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The Prize (NC-17) Ronon/OFC Chapter 1/4

Title: The Prize
Author: angelsdee
Chapter: 1/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda, a twist on Michael and Reunion.
Disclaimer: I don't even own my navel lint so don't sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon helps Mikaela find the survivors of Sateda while he attempts to claim her as his mate. Mikaela has a surprise for him but is afraid to tell him.

Part One: The Hunt written by heimedall for me a while back; and
Part Two: The Chase (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) written by me

Part Three: The Challenge: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The following couple of months went by quickly for the Atlanteans and Arianians. It was hectic, sometimes dangerous but it progressed well. Four hundred and eighty-two more Satedans were found and reunited with their ancestors. Thirty-eight of them were mated couples with sixteen children amongst them.

In total, Mikaela had found five hundred and ten Satedans; Ronon included, forty-one mated couples with twenty children. Each of the two hundred and twenty-eight active crewmembers was trained in every aspect of the ship’s operation.

She had already begun the construction of new ships before they went to retrieve the last load of Satedans. By the time Mikaela and John’s team returned to Atlantis, nine more ships had been completed and were ready for their new crew. Each ship was given the name of its Commander; all members of Mikaela’s original crew except for her.


Since the loss of Dania and Pietro’s child, Mikaela had withdrawn into herself and focused on her work. John and Lorne had noticed that the light she had in her eyes after she loosened up amongst them had disappeared and the battle-hardened warrior was back in residence. She never smiled anymore and it worried them.

From what her team could see, Ronon had the roughest ride of all when it came to her. When they weren’t on individual off-world missions or searching for more of their people, Mikaela was constantly riding him about his training on the ship or she was beating him bloody during their sparring sessions.

None of the SO’s were allowed to train with her anymore. The expedition could not risk losing any of their people to injuries. Carson was called upon more than a few times during the week after the child’s death. He explained to John and Elizabeth what had happened during the delivery and Ronon begrudgingly reported the state he found her in. From that moment on, Ronon was the only one allowed to spar with Mikaela.

In public she was as cold and calculating, as she was the day they approached her to join Lorne’s team. In the privacy of her quarters, Mikaela was a wreck that Ronon either had to control or comfort until her rampant emotions ran their course.


The worst outburst she had was when Michael escaped taking Teyla hostage as he went. The experiment failed in the stellar fashion she had predicted. She never said ‘I told you so’ but they could all see it in her eyes. As horrid as John felt he didn’t hesitate a second to call her from the Beta site when Teyla was taken. Mikaela didn’t skip a beat when he told her what happened and what he needed. She just gave him the gate address and told him to call if they needed backup.

Teyla accompanied Ronon to her quarters when they returned to the base. The young Athosian thanked her with a hug and a promise of some downtime on the mainland before she parted company with them. Ronon’s eyes held his gratitude for assisting in the safe return of his teammate. Mikaela knew Teyla was the first person in Atlantis to make Ronon feel welcome when he joined them and she held a special place in his heart. He didn’t say a word; he just hugged her after Teyla had left.


The Arianians were receiving transmissions from straggling Satedans all over the galaxy. Mikaela had been correct when she said they would sense a large gathering of their people with hers and they made the effort to find their kind. After a while, she didn’t accompany her people when they went to pick them up but she greeted every one of them upon their arrival.

She and Ronon focused their attentions on Atlantis missions. John was curious why she had been planet-side for so long when she clearly loved flying the galaxy. He had debated on asking her but decided Ronon was a better source and less likely to hit him. The answer he received was that she was tired, flying the ship for so long was a drain on her and she welcomed the hand-to-hand off-world missions afforded her.

No matter how badly they bloodied each other up during sparring sessions, Ronon and Mikaela spent every free moment together. They ate each meal together, ran laps every morning through the corridors of the still vacant areas of the city, and saw each other off for every mission as well as waiting for their return.

A day that started off nicely for them turned out to be the worst day of Mikaela’s life.


“That was the dullest mission in recorded history,” Lorne laughed with his team as they came through the gate.

