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Title: The Challenge
Author: angelsdee
Chapter: 3/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda and a twist on Michael.
Disclaimer: I don't even own my navel lint so don't sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon fights to win Mikaela's favor while John tries to get back in her good graces.

Part One: The Hunt written by heimedall for me a while back; and
Part Two: The Chase (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) written by me

Previous Chapters: 1 - 2

“Commander,” Marcus’ voice drifted through the comm in Mikaela’s room rousing her and Ronon from their post-coital slumber.

“Marcus,” she responded without moving from atop Ronon’s body.

“There is a communication coming in from Atlantis for Colonel Sheppard. They say it is urgent.”

“Put it through to his comm link and Marcus,” she lifted her head, a little more alert, “make it secure.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he signed off.

“What was that about?” Ronon asked when she lay her head back down on his chest.

“I don’t know what the message is but Atlantis’ communications cannot breach our hull unless we allow it.”

“You say allow and permit a lot when it comes to this ship. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re a control freak,” he chuckled when she punched him lightly in the ribs. “And the secure part?”

“The transmission relays through our communications and whoever is manning that post can hear the entire conversation if they wish,” she rose up on her forearms on his chest staring down into his eyes. “I’m allowing John to keep his conversation private in the interest of trust.”

“How big of you,” he grinned and arched his back stretching beneath her.

His smirk widened, as her eyes grew large when she felt him still buried inside of her. Her dark skin colored from his sensual gaze. “No, I’d say how big of you,” she lowered her eyes to his chest, her fingers idly playing with the fine hairs there. Mikaela was spared further embarrassment when the comm activated once again.


“Yes, Marcus,” she sighed heavily at the intrusion.

“Colonel Sheppard wishes to speak with you.”

“Put him on.”

“Mikaela, we need to return to Atlantis immediately,” John said in rush. “Long range sensors have picked up a Hive ship headed our way.”

“Calm down, Colonel,” she said as a grin graced her lips. “I think this is a perfect time to take our new ship out for a test run. Would you like to accompany us?”

“We’ll await your arrival on the bridge and Ronon’s too,” John said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

“We’ll be there shortly,” she smiled shaking her head. “Marcus, bring the drive online and instruct the Athosians to move to a safe distance. Have Dania and Pietro disembark as well. I will not have them going into battle while they are expecting their child.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“So you want to see how this thing flies?” she looked down into his eyes before he surprised her by rolling them over.

“I’d rather continue our earlier activities but killing Wraith is a good runner up to making love to you,” he kissed her deeply stealing her breath before he slid out of her pussy.

They both felt the loss immediately upon separating.


“So this couple you mentioned earlier,” Ronon said casually while he matched Mikaela’s stride through the corridors. He turned his head to watch her secure her still wet hair in a ponytail before he ran his gaze over her leather-clad body. “They are mated and with child?”

“Dania and Pietro became mates while they crewed with me over four hundred and seventy years ago. All of us that had mates were stationed on the same ship during the war. Our people would never split apart a mated couple under any circumstances but we didn’t breed,” Mikaela said somberly. “Elias and I were on the same ship for eight thousand years. We wanted children but the women of Ariana will not see their babies die during a battle. Too many watched their adult children die and could not bear the loss. It has been over eleven thousand years since a mated couple produced an offspring. Dania and Pietro are the only mated couple amongst the survivors of my planet and they asked for permission to conceive when we came to live with the Athosians. I said yes. They are going to birth the first child of Ariana,” she smiled a little sadly before they walked on to the bridge.

“The engines are online and fully functional,” Marcus announced from the Helm Control console. “All indicators are in the green. Vertical thrusters are online and ready for take off when you are.”

“Darius,” Mikaela said casually while she took her seat and prepped for take off.

“Yes, Commander?” the dark-haired, well built Arianian swiveled his chair around to face her.

“Please turn over your station to Ronon. Take the controls for the drones,” she finished her work glancing up at her Weapons Officer.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Darius rose from his seat moving to stand behind the Command chair at his post.

“Mikaela?” Ronon asked her curiously when she slid her gaze to him. “I do not know how to operate this equipment and I think an experienced Weapons Officer should be in the hot seat during this battle.”

