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The Prize (NC-17) Ronon/OFC Chapter 2/4

Title: The Prize
Author: angelsdee
Chapter: 2/4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/OFC
Warnings: Violence and sexual situations
Spoilers: Maybe a brief reference to Sateda, a twist on Michael and Reunion.
Disclaimer: I don't even own my navel lint so don't sue. This little venture is for entertainment purposes only. No profit to be made, which sucks since I am poor and could use the funds.
Summary: Ronon helps Mikaela find the survivors of Sateda while he attempts to claim her as his mate. Mikaela has a surprise for him but is afraid to tell him.

Part One: The Hunt written by heimedall for me a while back; and
Part Two: The Chase (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) written by me

Part Three: The Challenge: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Previous Chapters: 1

It had been three days since the Daedalus left Satedan space and still no sign of Mikaela or her ship. Carson was once again forced to allow Ronon to leave the Infirmary. He couldn’t get the large man to sit still while he continuously asked about her whereabouts and was told she hadn’t returned.

“Why can’t we go look for her?” he barely contained his worry and anger while he bellowed at John for the millionth time.

“Ronon, the Daedalus already went there when she was a few hours overdue,” John sat on the sofa in Ronon’s sitting room talking in a calm tone to his irate friend. “Her ship was no longer in orbit and there were no signs of any debris to think she ran into any opposition. Lorne said systems were failing all over the ship but nobody knows that craft better than her. She’ll limp it home, buddy.”

“It’s been three days, Sheppard,” he paced his room like a tiger, his arms moving restlessly at his sides. “She should’ve been back a long time ago and Lorne said she has been sick, that flying the ship made her worse. What if she came out of hyperspace somewhere between Sateda and here and the Daedalus missed her, overlooked her? She could be dying out there and I’d never know it!”

“I think you’d know it, big guy,” John raised his worried eyes to his face. “I don’t believe for a second that she is dead or dying. She’ll be back.”


“Elizabeth?” John tapped his earpiece. “What’s up?”

“I just thought you and Ronon would like to know that an Ariana vessel is setting down at the South Pier,” her smile could be heard over the comm. “I’ve already informed Major Lorne and his team. If you hurry you could probably catch them.”

“On our way,” he reported back as he and Ronon ran through the corridor having left the second they heard the news.


They arrived a minute after Lorne running to the end of the pier to find the hatch still sealed. “Where is she?” Ronon asked short of breath.

“She hasn’t come out and we can’t get in,” Lorne glanced at Ronon and nodded his head towards the hull. “Only you can open it of all of us here.”

Ronon slapped his hand against the metal until the hatch opened allowing them entry. They made it halfway to the bridge before a yawning Mikaela emerged from a side corridor. She didn’t get a chance to say a word before Ronon pulled her into his chest hugging her tight.

“Missed me, did you?” her voice was muffled into his shirt.

“Where the hell have you been?” he held her at arms’ length scowling at her for making him worry. “Why didn’t you call? What took you so long?”

“Last time I checked I was eleven thousand six hundred and sixty-one years your elder and didn’t need to keep you apprised of my whereabouts, Dad,” she arched a brow at him with a smug smile in place. “It’s been a long time since I had to explain myself to anyone as a matter of fact.”

“I was worried. They told me that you would be back shortly after we landed and it’s been three days,” his grip tightened on her arms, his hazel eyes flashing in anger. “They also told me that you collapsed three times in one day, once after you flew that unfinished ship to blow up that Hive. I was worried that you might have again flying home.”

“I appreciate your concern,” she lowered her voice, her eyes soft on his. “I didn’t mean to make you all worry. Flying the ship back was more difficult than I thought and I was tired so I flew in normal space. It took longer but I could literally fly it in my sleep which is where I just came from.”

“You flew and landed this ship while you slept?” John asked, peering around Ronon’s shoulder.

“Yes,” she nodded with a grin.

“You look exhausted,” Lorne came forward lifting her chin to stare in her eyes.

“There you go saying I look like crap again, Evan. Sooner or later I’m going to take that personal,” she took his hand in hers giving it a squeeze before she released him. “Speaking of tired and looking like crap, I’d like to go to my quarters to lie down.”

“Come on,” Ronon wrapped an arm around her shoulders leading her towards the hatch. The others followed closely behind but he didn’t notice, his only concern was her.


