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Title: The Challenge
Author: angelsdee
Chapter: 1/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda and a twist on Michael.
Disclaimer: I don't even own my navel lint so don't sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon fights to win Mikaela's favor while John tries to get back in her good graces.

Part One: The Hunt written by heimedall for me a while back; and
Part Two: The Chase (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) written by me

Mikaela strode across her room to answer the door when the access rang. She had slept a full day and completely recovered her strength after her near brush with death two days before. It completely unnerved her that the humans now knew her history and abilities but despite the threat she made about leaving Atlantis, she didn’t really want to just yet, possibly never.

“May I come in?” John asked when the door to her quarters slid open. He felt slightly uneasy when she didn’t respond verbally but waved her arm in an arc before moving to sit on her sofa in the sitting area. “I was hoping we could talk,” he said as he sat down in the chair across from her.

“Feel free,” she said in a deadpan tone, her sharp gaze unwavering.

“I really don’t know where to begin,” John shook his head. “Somehow our alliance has taken a turn for the worse and I know its our fault for not telling you the truth about Michael but I’d like to see if we can get past this and move on.”

“Would it have anything to do with the fact that my people have almost finished building our new ship?” she cocked her head at him, grinning when he chewed his bottom lip. “I knew as soon as I told you that we didn’t need your gate to leave this world that you would send someone; Teyla I assume, to spy on my people, to see what we were up to.”

“You got me there,” he agreed. “You can’t blame me for checking it out.”

“It is exactly what I would’ve done in your position. We aren’t that different, Colonel, except that I have several millennia of experience on you,” Mikaela leaned back against the arm of the sofa folding her long legs under her. “I know my people would not allow you entry to the ship and I’m sure you found that stealth did not gain you access either?”

“Uh, no it didn’t,” John scratched his head. He hated being put on the spot and Mikaela seemed to head him off at every turn.

“The Ancient Gene allows some of your people to access the jumpers, the chair, and certain consoles in this city. Our ships, weapons, labs, and every single console can only be accessed or operated by my people. Our specific genetic markers are the key to all of our technology and it can’t be duplicated. You cannot enter unless we allow it and escort you in.” She studied John for a moment taking in his unease but his strength as well before she made an estimated guess. “I know of the ships that were constructed with the help of the Asgard to aid your war and to transport personnel and supplies from your home world. I know you need more ships to properly defend this city from all insurgents and I’m guessing somewhere in the back of your head, you are wondering if we will assist you.”

“I was hoping you could find it within yourself to let bygones be bygones and join with us to defend this galaxy,” he dropped his eyes for a moment to his lap. “I know you are angry with us but there is so much more at stake than hurt feelings that I was hoping we could count on your people to help.”

“My people will fight to the same end as yours regardless of the state of our alliance. It has been our duty to defend this galaxy for thirteen thousand years and we won’t stop now,” her dark eyes glittered with an inner fire that made John think of a gladiator made for the arenas of old. “I might be angry with your deceit and distrust but I wouldn’t allow any harm to befall this city or its inhabitants. It is not our way.”

“So I heard,” John muttered before he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “Surely you could use the extra help manning stations on your ship? We might be able to help you construct labs needed for your research or even more ships if we work together.”

“I programmed some nanites to construct our ship with all the necessary labs and weapons, Colonel. My people didn’t need to lift a finger in the work and our ships can be flown and manned by one person. The others are there to man our fighters and even then the Commander of the bridge can operate drone fighters.”

“You’re not gonna give a bit on this, are you?” he asked with a grin. “You are bound and determined to see me squirm while I beg for your forgiveness.”

“You haven’t begged yet,” a wide grin spread over her face.

“Begging was never my strong suit,” he said with a wince. “We could use your help, I won’t lie about that,” his face turned serious. “My people have always been cautious of new allies in case it blows up in our faces but after a time we trust them completely. I should’ve gone with my gut and not hid the truth from you. I’d like for you to come to trust us again because I know we’re going to be up to our ears in Hive ships before long.”

