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The Chase (NC-17) Ronon/OFC Chapter 4

Title: The Chase
Author: Angelsdee
Chapter: 4/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda
Disclaimer: I don’t even own my navel lint so don’t sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon pursues Mikaela after she returns to Atlantis.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" John asked Mikaela after he spotted her overseeing the sparring sessions in the gym. Lorne stood beside him looking worried for the safety of his team member.

"I am not one for sitting still for very long," she replied without taking her eyes off of the men on the mats. "Don't forget your knees," she yelled out to Morrison. "To what do I owe the honor of your visit, Colonel?" Mikaela used his rank instead of his name and the tone of her voice sent a chill up his spine.

"You were dying yesterday," John's eyes drifted down to her bare midriff, his hand darting out to pull her arm aside. "You had a gaping hole there!" He pulled her to her feet and traced his fingertips over her flawless skin.

"You don't even have a scar," Lorne whispered as he moved to inspect her abdomen with his hand.

"How is this possible?" John asked while still staring at her skin. He was so absorbed with her miraculous recovery that he failed to register the silent approach of an angry Satedan until a hand shoved him forcibly away from Mikaela. "What the hell, Ronon?"

"She is still recovering and doesn't need to be manhandled, Sheppard," Ronon held back the growl in his tone. He did not like to see the pair of them touching her and pulled Mikaela slightly behind him.

"Recovering? There isn't a mark on her," John turned his attention to Mikaela cocking his head. "What are you?"

"That is an interesting question and the way you phrased it couldn't possibly offend me, could it?" Mikaela said in a bittersweet voice.

"No one heals like that," John kept his gaze lowered to her smooth skin. "Do you have Wraith in your DNA?"

Ronon felt Mikaela tense beside him before she deftly moved to stand before John. "I feel compelled to apologize for this ahead of time, Colonel," she said with barely contained fury before John raised curious eyes to her only to find a fist headed straight to his jaw. "Do not ever compare me to those abominations!" she yelled down into his face while he stared up at her from his back on the floor. "I cannot guarantee that I will hold back next time," she stepped over him to move to the SO's that stopped sparring when she decked their CO. "Get back to work!"

"That was a mistake," John mumbled holding his jaw before he accepted a hand up from Ronon.

"One I wouldn't suggest making again," Ronon smirked at John as he slid his lower jaw back and forth. "She hates the Wraith more than any being in the Pegasus Galaxy. Comparing her to them is like me comparing your people to the Gou'ld."

"Gotcha," John gave him a thumb's up. "Never compare Mikaela to the Wraith if you want to live."

"So how is it that she doesn't even have a mark on her?" Lorne asked while he watched her instruct the men on the mat before he glanced at Ronon. "I had her blood all over me yesterday. It took me hours to get it all off and now she's walking around like nothing happened."

"You will have to ask her. I will not betray her trust in me again," Ronon turned his attention to her, seemingly dismissing the men until John grabbed his elbow. "Sheppard, her condition does not endanger anyone here. If you want answers then ask her. Neither myself nor Beckett will tell you anything."

"Fine," John clenched his jaw, his gaze traveling briefly to Mikaela before he looked up at Ronon. "Carson," John tapped his comm.

"Yes, Colonel?"

"Meet me in the Conference Room and bring McKay and Zelenka," John ended the transmission while he stared into Ronon's eyes. "Bring her," he told the Satedan in no uncertain terms before he indicated the door to Lorne.


"Take a seat," John told the couple when they entered the Conference Room. He and Lorne sat in the two center chairs while the two scientists and Doctor Beckett sat on the left end. As soon as Ronon and Mikaela took the chairs on the right, John leaned forward in his seat trying to find the words.

Elizabeth was on Earth giving the IOA an update on the experiment with Michael and how it was progressing and John was in charge during her absence. He was not comfortable in this capacity and it showed in his indecision now.