“I don’t need excitement on every mission like someone else I know,” Cole tilted his head towards a quiet Mikaela. “Sorry you didn’t get to kill anything this trip out.”

“The day is young, James,” Mikaela said nonchalantly from behind him. “I could always lose my wits and forget that I am forbidden from sparring with you.”

“Don’t get him started, Mikaela,” Lorne laughed as they started down to the Infirmary for their check up. “No matter how many times he’s told that you are off limits, Cole and the rest of these fools still want to train with you.” He glanced back at her when she fell behind, worry hitting him when her hands went to her temples and she leaned against the wall. “Hey,” he ran back to take her upper arms. “Are you okay?”

“I just got a little dizzy, Evan,” she said softly blinking her eyes to focus.

“You’ve seemed off your game for a few weeks now,” Lorne looked at her in concern as he held one of her arms and wrapped his free arm around her back to help her along. “Miki, is something wrong? I know you heal and I’ve never seen you sick before but I’ve got to tell you that you’re looking a little haggard.”

“Is that a polite way of saying I look like crap?”

“No,” he laughed lightly. “You’re as beautiful as always but you seem kind of run down. Whoa,” Lorne caught her slight weight against him when she collapsed, sweeping her legs up to carry her down the hall. “Johnson, grab my weapon off the floor. Cole, run ahead and get the Doc!”

“Got it, Major,” Johnson double-timed it down the hall to catch up to Lorne and his unconscious teammate. “I’ve never seen her like this.”

“Me either,” Lorne continued to run while he stared down into her pale face.

“I’m worried, Sir.”

“Me too, David,” he rushed into the Infirmary moving to the bed that Cole held the curtain open to and gently lowered her on to it. “Doc!”

“I’m here,” Carson said breathlessly as he hurried in. “What happened?” he moved to her side putting his stethoscope in place listening to her heart.

“She collapsed in the hall,” Lorne told him while he and his men looked at their teammate’s unresponsive form.

“Did anything happen on this mission? Any injuries I should know about? Did she come into contact with anything out of the ordinary?”

“No, she had a dizzy spell a few seconds before she collapsed and she has been moving a little slower on the past few missions. She’s been looking pale and tired to us for a few weeks but we thought it was all the flying she’s been doing. That ship of hers takes a lot of concentration,” Lorne rambled out quickly, he was getting anxious when she didn’t move. “I figured if something was wrong Ronon would’ve said something by now since they spend all their time together. I should’ve said something to you earlier.”

“Mikaela has become my worst patient, Major. She barely comes in here unless she needs a bone reset but Ronon is a thorn in her side,” Carson checked her pupils before he moved to take her blood pressure. “He drags her down here kicking and screaming for any little cut even if it has started to heal. He wouldn’t let her stay away if he thought something was wrong with her but she does look pale and she has dark circles under her eyes.”

“Now I have dark circles,” Mikaela mumbled without opening her eyes. “If I stayed out for much longer I’m positive one of you would’ve said I look like crap.”

“You can never look like crap, lass,” Carson smiled, shaking his head. “Do you want to tell me what this little fainting spell was all about or do I need to find out on my own?” he asked while he took the blood pressure readings.

“I’m tired.”

“That’s what I thought,” Carson turned towards her team and pointed towards the curtain. “Out with you, gentlemen. Pull the curtain and go get your check ups then you can come back and wait while I run my tests.”


“Miki,” Lorne cut her off giving her a stern look but failing as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Don’t force me to make that an order.”

“Fine,” she took the scrubs that Carson held out to her, placing them on the bed before she began to unlace her top.

Both men turned their back when she shrugged out of the leather vest. “She’s very uninhibited,” Lorne said as he cleared his throat.

“Aye, I’ve noticed that as well.”

“I’ll be waiting for you with the others, Mikaela.”

“Thank you, Evan,” she whispered while she pulled off her boots and leathers, slipping on the bottoms of her scrubs. “I’m ready, Carson,” she had just flopped back down on to the bed when he turned around. “I can’t seem to keep my energy up,” she admitted with somber eyes.

“Your people do not get sick, Mikaela,” he moved back to sit on the stool beside her bed. “Is there any other reason for your condition besides the mental drain of flying the ships?”