“I don’t need to trust you to defend this world.”

“No but it helps and I know you were happy here before you found out the truth. You can’t deny that,” the arrogance left her as she thought on his words and John could see it. “I also know threatening to make you leave if you do kill Michael is an empty threat since I am now aware that your people never needed us or our help but I know Ronon is important to you,” he felt marginally better when he had her complete attention. “You said you wouldn’t take him with you. That leaves him here with us. His fate will be the same as ours. How far will you go to protect him?”

“I’d kill every Wraith in this galaxy single-handedly and destroy any planet that would seek to harm him,” Mikaela practically hissed but forced the anger from her body before she leaned back and nodded her head. “I’m proud of you, Colonel. You are using the only advantage you have over me to sway me to your side.” They exchanged smirks, both of these people strong leaders and extremely cunning. “I haven’t decided yet on developing nanites to kill the Wraith. I know I should and be done with them but to say it and make it happen are, as you know, very difficult to pull off. I will not build more ships for your people but I will take yours and Evan’s teams along with Dr. Zelenka for a tour. Who knows? I might lose my mind and let you integrate some of your personnel into my ranks in the future. Don’t get excited,” she cut him off when he seemed relieved by their slight truce. “McKay will come up just as empty trying to make sense of our ships as he did with my nanites. Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to get ready for my sparring session in the gym.”

“Sure,” John nodded before he made his way to the door. “Thank you, Mikaela,” he said over his shoulder before he walked out.


Ronon entered the gym at the usual hour that Mikaela was present for sparring. He had not seen her all day and was overly anxious to be near her. The day before he had tried to access her room, he knew she was inside but didn’t answer the door and it made him nervous. He contacted the Control Room to check her life signs and when Radek informed him she was well within normal medical parameters, he left her to rest.

He couldn’t see her through the throngs of cheering men that formed a circle around the mats but he heard some of them chanting her name. When he pushed through to the front of the crowd, he felt his blood heat in his veins when he saw her at her true form.

Mikaela had taken on several opponents at the same time, tossing them about effortlessly. Some were taken down by disabling blows but a few could rejoin the fight once they caught their breath and regained their feet. Ronon studied the moves she used and recognized some, as they were the ones that were taught to the Satedans. He fought like that but she was very agile and incorporated other disciplines in her technique.

He crossed his arms over his chest admiring her abilities. She was graceful yet deadly, precise but a flurry of movement. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when she used her eyes and senses to determine where the next attack would come from. Bodies flew in different directions for another twenty-seven minutes before they all conceded defeat lying on the floor, gasping for breath, and holding different aching areas of their anatomy.

“Any other takers?” Mikaela asked while she turned a complete circle.

“Maybe you need someone to fight against that is on your level,” Ronon slowly walked around the mat keeping his eyes on the Marines and Airmen that crawled away to nurse their pains.

“I don’t believe there is anyone on my level on this base,” Mikaela wasn’t even breathing heavy when she slowly turned to keep an eye on him. “I could always call one of my men from the mainland if you want to watch a fair fight.”

“That would take too long,” he smiled at her attempt to get under his skin. “I guess you’ll have to settle with me.” The men that observed the first fight began to cheer for Ronon’s suggestion. Everyone on the base had always wanted to see the two of them go at it and now they would get their chance. “Do you have a problem with that?” he asked as he stepped on to the mat.

“I guess I’ll make do,” Mikaela shrugged her shoulders with a smirk in place. “I can always bring one of my men here at a later time for the men to see a true battle amongst warriors.”

Ronon shook his head while the men laughed around him. She was baiting him, trying to lure out his aggression and he knew it but even worse it was working. The need to best her in battle rose to the forefront of his mind. She had kept him frustrated and wanting her for months. He knew the reason why but it sat like a pit of bitterness in his gut. He also knew the beliefs of her people, he had to impress her, show he was worthy of her to earn her favor and he intended to use all his anger, frustration, bitterness and guilt to win this round.

