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Title: The Challenge
Author: angelsdee
Chapter: 4/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda and a twist on Michael.
Disclaimer: I don't even own my navel lint so don't sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon fights to win Mikaela's favor while John tries to get back in her good graces.

Part One: The Hunt written by heimedall for me a while back; and
Part Two: The Chase (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) written by me

Previous Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3

The Atlantis personnel disembarked from the ship, walking along the pier to enter the city. Mikaela walked amongst her team feeling Ronon behind her as she went. She knew he was upset and humiliated, she could feel it in the atmosphere between them but the customs of her people had been practiced for millennia.

“Mikaela,” John hustled up to her side to match her stride. “Elizabeth has returned to the city and would like a mission debriefing.”

“Feel free, Colonel. This was a mission for my people, you just tagged along so you can go to the debriefing,” she continued walking, turning down a corridor that led to a transporter. “I have no interest in getting grilled about my ship, my long term mission, or unique abilities from Dr. Weir. You know everything now so you can give an accurate accounting of what I am.”

John stopped dead when she entered a transporter, Ronon entering behind her and giving him a dark look. “Take the next one,” his eyes flashed in anger before the door slid shut and took them to the personnel living areas. “So I’m supposed to forget everything that has happened between us and continue to play your game?”

“If you want me,” she stepped out of the transporter turning towards the corridor that housed her quarters on the base.

“Fine,” he snapped as he followed her. “I will inform Sheppard of our intention to leave for Belkan and suggest that he accompany us. When will you be ready to depart?”

“When you have permission to,” she smirked over her shoulder before she waltzed into her quarters, the door sealing behind her.

“Damn it,” Ronon grumbled before he turned down another corridor to find John.


Elizabeth sat in complete silence as John, Lorne, Rodney, Radek, Carson, and Teyla each gave their account of the past few days’ events. She heard about Mikaela’s discovery of Michael, her creation of the nanites that infected him, her stellar rescue of Lorne and his team, her injury and miraculous recovery, her unique physiology and recuperative abilities, the truth of the origins of her people, their role in this galaxy’s existence and continued survival, their connection to the Satedans, the ship that she built within days, and their mission that easily eradicated the Hive that had been on course with the city. To say she was dumbfounded was an understatement.

“Well I’m sure I’m not the first to say that we screwed up royally,” Elizabeth stared at the conference table looking equally ashamed and stunned.

“No, you aren’t,” John rapped his fingers on the table chewing on his bottom lip. “She was pissed but still saved Lorne and her team. She has agreed to protect this city despite the fragile state of our alliance. She let us tag along to take out the Hive and divulged more information about her ship than I thought she would. She said she wouldn’t build us any ships but has the intention to build more when she brings the surviving Satedans together with her people. And she has expressed the possibility of integrating some of our personnel into her ranks when the other ships are constructed.”

“I don’t know if I like the idea of our people being under her command and they would be in that context,” Elizabeth looked at John with a hint of worry in her eyes. “That would be a loss of our control for us.”

“Elizabeth, she has no intention of taking over Atlantis. Her dislike for the Ancients is quite evident and to be frank, her technology blows theirs away,” he argued his gut feeling on this scenario. “Ronon has shown the ability to operate their equipment and if he can so can the rest of the Satedans. If she builds more ships to accommodate them then we will have an armada at our disposal if we wish to join their crew. I saw what this thing can do, what she can do and I believe this could be a turning point in securing this galaxy.”

“As I understand it, Ronon has approached you with her intention of going to Belkan to find Soren and through him the rest of the scattered Satedans,” she ran the pros and cons through her head before she met John’s gaze. “I guess you should accompany her. We might be able to reinforce her trust in us if we help her find their people. Maybe later we can negotiate a more balanced alliance between us.”