“None that I know of and I know we have no illnesses or deficiencies as adults.”

“I see,” he nodded his head while he took some notes. “Could this all be mental?”

“I flew a ship for thousands of years and never got this tired before. I find it difficult to believe that a few months would drain me like this,” she yawned behind her hand before she looked at him drowsily. “Let’s not forget that out of the thousands of years that I did fly that I only had a break of about eight years in between ships. I am not the oldest pilot amongst my people so it’s not me getting too old. Well I am the oldest pilot alive but still…”



“You’re rambling,” Carson laughed when she arched her brow at him. “Why don’t you stop fighting off your exhaustion and take a nap while I run a few tests? I’ll wake you as soon as they are over and free you from this nightmare.”

“Thank you, Carson,” she smiled softly before she allowed her eyes to fall closed.


“What’s taking so long, Doc?” Lorne asked when Carson rushed by an hour later. “We’ve all been given a clean bill of health over thirty-five minutes ago and you’ve been hovering over the scanner read outs for an hour. Is she okay?”

“She’s fine, Major.”

“Then why all the squinting and what is taking so long?” he and his men stood up and moved to stand as a unit before him.

“I just need to give Mikaela the results of my tests and then you can escort her out of here,” he held up a hand to stop them from following him behind the curtain. “A little privacy please,” Carson released a sigh before he looked at his patient. “I can’t hold them off for long so I guess I should tell you my findings and let you out of here.”

“That would be nice,” she nodded her head. “Ronon is due back from his mission in two hours and I need to be in the Gate Room when he arrives.”

“How are the two of you getting along?” Carson held back his smile while he took his seat. “You spend all of your time together so I assume all is well.”

“Ronon is displaying for me. That means that he wishes to become my mate in life,” she answered his question before he asked it. “I am strongly attached to him and it is hard for me to tell him no when he asks if I made my decision yet.”

“Why tell him no if you want him?”

“I’m being stubborn,” she admitted with a small grin. “Two of my people are displaying as well and I know Ronon is going to be my choice, I’ve known since I met him but,” she sighed heavily. “Carson, I’ve had so much pain and loss in my life. I was with my former mate for eight thousand years, his death killed me inside but I couldn’t show it because Ronon was missing and the Satedans needed me to fight for them. I’m afraid if I claim him and anything happens to him, I won’t survive it.”

“Mikaela, you can’t deny your feelings for him because you’re afraid,” he said with soft eyes. “The lad loves you and I can see you love him no matter how hard you try to hide it. You’ve fought for so long to bring your people together and keep them safe; I think it is time for the woman to take over the warrior’s place.”


Twenty minutes later, a silent Mikaela was led out of the curtained off area by Carson’s gentle hand. “Major, if you would be so kind as to escort Mikaela to her quarters, I would be in debt to you.”

“Sure, Doc,” Lorne frowned when he took the tense woman’s elbow. “What’s the prognosis? Is she cleared for missions?”

“It is up to her whether she goes on missions or not, Major, and as for the prognosis, doctor/patient confidentiality,” Carson grinned ear to ear when her teammates glared at him before they followed her and Lorne out.

“Why don’t you two go unwind,” Lorne said over his shoulder to Cole and Johnson. “It’s been a long day. I’ll make sure she gets to her quarters.”

“Yes, Sir,” they said in unison before Cole placed his hand on her shoulder. “We’ll see you at dinner later, okay Mikaela?”

“Sure, James,” she nodded her head shakily with her unfocused eyes still staring at nothing.

Lorne walked her slowly down the corridor taking the transporter to her level in the living areas. He kept his eyes on her the entire way and noticed she appeared to be in some kind of functioning trance. “Miki, you need to access the door to your quarters,” he said softly after they stood outside her quarters for over a minute.

“Sorry,” she swiped her hand over the mechanism allowing him to guide her inside.

“Is the sofa okay with you or do you want to lie down?”

“The sofa is fine,” he settled her against the cushions making sure she was steady before he placed her weapons belt on the table. “Thank you, Evan.”