“Whenever you’re ready, Ronon,” Mikaela said with a smug look twitching her fingers in anticipation.

They circled each other slowly sizing the other up to prepare an offense. Ronon’s gaze darted over her form; dressed in a black sports bra and bikers shorts. Her knuckles were wrapped in tape as well as her ankles and she was barefoot. He slipped off his sandals while he circled her, waiting for a tell that would give away her first move. Mikaela’s eyes never left his face.

Ronon decided to make his first move when it was apparent that she would wait him out. He rushed in quickly, diving to wrap his arms around her legs before she jumped, flipping over his head kicking him in the back with her heel. He turned to find her on her feet, smiling at him over her shoulder.

The noise of the surrounding crowd faded into the background of pounding hearts when their smiles vanished. Ronon moved forward throwing a fist towards her exposed jaw. She shifted the few inches to allow his punch to miss her before she grabbed his wrist, using his forward momentum to throw him over her shoulder.

Ronon rolled to his feet meeting her dark eyes with his before he unleashed a flurry of punches. Mikaela used her forearms to block his fists but he was backing her up. She dropped, sweeping her leg out to take his feet out from under him, when he fell on his backside, she struck out with both feet to his chest sliding him across the mat with the force of the impact.

Both took to their feet again, exchanging blows of equal force. Wherever Ronon landed a punch, Mikaela would follow up with one in the same spot on his body. He feigned to stagger back from one fist to the solar plexus before he used his signature move of running in an arc, jumping into the air, and delivered a downward right across her left cheek.

Mikaela’s head snapped to the side and down, her momentum turning her sideways before she came back with a hard right uppercut while he was about to land from his jump. He staggered back a few feet before he turned his scrutinizing eyes to her grinning face. At this point he wasn’t sure if he had anything that could bring her down. The thought that she did let him win when they met ran through his mind.

“Want to switch to practice swords or do you want to continue?” Mikaela’s eyes sparkled in mischief. “Won’t do you any good either way. Rejuvenating abilities, remember?”

Ronon felt a wave of anger incite him to charge at her once again. This time he refrained from fighting and decided to wrestle her into a hopeful submission. He blocked her fists as she did earlier, catching one wrist in his grasp wrapping her arm around her midsection as he moved behind her. Mikaela began to reach behind her with her free arm before he took it and twisted her arm behind her back in between them.

“Yield?” he growled in her ear as she struggled to free her arms.

“Never have,” Mikaela growled back low in her throat before she reared her head back catching him on the forehead. He reeled back releasing her arms to clear the spots from his vision. “Never will,” she gritted out of clenched teeth when she turned towards him.

Ronon had a whole new appreciation of Mikaela but with it came a deeper frustration. She would heal from the wounds he inflicted on her but he would not. He was already sore in places he never had been before with any other opponent. He had to beat her to win her and he would do that at any cost.

They launched a full on attack on each other, throwing combinations of punches and kicks. The men watching backed up, their cheers long silent when this sparring session turned bloody. Mikaela connected with a roundhouse kick to Ronon’s jaw. He grabbed the leg she used to catapult her against the wall. He dragged her across to the center of the mat, dropping down to pin her arms to the floor with his knees.

“Do you yield?” he gasped down into her face.

“Nope,” Mikaela shook her head before she rolled her hips bringing her knees to the mat and hooked her feet under his armpits. “Off you go, big boy,” she grunted when she pushed her legs up sending him on to his back between her spread legs.

They both rolled back and took their feet facing each other once again. “How much do you have left in you?” he asked while he stalked a circle around her.

“You forget whom you’re talking to,” she stayed in the center following his movements with her eyes and ears but not moving her feet. “Night and day for weeks without rest or sleep, remember?”

“I remember but I’m not a Wraith,” Ronon’s eyes ran down her body, his gaze fixating on a drop of sweat that traced down her chest to disappear into her heaving cleavage.