“I think it is possible as well and it all hangs on Ronon. He’s in love with her and wants to become her mate. He’ll do anything to prove himself to her and no matter how much she fights it, she is drawn to him. Its in their blood on a genetic level,” John smiled at her when he sensed her unease. “We had a situation and he threatened to leave with her but she will not let him. She said she would consider him unworthy of her attention if he turned his back on us so I don’t think we need to worry about either of their loyalties to Atlantis.”

“I’ll go with your instinct on this since mine didn’t pan out too well on keeping the knowledge of Michael’s existence from her,” she gave him a nod. “As advanced as her people are they are primarily warriors and that is your area of expertise. Go to Belkan with them and find the other Satedans.”


“How do you think he’s taking it?” Rodney leaned closer to John as they kept an eye on Soren while Ronon explained the significance of Mikaela’s people to him.

“I know he’s shocked but I think he believes it. For some reason, I have a feeling that the Satedans can sense what the Arianians are to them,” John glanced around at the rest of his team at their table. “They have a blood connection that can’t be denied. Look,” he swatted McKay’s shoulder and pointed to Ronon’s table. Soren had rose from his chair, moved to stand before Mikaela before he bent on one knee resting his forehead on her hands folded on her lap. “I think that says it all.”

“My Lady, it is an honor to be in your presence,” Soren smiled when she lifted his head from her lap.

“You’re embarrassing her, Soren. Get up,” Ronon pulled his friend to his feet helping him back to his chair. “You already have a mate but you are feeling the connection between you and one of our ancestors. Trust me, I know how powerful that pull is.”

“If it is stronger when you do not have a mate than I can only imagine,” Soren said happily to his friend before he turned to Mikaela. “There are twenty-seven survivors of Sateda on this world and four children that have born to three mated couples since we relocated here. I will gather them together to meet you before we accompany you back to Atlantis to join our kinsmen.”

“Are you sure they’ll all want to leave with me?”

“Our people need to be together,” Soren nodded at her fondly. “We will reach our destiny and grow strong again at your side. They will feel that and want that the moment they can sense you.”

“Soren, just so that we are clear, all mated couples with children will not be allowed to go on missions,” Ronon added as he glanced at his intended mate. “It is against the Arianians’ beliefs to put the future of our people in jeopardy. They will remain with the Athosians when we go against any Wraith but everyone will be trained to operate every station on the ship.”

“Fair enough,” Soren agreed before he looked back to the silent creator of his people. “We will not jeopardize the future of our lines or their progression. As soon as we are reunited with the rest of your people, I will assist you in locating the rest of my scattered people.”

“It won’t be that difficult when we join together,” Mikaela said softly clasping her hands before her. “Satedans can sense my kind when we are near. Since your genetic markers have advanced more than I was aware of at first, the more our people come together the easier it will be for them to sense us and be drawn to us.”

“A genetic beacon,” Ronon grinned before he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced out the window. “I think that beacon is working,” he stood up taking her hand as he went. “Come on, Soren,” he called out to his friend before they started to move past his team’s table. “Sheppard, outside,” he pulled Mikaela along to the door pushing it open before they all came to a stop outside.

Before the inn twenty-six adults and four children, all Satedans stood staring with wide eyes as Ronon and Mikaela moved to stand before them. He smiled when the adults either bowed their heads or gave military salutes to her. Ronon felt her grip his hand harder before he glanced at her from the corner of his eye to see the tears gathering in hers.

“These are your children,” he said proudly before he turned to face her. “And they will follow you anywhere just like me.”

Mikaela’s eyes held his before she slid her gaze to her brethren nodding her head. “Gather your possessions together and meet us at the clearing before the gate in one hour,” she was pleasantly surprised to see the smiles on their faces. “I will take you to meet the rest of your ancestors and show you your new home.”

“Did you think it would be this easy?” Ronon whispered into her ear while Soren and the others hurried away to pack.

“I don’t know what I was expecting but I know I feel hope for the first time in many years,” she allowed him to take her hand in his before he led her and the others to the gate.