“Ronon, sit down and relax. Its in your blood to do this,” she said with authority in her voice. He moved hesitantly to the chair sitting in the seat. “Put your hands on the control panel and think about the area of space around this ship. Focus on finding hostile targets. The screen will split into different views to show you anything that is within range. Do you see the dots on the left side?”


“Those are the Athosians moving back to their village. Just use your senses like you would in hand to hand to detect a nearby threat and it will appear on the screen.” Mikaela stopped speaking for a moment as she brought the vertical thrusters to life. The Bridge crew and the Atlantis personnel glanced around with wonder on their faces while the ship lifted off from the surface gaining altitude quickly. “For future reference, Darts that carry captives within their storage unit will have a red glow towards the rear of the ship. Don’t fire upon those ships until the Transporter Officer beams them out. You can fire the plasma cannons and launch torpedoes from that station but not the PSW. Feel free to knock anything out of the sky as you see fit and don’t worry about catching everything, we have someone on the Sensor Array that will let you know if you miss something. I will be your backup.”

“Mikaela!” Ronon glanced back at her with a dark look in his eyes.

“Go with your feelings and trust me to back your play,” her eyes darted to his while she flew them through the atmosphere. “This ship will practically read your mind. So far so good,” she smiled at the scientists that stood on either side of her chair. “We haven’t fallen apart yet.”

“Yet?” McKay looked at her nervously only to find her grinning at him. “Oh, a joke, how special and great timing too,” he said sarcastically with a grimace.

“Colonel, before we enter hyperspace I feel like I should ask if I should beam either yourself, Evan, or Dr. McKay to the city?” she swiveled towards him with a cocked head. “With Dr. Weir on Earth, you three are the chain of command.”

“I don’t want to go,” Rodney turned a pleading gaze on John.

“Mikaela is a member of my team and I’m not leaving her side,” Lorne piped in when Sheppard glanced at him.

“Looks like we’re all staying,” John grinned with a slight bow of his head.

“As you wish,” Mikaela turned back to the main view screen. “I’m taking us into hyperspace now.” Her face remained impassive as they transited into hyperspace. The ship was operating at maximum capacity and well above her expectations but no one would ever know it by looking at her. “Ezekiel?”

“Yes, Commander?”

“I want to exit hyperspace right on top of them,” she ground out of clenched teeth. “Give me a five second countdown to their position.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Ezekiel turned back to the Sensor Array to make his calculations.

“That’s a little close don’t you think?” Rodney asked nervously as he held on to the back of her chair.

“Not at all, Dr. McKay. Zeke, feed the data from the sensors into Ronon’s post,” a quick glance at the screen above his station showed Mikaela that he had the information before Ezekiel began his countdown. “Ronon, arm the torpedo launchers and bring the plasma cannons to full power. Fire the second I bring us out of hyperspace. Jenessa, lock on to any human life signs that have a chance of surviving and beam them to Rayak.”

“Three, two, one,” Ezekiel counted off and felt the ship make the transition to normal space.

Ronon fired the forward blasters on the Hive and continued with the aft while Mikaela flew them in a strafing run. “Fire a couple torpedoes. I want to see how they operate,” Mikaela said in an even tone as she glanced at the screen. Ronon fired a volley that struck the ship dead center splintering the Hive in half. “Excellent,” she smirked at her Weapons Officer’s natural ability.

“I’m detecting Darts on the surface of the planet,” Ezekiel called out. “Four of them that are heading back and loaded with captives.”

“Ronon, obliterate every iota of the Hive ship. I want no chance of any of them surviving. Jenessa, lock on to all life signs stored in the Darts as soon as they clear the atmosphere and beam them to the Infirmary. Ronon, the second those Darts are empty take them out,” Mikaela called out instructions effortlessly.

The remaining pieces of the Hive splintered to dust with Ronon’s next attack just as the Darts emerged into open space. “I’ve got the survivors from the first three,” Jenessa called out. “The fourth Dart is turning back to the planet. Give me one second to lock on,” she adjusted her equipment as Ronon took out the three Darts with torpedoes. “I’ve got them.”

“The Dart is dialing the gate,” Ezekiel turned to Mikaela.

“Hold fire, Ronon,” Mikaela barked out surprising everyone on the bridge. “Fallon, extend the shield.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he smiled. “I’ve got them on screen.”