“No, you aren’t,” Mikaela said softly before she jumped, snapping a high front kick to his chin to land him on his back. “You’re just a Satedan that is focused on your biological imperative,” she straddled his waist taking him by surprise when she sat on his groin. A moment later, he felt three sharp jabs of her fingers to his chest that left him immobile. “And that just cost you this round,” she smiled down into his face.

“I can’t move a muscle,” he ground out slightly panicked. “What did you do to me?”

“Nerve pinch,” Mikaela reclined forward, her elbows on his chest, keeping their pelvises ground together and resting her chin in her palms. “I can undo it but I just wanted you to see how completely at my mercy you can be.”

“I’ve been at your mercy since the day we met. Now let me go!” he bellowed at her.

“Touchy,” she tsked at him as she rose up and jabbed her index fingers into two points on his chest. “All better now?”

Ronon shook out his arms to get the circulation flowing before his hands darted out to grab her face. He pulled her within an inch of his face while he lifted his hips to grind his erection into her hot crotch. “I could be better,” his voice was like warm honey that permeated all of her senses.

“Excuse us,” a throat cleared and two sets of dark eyes darted to the side to find John and Lorne staring at them with wide eyes.

“What can we do for you, Sheppard?” Ronon asked while his gaze returned to Mikaela’s. He was still holding her head between his large hands close to his face.

“We’re scheduled to go to the mainland for a tour. You both were supposed to be in the Jumper Bay thirty minutes ago,” John arched a brow at them when Ronon reluctantly released Mikaela and she moved off his body slowly. “We tried to reach you on your comms but judging by the damage to the gym, you were a little busy.”

“Sorry about that, Colonel, Evan,” Mikaela said with a modicum of politeness while she extended an arm and pulled Ronon to his feet. “We got a little carried away. I’m ready now,” she turned to them while Ronon retrieved his sandals. “I’ll catch a shower on the ship. Shall we?”

“What were you two up to, Ronon?” Lorne asked while they followed Mikaela out the door.

“Sparring,” he exchanged a grin with John before his longer strides caught him up to Mikaela.


Ronon and Mikaela sat in the two chairs behind John and Lorne’s in the jumper flight to the mainland. The rest of their teams and Radek were in the rear compartment. It was a quiet trip except for McKay and Zelenka going back and forth about the things they planned to ask when they reached the ship. Mikaela smiled when Rodney suggested that Radek ask their questions because he thought she liked him better.

“If I intend to answer any questions at all, Dr. McKay,” she turned to look through the hatch, “I’ll be more than happy to answer yours as well. I have excellent hearing,” she explained when McKay went to ask. “I promised Colonel Sheppard a tour but I have yet to decide whether I’ll reveal anything to you. Please keep that in mind before you try to ask any of my people. They will take great offense if you try to undermine my authority.”

“Okay,” Rodney grinned like a child getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“McKay,” John called over his shoulder while he landed the jumper. “Don’t even think about pulling a fast one here and getting us in trouble with a group of people who’ve spent over eleven thousand years at war. I don’t think we’ll make it out in one piece.”

“I told her okay. Why do you have to assume that I’ll go behind her back to get some information?” Rodney rambled upset at the accusation until John stood and crossed his arms over his chest glaring at him. “Okay,” he picked up his laptop putting it into a bag and shouldered it. “I promise I won’t start a war with them.”

“Good,” John moved down the aisle lowering the ramp. “Let’s move out.”

Lorne followed John down the aisle, Ronon and Mikaela behind him before the rest of their teams filed out. John set the jumper down in an area designated by Mikaela but the land was clear, no ship in sight. They turned to look at Mikaela before she raised a hand to halt their questions. “Just wait for it,” she smirked when the ship suddenly appeared before them.

“You can cloak a ship of this size?” McKay asked, not expecting an answer, while he walked down the edge of the hull. “This thing is huge! It’s almost as big as the Daedalus. Nanites constructed this?”

“Yes we can cloak a ship of any size much like you can the city. We can keep it cloaked with shields and in hyperspace,” she followed Rodney down and back up to the others. “And yes the nanites constructed this ship and everything inside. Shall we go in or do you want to spend more time out here inspecting the hull?”