"I'll spare you the difficulty of finding your tongue, Colonel," Mikaela leaned forward with her arms resting on the table. "You want to know how I went from being mortally wounded yesterday to not having a mark on me today. Am I correct?"

"Yeah," he nodded his head.

"I heal real fast," she enunciated each word slowly and arched a brow at him in amusement. "Will that be all?"

"No," John shook his head and smirked at her, "but I like your style."

"Thank you," she laughed. "As long as I do not lose too much of my blood, I can heal from any wound in a matter of hours. If it is a minor cut or broken bone, I'll heal within hours. If the injury is more severe, I'll heal within a day or two. The one I received yesterday cost me too much blood and I would have died if Ronon was not here or one of my people did not donate in a timely manner. After Carson gave me the transfusion, my wounds began to heal themselves."

"That is an impressive ability, handy in your line of work I'd say," John looked astounded for a moment before he looked at her sideways. "Ronon said that his blood is unique to his people. How is it that he was a match for you? Are you Satedan?"

"No, my people created the Satedans over twelve hundred years ago," Mikaela smiled when the two scientists' mouths gaped open and John and Lorne appeared confused. "Ronon's people are the result of my kind seeding Sateda with our DNA. We began his race to carry on for us when we began to die off during the war with the Wraith."

"How did you seed Sateda with your DNA?" Rodney asked as he stared at her over his laptop.

"What is your theory on the Ancients seeding your galaxy, Dr. McKay?" she chuckled when his mouth fell open, his eyes widening beyond normal capacity. "Carson stumbled upon my people's little secret when he assisted my body's ability to heal."

"Her people are to the Pegasus Galaxy what the Ancients are to our galaxy," Carson said proudly. "The Arianians are the most advanced species, genetically and technologically, that we've ever encountered. Rodney, she is the being that created the nanites that infect Michael."

"What?" McKay looked at the Warrior Princess in shock. He'd have to rethink his opinion of the woman after this. He had thought she was no more than muscle like Ronon since he met her. Now he just learned that she created nano-technology that has confounded him at every turn. "How did you do it? I have so many questions to ask but I can't even get my head around them right now. How did you configure them to be resistant to an EMP? How did you transfer their makeup into energy?"

"Now Dr. McKay," she said casually as she stared at her nails. "Why would I feel inclined to share my technology with you? That requires trust between our people," her eyes slid towards John to see him fidget in his chair. "Apparently that is something that is lacking in our relationship."

"Mikaela and her people are the ones that came to Sateda's aid when they came under siege by the Wraith," Carson filled the uncomfortable silence by redirecting the attention off the Michael situation. "They are the reason there are a few hundred survivors."

"I'd say they were a little late," Rodney said without thinking while he typed away a possible scenario on his computer. "Ow!" his hand went to the back of his head after John smacked him. "What did you do that for?" He followed John's gaze to Mikaela and saw her lowered head, her eyes welling with tears. "Oh. Sorry," Rodney said in genuine regret.

"It is okay, Dr. McKay," she collected herself before she glanced at Ronon. "We were fighting a battle on the far side of the galaxy when we discovered the invasion of Sateda. It took us a long time to get there, too long, and there were only nineteen of my people left after thousands of years at war. I am proud of our brethren," she smiled at Ronon. "They survived an impossible situation over a great deal of time against a superior adversary. Other worlds died off completely in a far shorter time span."

"How long were your people at war?" Lorne asked when the two warriors continued to stare into each other's eyes.

"Over thirteen thousand years," she turned her attention to her CO. "We fought alongside the Ancients. They relied on their technology against our advice and when it proved ineffectual they began their ascension and relocation to your galaxy. We used whatever means available to us to advance our weapons and ships to continue the fight while they left us to defend this galaxy alone. As you can probably tell we are a little sore by their desertion but they weren't that much help to begin with. We were able to wage our battles unencumbered of seeing to their safety."