The crew and guests watched with rapt attention as the Dart sped towards the open gate. “They’re getting away,” Ronon said in an irate tone. A moment later, the Dart appeared to run into an obstacle in front of the wormhole and exploded in fiery wreckage. “You extended the shield to cover the gate,” Ronon swiveled around to grin at her.

“Yep. Fun, wasn’t it?” She had a dazzling smile on her face while she glanced over her crew. “Damn fine job, people.”

“I agree with Mikaela,” John said proudly as he glanced at the smiling faces around him. “You kicked some butt.”

“Thank you, Colonel,” Mikaela shook her head before she met Ronon’s gaze. “You’re a natural.”

“I come from good breeding stock,” he smirked before he turned back to his console.

“Funny,” Rodney had a displeased look on his face. “Can we have that lunch now?”


Mikaela moved down the wall in the Mess Hall with the others in tow. She had instructed Marcus to fly them back to Atlantis at light speed while she took her companions to eat. “Why the face, Dr. McKay?” she asked when she studied the disappointment on his face.

“I was hoping for more than rations,” he said miserably.

“You can have anything you want. These consoles along the wall take your order and replicate it to your preference. I even went as far as to program in all the dishes from your world,” she smiled before she turned to the unit. “Lasagna with meat sauce, garlic cheese bread, and a raspberry tea,” she spoke in an even tone before a light formed in the open area and her meal appeared from thin air. She reached in, grabbed her tray, and turned to Rodney. “Speak clearly and anything you want to eat or drink will appear.”

“Holy crap,” Rodney whispered before he turned to give a long order to the unit.

One by one the Atlantis members took a seat at the table that Mikaela had occupied, Rodney and Ronon pulling up the rear with multiple plates on their tray. “This is unbelievable,” Radek said when he stared at his food. “I never in a million years thought I’d be eating a meal from home in the Pegasus Galaxy.”

“I know that the people that comprise your expedition hail from many different countries on Earth, Radek, and I programmed the nanites to load the specifics after I searched for the information on my personal computer on Atlantis,” she returned his appreciative smile before she glanced at the others. “Everything okay, gentlemen, Teyla?”

“Yes, thank you for the generous gesture,” Teyla said politely while the men just nodded.

“You’re welcome,” Mikaela took a quick bite before her eyes slid to Rodney. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Dr. McKay, but you seemed slightly disappointed at the conclusion to the battle.”

“What battle?” he mumbled between mouthfuls of food. “You took them out within minutes. It would’ve been faster if you didn’t want to test your ship.”

“True but I get the feeling that something else was bothering you,” she prodded while John and Lorne both grinned.

“I wanted to see the PSW,” he admitted begrudgingly.

“But you know why I could not use it?”

“Yes,” he nodded his head waving his hand around holding a roll. “We were too close to the planet and the chance of damaging their atmosphere or orbit was too great to risk it.”

“I could’ve used it, my aim is impeccable but I preferred to test out the other systems and I tend to only use the PSW in open space unless the situation calls for that kind of destruction,” she reasoned to herself as well as him. “If there were multiple ships than I wouldn’t have thought twice. We can try to find an asteroid belt or comet to target on the way back if you like?”

“What are you kidding? I definitely like,” Rodney swallowed heavily with a look of excitement on his face. “I can’t wait to see that baby in action.”

“Well as long as you’re happy, McKay,” John said with a hint of amusement in his tone.

“How are the survivors?” Teyla asked with concern from John’s right.

“All were cleared by Rayak in the Infirmary before we beamed them back down to the surface,” Mikaela looked at the Athosian, admiring the gentle quality of the woman despite the fighting skills she knew she possessed. It had been so long since Mikaela was allowed to show that side of her and now it only seemed to surface for one man. “They were given a means of signaling us if they are in danger of culling again. There is no guarantee that we could get there in time; we are only one ship at this point, but at least they have a chance.”

“Thank the Ancestors,” Teyla whispered but quickly glanced up at Mikaela when she saw her bristle. “I apologize. My people have always thought of the Ancients as our ancestors but I assume that is an incorrect assumption on our part. It is really your race that we owe our existence to.”

“We kept to ourselves by the time your people were born, fighting in the background. We do not require thanks or worship of any kind,” Mikaela turned her attention back to her meal. “I don’t expect the Athosians or any other race to change what they have believed in all these years.”