“Oh yes, definitely, please,” Rodney nodded excitedly. “Let’s go in.”

Mikaela walked up to a blank area of the hull before she placed her hand on the cool metal. The wall began to dissolve into pixels folding in on themselves until a hatch formed. The missing pieces of the hull reformed together into a ramp.

“Follow me, gentlemen, Teyla,” Mikaela bent to pick up a rock in the dirt before she ascended the ramp with the others close behind her. “Not meaning to alarm any of you but Colonel, would you please throw this out of the hatch?” she handed him the stone.

“Sure,” he tossed the stone up in the air once catching it in his hand before he threw it towards the open hatch. The second it neared the opening; it was caught in a field and held in place. “Whoa,” John arched a brow at the rock shaking in mid-air.

“The hatch of this ship can remain open and no one or nothing can enter or leave if it doesn’t have our genetic markers,” Mikaela said proudly before John turned to give her a concerned look. “Or unless we allow it. I made a slight change to the security field,” she said as she turned to lead them down the corridor.

“What kind of change?” Radek asked as he hurried to match her stride.

“Nothing can land in our hangar bays or beam on to this ship unless they are my people or we permit it,” she glanced down at the bespectacled scientist as he made some notes. “We no longer have to worry about Wraith beaming on to the ship during battle so my people can remain at their posts.”

“Amazing,” Radek whispered as he typed that information into his keypad.

“Why does he get to make notes but I don’t?” McKay whined as he pulled up beside Zelenka and Mikaela.

“You can take notes, Dr. McKay, but don’t touch my equipment or you’ll get a nasty shock,” she laughed while she continued down the corridor and turned to face them when they emerged on the bridge. “This is it,” she turned towards the front view screen and sat in the command chair. “I do all the flying from here. It works much like the chair on Atlantis. I think it and the ship does it. It requires a lot of multitasking but it is almost effortless if you know what you’re doing.”

“I’m going to take a guess here and feel free to correct me or tell me its none of my business,” John moved towards the two consoles in front of the command chair and on either side. “Helm and Weapons Controls,” he pointed at one then the other.

“Correct, they are manned by Marcus and Darius and they give me the information that I need to make adjustments to engines or coordinates of ships behind us so that I can fire upon them,” Mikaela turned to the panels on the walls behind her chair. “The ones on the left are Environmental and Life Support Controls run by Erak and the Sensor Array is manned by Ezekiel,” she pointed towards them before she pointed to the right, “and those are Communications manned by Xavier and Transporters are operated by Jenessa. Along the back wall are Shields and Tractor Beam Controls run by Fallon. Again I operate everything from the chair but if anything happens to me everyone can man the ship from their posts.” She tilted her head to the side and seconds later two stations rose from the floor behind her chair on either side of her. “Navigations is manned by Tyre and Fighter Controls which is currently vacant but usually operated by Dania,” she indicated with a smile. “My pilots are Guderian, Janus, Achilles, Polymachus, Syrus, and Adrian. They are around somewhere I’m sure.”

“Impressive,” John nodded his head while his eyes took on the appearance of a kid at a candy store.

“I think this information will impress you more,” Mikaela used her control of the ship to bring up the schematics of their weapons. “I integrated my tracking nanites into some of our plasma turrets. If a ship tries to run from the fight, I can tag it and follow it anywhere.”

“That should come in handy if a ship tries to escape with their culled captives on board,” Teyla said with hope in her voice. “You could follow them and retrieve their captives before they are fed on.”

“That is correct,” Mikaela changed the image on the screen and glanced back at the Athosian. “I can also pull the molecular imprints from the Darts before they get to a Hive and rematerialize them here.”

“That is amazing,” Radek whispered but cleared his throat when he noticed that Mikaela heard him.

“If amazing is something you want to see, Radek, I think this should be the grand piece,” she punched up another schematic and grinned when they all looked at it.