“Mikaela, are you okay?” Lorne asked as he sat beside her on the couch. “Whatever the Doc told you seems to have you in a state of shock or something.”

“I’m fine, Evan. Carson did tell me some interesting news and I am having a hard time reconciling it but I’ll be okay,” she responded almost mechanically still staring straight ahead. “Ronon is due back soon. I need to rest for a bit before I go meet him in the Gate Room.”

“Okay, I’ll let you lie down,” he rose up hesitantly heading for the door before he turned back to her. “I’ll come get you when they are due back and Mikaela, if you want to talk about it I’m always here for you.”

“Thank you, Evan.” She vaguely heard the door close behind him, consumed in her thoughts. Just thinking about telling Ronon turned her stomach into knots. Everything was going to change and it was something she didn’t know if she could handle but it was out of her hands. ‘Sleep, Mikaela,’ she admonished herself for her cowardice before she stretched out on the sofa.


Two and a half hours later, Lorne came to wake her from her nap and escort her to the Gate Room. “There is a problem,” he said in as calm a tone as possible. “McKay came back through the gate alone and there has been no contact with Colonel Sheppard and the others. I’m sure they are just making their way back and it is taking a little time. We’ve been there ourselves as you know.”

“I’m well aware of that, Evan, I’m just not used to it,” Mikaela kept her focus on the gate, a pit of dread building within her. “Please come back to me,” she whispered after she moved to sit on the stairs.

Another forty-five minutes passed before the chevrons lit up on the gate in quick succession. “Off-world activation,” Chuck called out from his station. Mikaela stood up, jumping the rest of the way down the stairs as the wormhole opened. “It’s Colonel Sheppard’s IDC, Ma’am,” he told Elizabeth.

“Lower the shield,” she said with a nod.

A moment later, John and Teyla emerged from the gate, alone without Ronon. “Someone get us some vests and guns,” John called out.

“Colonel, Teyla,” Lorne said as he walked up to the pair.


“We were just about to come and get you guys,” he glanced between them before the gate shut down. “Where’s Ronon?”

“Still back there,” John’s voice held his tension. “Did McKay get through okay?” he turned to Elizabeth.

“He’s going to be fine,” she answered. “What happened?”

“Ronon bargained for our freedom,” Teyla said quickly as she took another P-90 from an Airman.

“By sticking a knife to his own throat,” John pulled on a vest and grabbed another weapon. “We’re going back.”

“Dial the gate,” Elizabeth glanced up at Chuck.

“It took us fifteen minutes to get to the gate,” John told her when she turned back to him.

“The place is going to be crawling with Wraith by now,” Teyla told the men.

“Let’s go get him,” Lorne said to them before he looked at Mikaela’s stricken face. “The Doc said missions were up to you,” he whispered in her ear, holding her forearm. “Are you feeling up to this?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she shook her head, tears misting her eyes, “but no, I cannot go.”

Lorne searched her lost gaze feeling her pain before he took her shoulders. “We’ll bring him back,” he said softly. “I promise you’ll get him back.”

She nodded her head in slight movements, avoiding his gaze before he turned and followed the others through the gate. “Mikaela,” she tilted her head towards Elizabeth still staring at the ground. “Are you alright?” the woman said softly in concern.

“I’ve failed him again,” her temper flared within her making her growl the words out of clenched teeth. “I’ll be waiting for word of his return,” she stalked off towards the stairs.


Ronon found himself reliving a familiar nightmare as the Wraith dragged him down the corridors of the Hive. ‘Not again, not now,’ he thought with dread when they forced him to his knees in front of the King. ‘I just got my life back,’ he raised his eyes up to the creature that stole everything from him two years ago.

His nightmare continued when he was taken into a lab, stripped of his shirt, and secured face down on the table. He held his voice when it threatened to tear from his throat as the blade tore into his flesh.

“I once fed on the humans of your home world,” the Wraith King’s guttural voice taunted him. “That is where I will watch you die.”

‘Mikaela,’ was the only thing that rang through his mind when he felt his fear consume him while they implanted another tracker in his back.


Mikaela paced outside the conference room doors, nervous energy coursing through her when she saw John and Lorne’s teams return without Ronon. John looked at her sadly before he went into the meeting with Elizabeth and Colonel Caldwell.