“I don’t know how thrilled Elizabeth will be when we bring this many people back through the gate into the city,” John scratched the back of his neck when exactly one hour later the Satedans showed up with their belongings. “She knows how important it is for you to find Ronon’s people but she doesn’t like having a lot of strangers; no offense, Ronon, in the city.”

“I assume there is no problem with the Satedans being amongst the Athosians on the mainland?” Mikaela turned to Teyla.

“My people have enjoyed the company of the Arianians and as long as Ronon’s people do not cause too much trouble after their festive drinking games I’m positive they will all get along splendidly,” Teyla smiled softly at Soren and Ronon before she bowed her head at Mikaela. “We welcome them amongst us.”

“There won’t be many of them there on a permanent basis,” Soren came forward. “Like I said, there are only three mated couples with children so I assume the rest of us will be relocated to your ship.”

“You’re correct,” Mikaela nodded at him with a smile. “Speaking of my ship, Jenessa?”

“Yes, Commander?”

“Beam us up,” a bright flash of light surrounded them before they appeared in the cargo bay of the ship. “Welcome to your home away from home,” Mikaela waved over Rayak and two other men. “This is Rayak, Tyre, and Erak,” she introduced her people who smiled fondly at their children. “They will assign quarters to those of you who will be living on the ship and see our couples and children to temporary quarters.”

“Thank you, Mikaela,” Soren kissed her hand, smiling at Ronon when he growled at him before he led his mate out the hatch.

“You had your ship shadow us to Belkan?” John nudged Mikaela’s shoulder with a grin. “Smart,” he nodded his head. “So how long before you hunt down the rest of them?”

“As soon as I get this group settled here and with the Athosians then check on Dania and Pietro’s situation, I will be ready to gather the rest,” Mikaela said in a steady tone desperate to keep her emotions under control but losing that battle quickly. “If you wish to follow the others and get temporary quarters for the trip home feel free or roam as you wish. I will meet you for dinner in the Mess later,” she rambled out quickly before she rushed out of the cargo bay.


Ronon accessed the controls to Mikaela’s quarters five minutes after she entered. He stalked quietly into her bedroom to find her lying on her side, her back to the door. Ronon could see the tremors quake her body from a few feet away and moved to lie beside her pulling her back into his chest.

“I know it is overwhelming you,” he whispered huskily into her ear. “To see your people’s dreams come to pass after so long must seem unreal but it is happening because of your will…and stubbornness.” She laughed softly but Ronon could scent her tears. “Everything will be just as you hoped, Mikaela,” he wrapped his arms around her holding her as close as possible. “You’ll see.”


“Are you sure you can keep yourself together enough for this?” Ronon asked Mikaela as he escorted her to the Mess Hall for dinner. “I know it would be detrimental to your reputation if you are seen breaking down in tears.”

“Shut up,” she laughed as she swatted his arm playfully.

“Hey they’ve seen me cry before and they know I’m a hard ass but you’re the one that refuses to let anyone see that you’re a woman too,” he walked her back against the hull placing his hands on the cool metal and effectively trapping her in a purely dominant fashion. “But I’ve seen the woman that you hide within you,” he leaned close, his face an inch from hers, “and I will have her as mine, privately in our quarters. I promise you.” He brushed a kiss over her parted lips before he took her arm and led the silent woman into the door.

Mikaela’s lips parted on a gasp once again when she was met thirty-one of her descendants, sixteen of her kind, and her friends from Atlantis in the dining area. “This is unbelievable,” she whispered to Ronon. “I didn’t think I would live to see the day when this many of our people would be reunited and we begin the search for the rest in a few days.”

“Your tenacity is something to be admired,” his eyes lit up when he glanced down at a young girl that latched on to his leg. “And so is Sofia’s,” he lifted her up flipping her over to sit atop his shoulders.

“Is she the Mother of us all, Ronon?” Sofia asked as she stared down at Mikaela while she held on to his locks. “Momma says that she is the creator of us. Is that true?”

“You’d have to ask her, Sofia, but I know that she had a lot to do with it if she isn’t. Say hello to Mikaela,” he held on to her legs while he bent forward to allow the girl to reach out a hand.