“Okay,” John’s eyes widened when the doors to her quarters slid shut in their faces. “That wasn’t at all rude in any way.”

“He forgot we were there the second he saw her, Colonel,” Lorne grinned at his CO before he nudged his arm. “We won’t see either of them for a while and knowing Ronon, he’ll venture out for food around dinner time for the both of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept her locked in there long enough until she agrees to mate him.”

“Me either. Has she given you any idea what is wrong with her?” John led the four men down the hall to a transporter. “It isn’t in her people’s ability to get sick and Carson is as tight-lipped as ever.”

“Couldn’t say but she was stunned into silence when Beckett told her so it must be something,” Lorne followed John out of the transporter, Cole and Johnson right on their heels. “Miki isn’t known to be stunned or silent since we’ve known her.”

“What’s up with this Miki stuff?” John gave him a lopsided grin. “You’ve got a nickname for her and she didn’t kill you?”

“It just came up and it fit,” he shrugged his shoulders. “She seemed to like it actually. Let’s get lunch before Ronon comes in and raids all the food for the two of them to hole away with.”


“Are you feeling okay?” Ronon looked down into her eyes after he put her in bed.

“I’m fine.”

“I heard you blew up the Hive,” his deep voice swept over her and the smile on his face made her heart leap in her chest. “You killed the ship that decimated Sateda, the ones who took me and your mate.”

“I did,” she closed her eyes for a moment. “I got the revenge that your people deserved,” her moist onyx orbs fixing on his hazel ones. “I avenged Elias’ death as well. He can finally rest with the souls of the Satedans.”

“Why didn’t you come with the others for me? I thought you would be the first one there or at least with Sheppard when he showed,” he whispered, lowering his head.

“You sound disappointed. I was unable to accompany them to the planet you were taken from and John made the decision for me to stay behind when they learned of your possible location. He knew about my fainting spells and didn’t want me to go,” she lifted his chin forcing his gaze to hers. “But I came anyways, didn’t I?”

“Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” he ran his fingers through her hair to fan it across the pillow. “You don’t pass out unless you lose too much blood.” His eyes narrowed before he moved his hands to check her for injuries. “Where is it?” he checked her exposed skin before his hands slid up her abdomen to undo her vest. “Are you hiding it?”

“I’m not injured, Ronon,” she stilled his hands from exploring her flesh further.

“Then what is the problem?” he said in frustration. “Why do you think you need to be so secretive with me? You know how I feel about you, you know that I want you but you make me fight for every bit of information, every emotion that you are feeling I have to pull out of you.”

“Besides wanting me, Ronon, how do you feel about me?” she ran her hand along his jaw, her fingers playing with the hair on his chin.

“What?” he looked at her uncomfortably for a second and even more so when she shifted, sitting up to wrap her arm along the back of his shoulders and neck.

“Tell me how you feel about me,” she whispered against his lips, their breath mixing between them. “I need to know, Ronon.”

“I love you,” he said in a released breath staring deep into her eyes. “I’ve loved you since I saw you and it only grew every second I was around you from then on out. You’re the only thing that kept me going after the Wraith took me this time. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to go through that again. I lived for you, for the chance to see you again, touch you again.”

“And you did, mi loncor,” she smiled softly with tears in her eyes.

“What does that mean?” he pulled back a bit to look at her curiously. “You called me that once before when we made love.”

“It means my love,” she blushed shyly.

“Do you love me?”

“I have since I first saw you too but that was biological imperative,” she grinned when understanding lit in his eyes. “Yes,” she nodded, “that is why I made you display for me. We don’t give ourselves to males on the chance that it is not love but lust that brings us together. It became a custom for the females to make their potential mates go through hell to prove their love. We figured if it was just sex they would move on to another instead of braving it out.”

“So did I pass?” he lifted one brow at her.

“You passed. If you want me, I am yours,” she lowered her head waiting for his answer only to gasp in surprise when his mouth closed on hers. She ran her arms around his neck while she teased his tongue with hers. “Does that mean you accept my claim?” she gasped when she pulled him back by his locks.

“I definitely accept,” he lowered her back on to the bed rolling partially on top of her as his mouth reclaimed hers. He kissed her thoroughly until she took her breath from his lungs before he ran his tongue over her swollen lips. “Is there some ceremony to perform or are we mated just because you said so?”