“So I’m still not allowed to attend the big meetings on this base?” she snapped irritably.

“You have a vested interest in this particular mission and they think it will cloud your judgment,” Lorne tried to reason with her but didn’t have the heart and knew it would do no good.

“I have no idea why I remain here,” she wore a hole in the floor as she continued her frenzied pace. “These people will never trust me. I am not one of their kind.”

“You stay because of that vested interest I mentioned,” he stopped her by stepping in her path and grabbing her upper arms. “And for the record, I trust you with my life.”

“I trust you with mine as well, Evan,” her obsidian gaze darted between his dark brown eyes before the door panels opened up and John emerged after Rodney.

“I need to talk to you,” John took her by the arm leading her down the hall. “We think he’s been taken since we didn’t find him on the planet and we’re hoping they kept him alive to hunt him again.”

“You think he’s been implanted?”

“He was the one that got away,” he stopped her in the hall turning to look at her. “They’ll want to finish their sport. McKay thinks he can use the original implant to determine the signal and lead us to him.”

“Then let’s go see Dr. McKay.”


Ronon ran through the ruins of his world, images of the war and his friends’ deaths flashing through his mind. If anything could make him want to quit it would be the memories of Sateda’s destruction, his people dying, Milena, and being a Runner once again.

Then he remembered how fiercely his people fought and where they got their strength of will. He had a new life now amongst the Atlanteans and a potential mate waiting for him to come home. His ancestors and their leader brought the rest of his people together to fight and live.

He would not let these monsters take his new life from him without fighting to his last breath. He would not let them rob him of taking his mate and he knew; no matter how long he fought and ran, she would find him.


“Sateda,” Mikaela said in a breathy whisper.

“We’re going to get him back,” John took her by the elbow when she almost collapsed. “You okay?” she nodded her head shakily. “I heard that this happened twice when you got back from your mission.”

“I’m fine.”

“We’re taking the Daedalus to Sateda. I’m going to fly us down in a jumper and we’re going to get him back,” John lifted her chin looking into her tired eyes. “Your ships are all out right now but frankly I don’t think you’re up for this. Stay here and I promise we’ll bring him back to you.”

“Be careful,” she said softly watching his sad blue-green eyes before he turned and ran down the corridor. She stood up against the wall for several seconds breathing deeply to hold off impending hyperventilation before she dragged herself up and began to sprint down the hall. “Evan,” she slid to a stop when she exited on to the pier a few minutes later. “David, James, what are you doing here?”

“We just had a feeling that you might change your mind,” Johnson grinned at her before he glanced at his CO.

“The Daedalus has left orbit already so I assume you have a back up plan?” Lorne raised his eyebrows with a smile.

“I’ve got another ship that is almost completed but operational as it is,” she touched a button on the cuff that adorned her upper arm. “I’m going to get my man back and kill that son of a bitch that destroyed my children.”

A flash of light enveloped them and a moment later they were on the bridge of her latest ship. “So what isn’t working on this beast?” Lorne asked as he moved to take a seat at the Helm Controls.

“Everything works just not all at the same time,” Mikaela brought the engines online concentrating on the vertical thrusters. “Everyone take a seat,” they quickly reached escape velocity and exited the atmosphere before she focused on moving the ship at light speed. “Hold on, gentlemen, I have to open a wormhole and use the stream to get us there.”

‘Almost completed?’ Lorne held on to the console when she took them into the wormhole. ‘She’s pushing this thing awfully hard for an almost completed ship.’


Ronon was devastated about the loss of the village but still elated to see his friends. It surprised him to hear that Mikaela did not accompany them on the mission to rescue him but couldn’t dwell on it for long. He wanted to get the Wraith King down on the planet’s surface and the only way he could do that was to kill all the Wraith in the city now.

He was hurting, angry, and felt the ghosts of the people around him. The pain of entering the hospital was almost his undoing, picturing Milena disappearing in the flames but the arrival of his friends brought him back to where his life now lay. He had to finish this for his people, for her.