"Your technology is so advanced," Zelenka shook his head while he looked at the nanites she created on his laptop. "Why didn't you use it to develop a way to kill the Wraith? Surely it is within your capacity to do so."

"We were very busy, Radek," she smiled when he blushed from the use of his first name. "The vast majority of my people were left behind on our home world to work on the weapons and conduct experiments while hundreds of thousands of us took to the stars to fight for this galaxy. The Wraith got lucky and destroyed Ariana while we were spread out away from home. The labs we had on our ships were not equipped for the work that would be required to develop the nanites. But to answer your question, yes I can program the nanites to do whatever I wish but require a comparison to make it happen."

"What kind of comparison?" Rodney asked in a hopeful tone.

"I used the implant that I removed from my mate's back as a guideline to program them to track."

"Your mate?" John said tentatively.

"My husband," she clarified. "We nineteen were the last of my race, the last ship and I flew it beyond its ability to reach Sateda. It literally fell apart in orbit when we arrived. Luckily we managed to transport to the surface before it did. My people didn't care that we were forced to use the gates for travel as long as we saved as many of our children as we could so we fought day and night for weeks without rest or sleep. We kept the Wraith away from the gate long enough for the survivors to escape but I sensed that Ronon was taken and immediately prepared to hunt for him."

"And your husband?"

"My husband was taken from the surface by a dart, Colonel," she leveled her gaze at him while she felt the weight of Ronon's painful stare. "My kind cannot be fed on by the Wraith so they made him a Runner. They can kill us but not live off of our immortality."

"Immortality?" Rodney stammered in confusion. "You said they could kill you."

"As long as we do not lose too much blood we heal from any wound, Dr. McKay," she smirked at him. "Do you not remember that I said that?"

"Yes, of course I heard you but…" His mouth dropped open as he pointed at her. "How old are you?"

"I was alive when Sateda was seeded with our DNA. That is over twelve hundred years ago but to answer your question I am eleven thousand six hundred and eighty-seven years old." Her eyes darted over the stunned faces around her, clearing her throat nervously when none of the men said a word for several minutes. "I take it you have never met an immortal before?"

"No, we haven't," John said with a shake of the head. "You look good for your age."

"You said that a few more generations of breeding amongst the Satedans would have brought the rest of your genetic traits out in them, correct?"

"That is correct, Carson, and to answer the question I'm sure you're going to ask, yes Ronon's genetic material can be altered to reach its intended potential," she slid her eyes to the Satedan to find his unwavering gaze on her.

"Is there some procedure that can be performed if Ronon wishes to that is?" Radek glanced between the two titans of Atlantis.

"Nothing that any of you are capable of doing, Radek," she looked back at the scientist before she glanced at Rodney. "I assume you are hacking into the medical records from my stay in the infirmary, Dr. McKay," he looked over his screen to find her grinning. "You will find yourself as incapable of this exercise as you were at nullifying my nanites. I am the only one that can alter Ronon's genetic markers to equal mine."

"Let's get back to needing a comparison to program the nanites to destroy instead of track," John couldn't miss the smirk on Ronon's face when Mikaela said she could alter his genetic material. He had a feeling they discussed this already and would address it with Ronon later. "What do you need to do your work besides a lab?"

"I guess the first thing I would need is to decide if I am remaining amongst your people," her black eyes hardened on John's blue and her anger was a palpable thing in the room. Rodney, Radek and Carson flicked their eyes back and forth between John and Mikaela. Lorne lowered his gaze to the table. Ronon never took his eyes off of her. "I am not needed here. You have your trainer for the men," she indicated Ronon with an upturned palm, a smile on her lovely face while she drilled John with her eyes.

"Okay let's get this out of the way," John swallowed heavily as he prepared to eat some crow. "I know you feel betrayed because we lied to you about Michael."

"He is Wraith!" she exploded at him making everyone but Ronon jump at the thunder in her voice. "He is not a Michael, he is not human and nothing you do will change that! Tell me Carson," she tilted her head towards him but kept her sights on John. "How often do you have to inject the creature for him to keep his human visage?"