“Hello, Mikaela.”

“Hello, Sofia,” she shook the small hand carefully almost afraid that she would accidentally hurt her.

“She’s pretty, Ronon. Is she yours?”

“I’m hoping she will be, Sofia,” Ronon’s eyes sparkled in mischief as he spun around in a circle, the young girl screeching in hysterics. “Okay that is enough. Let’s go find your mother so I don’t get in trouble because you didn’t finish your dinner.”

Mikaela laughed softly while she watched him carry the child through the crowd. Her eyes danced over the happy faces around her and she felt out of sorts despite the joy she felt as well. Joy, happiness, and love; all emotions that she had been without for so long that she had forgotten what they felt like. They were as foreign to her as the vulnerability that Ronon brought out in her.

“It is a momentous day, is it not, Mikaela?”

“That it is, Darius,” she kept her gaze on the crowd while her Weapons Officer stood at her right. “Have you met everyone?”

“No but I assume you haven’t yet either, Commander. I guess we should hurry and commit them all to memory before their numbers swell over the next few days,” he laughed and pointed at a small boy that had just learned to walk on his own. “He gets about five feet before he plops down on his bottom but like a true Satedan, he gets right back up and tries again.”

“We always knew our DNA produced strong men and women, Darius, or we wouldn’t have lasted this long, immortality or not, and the Satedans wouldn’t have survived the destruction of their world,” her gaze skipped through the crowd before she turned her head towards her would be mate. “Where is Marcus?”

“At the helm,” he nodded his head at a man that passed by.

“Mix with the crowd. I’m going to relieve him so he can get some dinner and meet his kinsmen,” she patted his elbow before she moved through the mass of people to the door.


Mikaela sat in the Command Chair piloting their way through space and alone in her thoughts. Marcus was thrilled that she let him leave to meet the Satedans and she was somewhat thankful for the time to herself. Sitting in that chair watching the stars streak by was something that she had missed. It was comforting to have it back.

“This is Carson Beckett from Atlantis with an emergency communiqué for Mikaela!”

“Carson,” Mikaela accessed the communications from her chair opening the channel. “This is Mikaela. What is the matter?”

“Lass, I have some bad news.”


“What the hell is that?” John asked when red lights tinted the interior of the Mess Hall.

“All crew to your stations!” Marcus yelled out in a booming voice that resonated through the room. “I need all our guests and new residents to return to your quarters immediately!” He moved quickly towards the Atlantis personnel while everyone hustled out of the hall in orderly but quick fashion. “Please come with me to the Bridge.”

“Sure,” he waved the others over while they hastened to the door. “We’re wanted on the Bridge.”

“Where is Mikaela?” Ronon asked while they ran down the corridor.

“She is at her post and activated the alert,” Marcus said in a rush.

“What is the alert for?” McKay asked as he hurried to keep up. “Are we under attack?”

“I doubt she would interrupt us for that. It is more likely an alert to give us notice that she is about to open a wormhole.”

“She’s gonna what?” John looked at him with furrowed brows. “You can do that?”

“Yes, we can,” Marcus nodded as they entered the bridge and he moved to take his post. “Our situation, Commander?”

“I am needed back in Atlantis immediately,” Mikaela said in a pained voice with a heaving chest. “Hyperspace isn’t fast enough so I need everyone to hold on to something.”

Ronon held on to the back of her chair while John and Rodney held on to the railing around the Fighter Control post and Tyre helped steady Teyla at his station when Mikaela opened up a wormhole and flew the ship in without hesitation.

“How can you do this?” John asked from behind her.

“Please Colonel, do not try to talk to her while she navigates this stream,” Darius spoke up from behind him. “It is not an easy thing to fly a ship through an unstable wormhole but as you can see she does it with barely a bump.”

Ronon glanced down at her face, she looked upset but her eyes fell closed and the journey seemed to go even easier. “Exiting the stream in three, two, one,” Ezekiel counted down from behind him.