“Oh my God,” Rodney stuttered as he rushed towards the view screen. “Is that what I think it is?” he pointed at the image glancing back at her.

“A point singularity weapon,” Mikaela confirmed. “It is a devastating device but one that cannot be used continuously. It has to recharge in between each shot or I risk containment failure. Always nice to fall back on the plasma cannons and torpedoes.”

“How?” Rodney asked with his mouth gaping open. “How did you make a PSW?”

“A what?” Lorne asked as he moved to stand at Mikaela’s right.

“She has harnessed the energy of a black hole to use as a weapon,” Rodney explained while he stared at the image. “The discharge of one shot is powerful enough to destroy a star. Do you house the black hole on the ship?” he spun around to face her.

“We do,” she nodded. “If you and Radek would like to take a look at the containment field, I’ll have one of my people escort you.”

“We do,” they said in unison.

“Fine then,” she laughed waving over a male that came on to the bridge. “Gentlemen, this is Marcus,” she introduced them. “Marcus, this is Colonel Sheppard, Major Lorne, Teyla Emmagan, Lieutenant Cole, Lieutenant Johnson, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Dr. Radek Zelenka,” one by one handshakes and nods of greetings were exchanged before Mikaela saw Marcus move to Ronon.

“You must be Ronon Dex,” Marcus grasped forearms with the Satedan, a big smile on his face. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you without the secrecy, brother.”

“Thank you,” Ronon said uncomfortably.

“Marcus, Drs. McKay and Zelenka would like to see the containment field in the PSW Room,” Mikaela grinned at Ronon’s discomfort before Marcus turned to her.

“I would be happy to escort them,” he bowed his head before he extended his hand towards the hatch. “After you, gentlemen,” he smiled before he followed them out.

“What was that?” Ronon looked at her with annoyance on his features.

“You need to get used to that kind of treatment from my people, Ronon,” Mikaela said as she swiveled her chair to face him. “You are a symbol to every single one of them, a hope that the continuation of our lines succeeds. We found a few of the others that escaped and observed them from a distance but we had to get back out there to further the fight. None of my people have had contact with Satedans until you.”

“I am not a savior,” Ronon told her when she rose from her chair. “You know what I want and I don’t see how that makes me a symbol to them.”

“It’s the same thing,” she smiled sweetly when she stood before him. “I told you the end result will still accomplish our goals. As a matter of fact, I plan on finding the other Satedans and bringing them home. Whether that is here on this ship or a planet that we claim, I want our people together as we were meant to be.”

“You’re going to find the others?” he repeated her words leaning back against the environmental controls as he did.

“I need to find the others. There are only three females left amongst my kind. Fifteen males cannot further our line with only three females. So it is my hope that they might find Satedan females to mate.” Mikaela’s eyes focused on the instrument panels that suddenly sprang to life with his touch. She slid her gaze up to his startled face with a broad grin on hers. “Well that answers that little question,” she laughed when his gaze flashed from her to the panel and back again.

“What did I do?”

“Proved that your genetic markers are advanced enough to operate our technology,” she bounced on her toes with a gleam in her eyes. “That means that the rest of your people can be trained to operate any other ships we make in the future. They can make a difference in this war unlike any other race. Gentlemen, Teyla,” she turned away from a stunned Ronon to glance at the equally stunned faces of her allies. “I have some people coming. They will conduct more of the tour while I take that shower that I am craving so badly. If you’d like to go with them, we can meet up in our Mess Hall for some lunch before we proceed.”

“Ronon,” Teyla said in a hushed voice as she moved to his side. “This is the most advanced technology any of us have ever seen and you can control it. Do you have any idea how much good you can do across this galaxy?”

“No, I don’t,” he shook his head as three more men came on to the bridge, “but I intend to find out.” He walked towards the hatch to follow Mikaela and narrowed his gaze on the men who stood staring at him. “Ronon Dex, nice to meet you and didn’t Mikaela tell you its impolite to stare?” he said in an even tone before he stepped between them and left the bridge.


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Feb. 20th, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
nice fighting scene :)
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