"How did you know?"

"Who do you think you are talking to? You forget you are all children, infants compared to me," Mikaela's head snapped to the Scottish doctor. "I might have been a warrior first and foremost to my people but we were all schooled in the sciences of engineering and biochemistry. All I had to do was look at him to know what you did. Your retrovirus will not hold the human cells indefinitely. The cohesion rate will drop exponentially the longer you give him the injections and his reversion will occur faster as time goes by. This experiment is a waste of time and robbed me of my kill. Good try though, Carson. I'll give you credit for the attempt at a humane way of dealing with these vermin."

"Do you think you can improve on the retrovirus?"

"Yes, Colonel," she glanced at him with a wide smile. "Open the door, let me in, and I'll kill it."

"That isn't exactly what I had in mind."

"Well since you kept his continued existence from me that is your decision and therefore your problem," Mikaela took a deep breath to calm herself before she rapped her nails on the table. "Since I have answered your questions about 'what' I am, I assume I can take my leave of this meeting and get back to the men's training?"

"Do you still plan on leaving?" Lorne asked with a hint of longing in his eyes.

"I haven't decided, Evan," she sighed heavily. "I am not thrilled with being treated as a piece of meat that is only good enough to train your men and spill my blood to protect you. As I told Ronon earlier, my people never needed saving. You didn't do us any favors by bringing us here. They came because I ordered them to and it gave them a welcomed reprieve from fighting. I came for a different reason but I assure you we don't need you. We don't even need your gate to leave this world," she smirked at their curious faces before the sadness entered her eyes once again. "You didn't trust me and lied to me. That is a hard thing to forgive."

"Mikaela, it wasn't my decision or I would've told you."

"I believe you, Evan," she smiled softly at Lorne. "I know what it is to follow orders although it has been over six thousand years since anyone was my superior. But I did follow yours and yours as well, Colonel," she said to John. "I followed your orders after a time without question. You even said we trusted each other but I guess you meant that I trusted you not that you trusted me."

"Mikaela…" John began before she shot to her feet.

"Are we done here?" she enunciated each word in frustration.

"Yes," he said on an exhaled breath. "Before you go I want to tell you I'm sorry," Sheppard rose to his feet when she reached the sliding panel and paused to listen to him. "I didn't mean to lie to you and I'm sorry I insulted you earlier."

"If that was the only thing bothering me about this whole thing then an apology wouldn't be necessary, Colonel," she said softly. "The Wraith, Michael, was amongst the Hive that took my husband, the ones that took Ronon. I was hunting every Wraith I could find from that Hive in hopes that I could find Ronon and avenge my mate's death. I got lucky that you found Ronon first and ended that long search but I will not rest until every one of that Hive is dead for what they did to my mate and Ronon's people. Excuse me," she whispered before she hustled out of the doors.

"Oh my God," Carson uttered in shock.

"Son of a bitch." John turned to his friend when he rose to his feet, his hand on his weapon. "Ronon, where are you going?"

"I think you know!" he growled as he ran from the room with John and Lorne rushing to catch up to him.


"Collins, Ronon is headed your way fast. I need you to stun him before he gets to Michael," John yelled into his comm as he and Lorne ran through the corridor towards Carson's temporary lab. "Collins, do you read me?"

"I think he took them out," Lorne said as they turned a corner. "I can't really blame him if he kills the Wraith, Colonel. I can't believe Mikaela didn't when she found him alive."

"Me either," John agreed. "But we don't need Elizabeth or the IOA coming down on either of them if they do kill him. We need them here, both of them."

"I don't want to lose them either but if any two people were justified in the killing of one Wraith, its Ronon and Mikaela," Lorne came to halt beside John when they found Collins and Emerson unconscious outside the door. "I think he beat us here and their stunners are missing. Did I forget to mention that we don't have any stunners?"