“There is an armband that I fasten on to my bicep and then one that I fasten on to yours. They cannot be removed while both of us draw breath. It marks us as one under the name of Dex as long as we live,” she traced her fingertips over the tattoo on his neck studying it before she looked back up into his eyes. “You have to be certain before I do this. If you are then open the drawer of the nightstand and hand me the box that is inside.”

Ronon rolled over quickly, ripping the drawer open and turning to her with the leather wrapped box. “Can I?” he asked when he placed it in his lap. He lowered his eyes to the lid after she nodded her head and lifted it slowly off. Two armbands sat in the silk-padded bottom. They were both gold with inlaid platinum, a large crest with the symbol of his family’s name on one side with an emerald set in the center, and the clasp was a smaller crest with her name. “How long have you had these?”

“Since we were together the last time,” she pursed her lips when his head snapped up.

“Before or after?”

“Before,” she winced when she expected an outburst but glanced up at him when he remained silent. “No bitching?”

“Not now,” he held the box out to her until she pulled out the smaller one. His eyes held hers while she opened it, wrapped it around her left bicep, and fastened the clasp. A smile lit his face when she took the larger one out, rose up on her knees when he flexed his arm and fastened it around his left bicep. As soon as the clasp closed he tossed the box aside, took her hands in his, and brought them to his mouth. “We are now mated?”

“Yes,” she nodded her head with laugh.

“So I get to consummate our union now?” he chuckled with a cocky smile.

“Most definitely,” she grabbed his face between her palms crushing her mouth down on his in a passionate kiss.

“As much as I love this, baby, I need to feel your skin,” he gasped as he lowered her down on to the bed. He hopped off moving to the end and pulled each of her boots off before he moved on to untie her leathers. He pulled the skin-tight pants down her legs throwing them aside as he crawled up her body, straddling her waist. His hazel eyes locked on her black ones, a devilish grin on his face as he unlaced her vest parting the fabric to reveal her breasts to his gaze. “You are so beautiful,” his deep voice washed over her like tidal wave of sensation.

“Ronon,” she cocked her head at him as he backed down her legs parting them before he lay between them. “What are you doing?” she asked him with a slight tremor in her voice.

“In over eleven thousand years, you’ve never had anyone do this to you before?” he smirked when he saw her blush before she shook her head no. “No wonder you’ve been so pissed. Relax for me, baby,” he laughed softly when she laid down.

Flames raced through her body as his mouth claimed her. She moaned, low and soft. His hands slid under her back, holding her gently but firmly as he worked his mouth against her silken flesh. His every thought was for her, to ensure her pleasure, to show her how much he loved her, to worship her the only way he knew how, with his body.

She arched into his mouth a startled cry coming from her as his tongue found her hidden pearl. Tremors started in her stomach, pressure building. He stroked the center of her heat with infinite tenderness, building her need. Mikaela moaned his name. It was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. The pressure was building inside her and she gasped, trying to squirm away from him, not understanding. But he did.

“Let go, darlin’. I’m here to catch you.”

At his rumbled words and the return of his tongue to her she shattered. Her body seemed to fragment, colors exploding behind her eyes. Ronon held her as her body quaked with pleasure. He pulled her close into the shelter of his broad frame, desperately needing to be close to her. He was bathed in sweat and his own body cried for release, but he ignored it. Only wanting to see to her needs.

Mikaela met his hungry gaze. Hot. He was so hot. Her hands tangled in his locks, crushing them as she pulled him to her. Somehow his shirt was open to his tapered waist, the hard muscles of his abdomen revealed, though neither one of them could say how it got that way. The smooth skin of his chest rasped erotically over her nipples. Mikaela’s hand pushed his shirt from his wide shoulders. She watched with enormous black eyes as he shrugged out of it, his heated gaze holding her captive. Eyes filled with intense desire, so much hunger for one woman. Her.

Uncertain of what she was committing herself to Mikaela cautiously touched the tips of her fingers to his chest. He took a ragged breath, closing his eyes at her touch. His hunger was deep, wild and urgent, she could tell. How could she deny his fierce need? Or her own for that matter?

He slid her vest completely from her, tossing it to the floor. His leathers were becoming increasingly tight and uncomfortable. He gave her a questioning look, asking.