“If I’m reading this right, we’ll arrive at Sateda in a few minutes,” Lorne moved over to the Navigations console. “The Daedalus is already appearing on the long range sensors. Is all of this in your head?” he asked her when the screens’ images kept changing views or information.

“Yes,” Mikaela said in an exhausted voice. “I need all these systems to exit the stream at the right moment but the ship is not yet equipped to handle this load and it is wearing me down to force them to operate.”

“That sounds like a symbiotic relationship, Miki,” Lorne swiveled his chair around to look at her. “Are you hurting yourself by doing this?”

“I am under a lot of strain, Evan,” she was gasping with the effort to speak while she operated the ship in the stream. “Please be silent and let me know when we are ten seconds from that Hive.”

“What Hive and how do I know when we’re ten seconds away?” he glanced back at the screen to find that she had started the countdown and the sensors now picked up two ships. “Oh, that Hive,” he whispered under his breath.


‘Oh crap,’ Ronon forced himself to his hands and knees after colliding with a column. ‘That hurt,’ he tried to lift himself up but the Wraith King pushed him back down with a heavy booted foot. The behemoth turned him over grabbing on to his armor to heft him up.

He was starting to feel foolish for threatening to kill John if he interfered in his fight. ‘Mikaela,’ he called out to her in his head. ‘I wish I could’ve seen you again,’ he imagined she could hear him and it was enough for him to let go when she smiled.

The Wraith King pulled back his hand ready to feed on him when the jumper suddenly decloaked behind him. ‘You aren’t getting rid of me that easy,’ he grinned before he glanced at the Wraith. “I win!”


“Colonel Caldwell, this is Major Lorne aboard one of the Ariana vessels.”

“This is Caldwell,” the man’s voice rang through the open channel. “What is your position, Major? We have a Hive ship firing on the jumper.”

“We’re about to exit a wormhole just in front of the Daedalus, Sir. Mikaela thought it would be wise to open a channel for me to inform you before we appeared. Raise your shields, Sir,” Lorne said somewhat nervously as she mentally turned off random systems and charged up the PSW. “Mikaela will beam the jumper into one of your bays and extend the shields of her ship to surround the Daedalus as well.”

“Why the need for all the shielding, Major? We can open a hyperspace window as soon as the jumper is in the bay.”

“You won’t be able to fast enough, Sir. No time to talk, you should have the jumper now. Exiting the stream in three, two, one. Hold on, everyone,” Lorne’s voice came through the open comm as they transited into normal space. “Colonel Caldwell, tell everyone to shield their eyes and hold on!”

Mikaela brought her ship parallel to the Daedalus, extending the shields before she focused on the point singularity weapon. Crimson red energy sprang to life before the nose of the ship crackling in a circle. It built in strength before it came together in a single beam that fired across the space that separated them from the Hive.

All the power drained from the main drive and lesser systems while the four of them watched the Hive disappear in light. Only dust particles remained when the men’s vision cleared.

“Holy crap!” Rodney’s voice drifted through the open channel. “That was amazing!”

“Mikaela! I’m losing power here,” Lorne turned to look at her when she didn’t answer. “Mikaela!”

“What’s going on over there?” John sounded as panicked as Lorne when he heard him yell. “Major, report!”

“She’s unconscious again, Sir,” Lorne answered him while he patted her on the cheek. “Hey there,” he lowered his voice when her eyelids fluttered. “You okay?”

“I won,” she mumbled before a little more clarity came back to her. “Colonel?”

“Mikaela, are you okay?”

“Yes, is Ronon?”

“He’s alive, hurting and sore but alive. Beckett has him in the Infirmary.”

“Thank you, John,” she sighed in relief.

“What is your situation over there?” John asked in an easier tone. “I heard Lorne say you’re losing power and you passed out again. Can you fly that bird home?”

“We need to sit still for a minute so I can reroute systems but we should be back right after you,” Mikaela turned off several consoles all over the ship while she spoke before she bypassed the power to the engines.

“Do you need us to stick around?”

“No, John,” her gaze focused on the planet on the view screen before she transported her team to the Daedalus. “You go home. I’m going to take a minute before I follow.”

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