They moved cautiously into the room to find Ronon standing beside the bed of the unconscious Michael, his blaster set on kill was leveled at his chest. Before John or Lorne could say a word, they were pushed aside by Mikaela who walked up to stand behind him.

"I know you're angry and its justified but I won't let you do this," she said in a calm tone.

"You won't let me do this?" Ronon growled at her. "I thought you'd be fighting me to pull the trigger yourself."

"I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat but you will not," Mikaela walked up placing her hand on his shoulder. "If you do this you will lose your place amongst these people. You value your friendship with them, found a home here, and have a platform to exact your revenge against the Wraith. You don't want to risk that."

"I'll leave with you."

"No you won't," she took the few steps to stand between Ronon and the Wraith. "I won't take you with me."

"Why not?" he looked at her with a grimace on his face.

"Because I want you to fight against your basic instinct to kill this thing and remain loyal to these people. If you don't and kill him, you are not worthy of my attention," a sultry smile slid over her face before she quirked a brow at him and walked away.

"Damn it!" Ronon swore loudly before he lowered his gun. "She is the most infuriating woman!"

"She's training you pretty good, big guy," John smirked at Ronon when he holstered his weapon turning towards him and Lorne. "What was that 'not worthy of my attention' business?"

"None of yours," Ronon grumbled as he walked past them to find Mikaela helping Collins and Emerson.

"Decided to listen to reason I see," she mused as she checked the two men over.

"Like I had any choice," he snapped at her irritably.

"Oh you had a choice," she helped both men to their feet steadying them against the wall before she turned to Ronon, "but your biological imperative won over your need for revenge. Are you two okay?" she asked the two shaken Airmen.

"Yes, ma'am," Collins nodded his head and cringed when pain shot through his temples.

"Both of you to the infirmary right away," she shooed them off when two more men showed up to take their post. "I'm proud of you, Ronon," Mikaela glanced back at him looking up into his eyes. He moved to stand chest to chest with her, his brushing against her breasts with each labored breath he took. "Maybe you'll be able to bring me back when I try to kill him. Then again maybe not," she grinned. "I am a much tougher opponent than two armed humans."

"Is that part of my test?"

"We'll see," she turned her attention to John and Lorne behind Ronon. "You will need better security to stop me if I wish to end that creature's life."

The three of them watched her walk down the corridor with raised brows. Ronon turned to look down into John's questioning face. "Biological imperative?" he asked.

"None of your business," Ronon rolled his eyes before he headed down the corridor that Mikaela had taken. He moved quickly when he saw her ahead leaning against the wall holding her side. "Are you alright?" his hands wrapped around her back pulling her to him.

"Too much activity too soon I guess," she hissed in pain. "I had to run faster than I should to get here in time to stop you."

"Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"No," she gasped as her legs buckled beneath her.

Ronon swept her up in his arms running down the corridors. "Hold on." He turned a corner and stepped into a transport. "I'll get you to Beckett."

"No, just take me to my quarters." Mikaela remained silent during the trip through the city. Mere words could not describe how tired she was of everything; fighting, traveling the galaxy, hunting, and now physically and mentally drained as well. Her eyes drifted to his face when he settled her on her bed and a sense of peace crept in to fight the lonely, bitter life that she had lived for thousands of years. "Thank you," she sighed in contentment.

"You're welcome," Ronon whispered in a low soothing tone while he moved to sit beside her before she raised her hand.

"That will be all," she said with a straight face when he furrowed his brow. "I told you it wouldn't be easy."

"Yes you did," he mumbled with a nod of his head. "I'll go but do not leave your quarters until tomorrow."

"Whatever you say," her eyes drifted shut while he walked towards her door. "Good night, Ronon."

"Night," he sighed before he walked out the door. 'At least I know the prize is worth all this frustration,' Ronon thought to himself as he leaned against the wall outside her quarters.

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