infamous John Sheppard lecture approaching.
“You have a thing for the lady, am I right?” Ronon lowered his eyes nodding slightly. “Did something happen between you two before I found you?”
“I’m not at liberty to discuss it with you, Sheppard,” he glanced back up to see his friend’s smile fade. “I think it would offend the lady if she were to discover all the innuendos that are made towards her physical appeal as it is and she might well kill me if I mentioned or insinuated anything of an encounter between us.”
“Aha!” John pointed Ronon with a smile on his face. “So there was a… something!”
“Sheppard,” he growled in warning.
“Okay,” he held up his hands in surrender. “Look Mikaela seems the type that needs to be won. She’s a fighter like you and doesn’t want to appear weak so I suggest you try to win over her affections in a way that best suits your kind.”
“Our kind?”
“Mikaela might not be Satedan but the two of you are more alike than any two people I’ve ever met. I suggest you follow your instincts and attract her in a way that people like you are…attracted to,” he shook his head with a sigh. “Look Ronon, I am the last person in any galaxy to ask advice from in regards to relationships but I see how you respond to her and I see how she responds to you when she thinks no one is looking. Do something to interest her. Hell if she needs to be won in combat then fight her for her.”
“That seemed to work before,” Ronon said thoughtfully.
“Wait,” John looked at him curiously. “What? We weren’t separated that long on the planet. What exactly happened between you when you met?”
“We fought over the Wraith. I tried to convince her that our need for him was important but she wouldn’t listen to reason so we fought,” Ronon spoke quickly and took a long drink off his water bottle.
“Was she telling the truth? Did she have the upper hand during the fight?”
“Yes but I wasn’t concentrating on the fight,” he glanced down at the table missing the smile on John’s face.
“And then?”
“I took her.”
“You took her?” John coughed loudly choking on the food he was swallowing. “The two of you had…”
“How was it?” John whispered leaning forward so no one heard him. “It just seems like she would be as passionate in…that as she is with everything else she does.”
“Sheppard,” Ronon said warningly.
“Right, never mind,” John leaned back in his chair taking a deep breath. “Okay, well it seems like she responded well enough to your fight and you know… tactic on the planet so maybe you should stick with what works. Its obvious following her around like a lovesick puppy didn’t work for you so fall back to basics.”

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