“Hold on!” Marcus warned the others just before they transited to normal space with a jolt.

“Marcus, land the ship!” Mikaela snapped as she jumped out of her seat. “Jenessa, beam me to the Infirmary on the base immediately!”

“Yes, Commander.”

“Mikaela?” Ronon moved towards her before she vanished from the bridge. “Send me to her now!” he yelled at Jenessa.

“I cannot without her express permission.”

“I am a member of this crew as well as a member of the Atlantis personnel and I am displaying for her,” he growled at the woman but it had no effect.

“I’m sorry. I know our Commander has accepted you as a part of our crew and I know your place amongst the Atlanteans but she has not announced to the rest of us that you are displaying for her and even if she did, I could not transport you down without her say so,” Jenessa stood up glaring into Ronon’s eyes for trying to intimidate her. “We are not allowed to use the transporters without her express orders or permission so you will have to disembark with your companions when we land.”


The moment the ship landed at the South Pier and Marcus opened the hatch, Ronon took off at a dead run for the Infirmary. The others hurried to catch up but he left them far behind in his haste to find out what was wrong with Mikaela. His heart hammered in his chest with the thought that something could happen to her but he kept running.

“Doc, where is she?” he gasped when he entered the Infirmary. He was so desperate to find her that he failed to take notice of the sobbing woman in the bed and the male that tried to comfort her despite his own profound sadness.

“Ronon, lad, this really isn’t a good time,” Carson glanced at his patient before he went to wheel the cloth covered cart into the next room.

Ronon looked back at the couple recognizing them from the Athosian village before he turned his gaze at the small form covered in the white cloth. “Is that Dania and Pietro?” he asked Carson as he thumbed over his shoulder and received a nod. “And is that…” he whispered.

“Aye,” the doctor said sadly.

“What happened?”

“The child was lacking a specific enzyme that affected his heart and blood pressure. I noticed too late that Mikaela has the specific proteins that could’ve been introduced into the child upon birth to correct that minor abnormality. I got a hold of her during your return trip but by the time she arrived it was too late.” Carson lowered his head shaking it sadly. “She took it almost as badly as the wee lad’s parents.”

“Where did she go?”


Once again Ronon found himself accessing the locking mechanism of Mikaela’s quarters but this time her Atlantis one. When he pried the door open, he spotted her on the floor curled up in the fetal position. He moved to her side to find that she had cried herself to sleep, tears still damp on her cheeks.

He slipped his arms under her shoulders and knees lifting her up against his chest before he carried her into the bedroom. Her hands slid up to grasp on to his shirt before she cried into his chest. “The first child,” she gasped between heaving sobs. “My fault…”

“Shh,” he lowered her down on to the bed moving to lie with her when she wouldn’t release her hold. “It is not your fault, Mikaela,” he said softly while he brushed her hair down her back with his fingers. “It has been a long time since your people bred. Complications were bound to happen after so much time.”

“A baby, the first of my kind, died because I wasn’t here,” her heart-wrenching cries tore at his being. “Once again I was too late to save one of our children.”

“Is that what this is?” he pulled back slightly cupping her cheek in his palm brushing her tears with his thumb. “Has it brought back all the memories of showing up too late to save Sateda?”

“I have let so many down over the past nine years alone. They outnumber the ones from all the other years of my long miserable life. It won’t happen again,” she looked up into his eyes with desperation in the black depths of hers. “I will die before I let another child of our kind perish.”

Ronon pulled her into his chest resting his cheek against her silken hair. He shushed her quietly while she cried for over an hour, her body trembling uncontrollably against his. He held her close, rocking her gently until she finally began to settle and eventually cried herself to sleep.

The shell was breaking and he loved the woman he saw more of. She was still his warrior but in the privacy of their quarters, she was the soft, gentle woman that could make his heart swell with love or break from the pain that she finally allowed him to see. She was his prize and he would have her at any cost.

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