“But your people are our true ancestors,” Teyla said in soft voice. “Don’t you think it prudent for the people of this galaxy to know where they came from?”

“I will leave that to you to decide,” Mikaela glanced up at her with faint coloring in her cheeks. “We do not require it. With our numbers so depleted, why take on the role of the creators of this galaxy?”

“My people have existed just a short time longer than Ronon’s. What was here before you seeded our planets?” Teyla asked as she leaned forward in genuine curiosity. “What took your people so long to create our worlds?”

“This galaxy was fully populated, each world, before the war was a few thousand years old. The Wraith eradicated every world until not a single being remained except for the Ancients and us. Your world was populated by another race just a few thousand years before your people were created,” Mikaela stared at Teyla’s wide eyes for several seconds. “We held off on the creation of new life because we had no intention of giving the Wraith a fresh food supply. They eventually went into a mass hibernation when it became harder for them to feed. Every planet that holds life now was re-seeded by us after we destroyed any remaining Wraith near their space. We made sure that life would go on after they wrecked havoc across this galaxy.”

“So this is the second time the Arianians populated this galaxy with life?” Teyla asked Mikaela and received a slight nod in response. “I guess the previous occupants of Athos are the ones that built the ruined city.”

“They did, they were advancing technologically at a promising level before they were culled and destroyed. Sateda is the only planet that was void of life before,” she slid her gaze to Ronon at her right. “We had chosen that planet long ago to house our successors and never planted any other life on it until it was time.”


“Yes, Marcus,” Mikaela said a little too quickly, this time grateful for the intrusion.

“We’ll be approaching Atlantis in ten minutes,” he reported. “Your instructions?”

“Standby,” she turned her attention to John with a tilt of her head. “Should we land or beam you down?”

“Put me through to the Control Room,” John said with a grin.

“Go ahead, Sir,” Xavier called in from the Comm Control.

“Chuck,” John tapped his earpiece.

“Yes, Colonel.”

“You’re gonna see a rather large ship touching down at the South Pier in ten minutes so tell the personnel not to be alarmed,” his eyes lit on Mikaela’s face.

“Yes, Sir. Should I tell the personnel that this large ship is the reason that the Hive ship is no longer on our long range sensors?”

“Yes, you can,” he nodded his head with a smile when he heard the sounds of relief and joy over the comm. “See you in a few,” he cut the transmission. “Is that okay with you?”

“It is fine,” Mikaela’s eyes darted over the faces of John, Teyla, Lorne, and Radek seeing the gratitude in their expressions. It felt good to make a difference again. Her attention snapped to Ronon when his arm moved to rest across the back of her seat, his hand pulling her into his side. Her brow furrowed at his sudden possessiveness until she spotted Darius at the food replicator. She shrugged his arm off turning to him with anger in her eyes. “Don’t think that anything has changed because of our little encounter earlier,” she spoke loud enough for the crew at the table to hear but not her potential suitor.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Ronon looked at her with outrage and shock on his face. “But we mated!”

“No, we had a pleasant sexual experience,” she kept his gaze while she patted Rodney on the back when he began to choke on his food. “We are not mated and won’t be until you prove yourself. Do not argue with me, Ronon,” she placed a finger over his lips to silence his protests. “I have two men on this ship that have been displaying for me and I won’t let you cheat your way around our customs just because I favor you. I won’t give on this,” she picked up her tray walking away from the table, all eyes on her back before they turned to Ronon.

“A pleasant sexual experience?” Teyla said with a raised brow.

“Got past her defenses again, did you, buddy?” John asked with barely contained laughter.

“She is going to be the death of me,” Ronon shook his head in aggravation before he stormed towards the door.

“At least she favors you above the others,” John called out, seeing Ronon tense before he disappeared out the door. “I’ve never seen the big guy this out of sorts before. She really has him jumping through hoops.”

“It is a chance to further their lines, John. Ronon has this chance to bring his people back into the forefront of this galaxy with a lot of power at their hands,” Teyla turned her soft brown eyes on her team mate. “There isn’t a world in this galaxy that wouldn’t want that opportunity. Not to mention he is driven to be with her on a genetic level but aside from that, I think he loves her and would do anything to win her over.”

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