“Yes,” she said.

His clothes were gone scant seconds later and he covered her body with his own. He heard her gasp as the hot hard length of him pressed against her thigh. For a moment she went utterly still. She caught his face in her hands, taking a deep breath, trying to calm down. “I can’t lose you, Ronon,” she sounded frightened. “If anything ever happens to you I wouldn’t survive it. Eternity without your heart is no way to live.”

“I’m not going anywhere, baby. I promise,” he replied, kissing the hollow of her neck.

“I want this,” she said quietly. She arched slightly, rubbing against him. “I need this in my life again.”

Ronon understood because he felt the same way. She wanted to forget the pain her solitary existence had brought her, to allow herself to feel again and he was only too willing to erase the hurt from her eyes, soothe her body, make her his. His. Ronon’s body moved on hers, hard and hot, but his hands were gentle as he cupped her head in his palm maintaining eye contact. One knee slid very slowly between hers, giving him access. He pressed intimately at her entrance. She was slick and hot, tight and velvet soft. Her fingernails dug into his back as he eased his way inside, inch by excruciating inch.

“Relax,” he whispered on her lips. “Relax for me, baby.” He gave a final push, his breath hissing between clenched teeth as he was fully engulfed in her fiery heat. “So tight, so hot,” he growled, low and long. He feathered kisses on her temples, on her nose, his mouth settling on hers as his hips began to move in a gentle coaxing rhythm.

She could feel the sheen of perspiration on his back, evidence of the effort he was exerting to hold back. He could feel that she was tighter due to length of time that had passed since they were last together and he moved into her with exquisite care. In spite of her initial fear Mikaela felt her body responding to his. Slowly the burn between her thighs gave way to fiery pleasure, her body relaxing, accepting his.

“You were made for me,” he breathed as though reading her thoughts.

Ronon buried himself deeper, his strokes long and slow. Her nails dug into his back once more, his name on her lips. By his Ancestors he loved how she said his name. She clutched him to her, following his tempo, moving together as they were meant to, their hearts beating in matching thunder.

His hands slid over her, gently and reverently, his soft words of encouragement tickling her ear. He was incredibly loving, initiating her with care and tenderness, as if she were the most precious thing in all the world. It was unbelievable the way he made love to her. He pulled her legs around him, and she complied, pulling him closer.

Ronon’s knees were on the thick comforter, his hips pressing forward, and he made certain that each thrust rubbed her tingling flesh. The pressure was building in both of them. He cupped her breasts, lowering his mouth to lick each nipple, turning them into beckoning peaks.

Mikaela lifted into his suckling mouth, a broken cry coming from the depths of her soul. Beautiful. He was so beautiful. Her fingers dug into his buttocks, urging him deeper into her.

He burned for her in his body and in his mind, there was a dull roaring in his head, wiping out all thought, leaving only sensation. Ronon moved over her, kissing every hollow and shadow, his rough velvet tongue igniting a fire on her flesh.

He drove away her loneliness, the memories of hideous deaths and terrible sights best left forgotten.

She took away his demons, the terrible fear, and the bitterness of his long lonely life.

His body took hers in possession; demanding and giving all at once, a mating that went on and on. He took his time, ensuring her maximum pleasure.

Mikaela was gasping and moaning heatedly now. Sensation like she had never known before pooling in her abdomen. Her breathless cry of release was swallowed by Ronon’s mouth as he claimed hers in a deep penetrating kiss, his hips surging forward. The tight tremors squeezing him inside her velvet sheath were his undoing.

With a hoarse shout he pounded into her, his own release mind numbing. He arched his head back, the tendons on his neck in stark relief. “I love you,” he roared, his seed spilling in an endless torrent. He bucked against her, in the throes of an orgasm like nothing he’d ever felt before.

When it was finished he rolled, pulling her across his chest, both of them slick with sweat, chests heaving. They lay in silence as their bodies returned to normal, his lips brushing the ebony hair on her head. He held her close, listening as her heart slowed, as her breathing eased, breathing deep her scent mixed with his. Theirs. He hid his smile in her silken tresses.

“I love you too,” she whispered sleepily against his chest kissing the slick skin over his heart.

“Sleep, wife,” he said softly in her hair tracing his fingers lightly over her back. The serene smile never left his face after she drifted off in his arms.

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