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Title: Why We Fight

Author: Dee

Chapter: 1/3
Rating: NC-17 or MA

Characters: Dean/OFC/Sam

Disclaimer: I don’t own my navel lint. This is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: The brothers add a third hunter to their two-man team against the supernatural. They find that the perks extend further than the fight.

Author’s Note: These events take place after AHBL II but Sam survived his wound from Jake and Dean didn’t make the deal with the Crossroads Demon. 
Inspired by  [info]mrsericszmanda 

“Behind you!”


The nest was larger than they thought. Instead of the five they had seen come and go over the past two days, the vampires numbered closer to a dozen or more. The first thing to flash through Dean’s mind was that the other seven plus were lazy. It was a fleeting thought that vanished instantly when the fight began.


They fired round after round, managing to take down a few but didn’t have the chance to reload to incapacitate the others. It was their hope that if they disabled the vamps long enough with shotgun fire they’d be able to use their machetes to behead them before they recovered.


They were wrong, perhaps fatally so.


Sam ducked the hands that reached for him, jutting the butt of his shotgun into the man’s stomach before he turned and fired his last shell. At this point their gauges were only good for use as clubs in one hand while they wielded their machetes with the other.


They stood side by side keeping their backs to the wall until the dozen managed to push them into a corner. Dean glanced at his brother, the look in his eyes told him everything he wished he could say.


“I’m sorry that I got us into this mess.”


“I didn’t think we’d go out like this.”


“I love you, little brother.”


A painted black window smashed in across the barn and all eyes turned to the lithe young woman who just dove through, rolled to her feet and rose with twin gauges in each hand. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” she smiled at the Winchesters before her expression darkened. “Hit the deck, boys,” she growled before she unleashed hell.


They dropped to the ground, finally able to reload their shotguns while she twirled each of hers to cock her weapons after expending a used shell. “Scope it out,” Dean elbowed Sam, jutting his chin out towards her. “She’s doing it Terminator style.”


“I noticed,” Sam smirked as he cocked his gauge. “Ready?”


“As I’ll ever be,” Dean shook his head with a knowing grin before they both fired repeatedly from their crouched position catching the vamps in crossfire.


The brief respite that her arrival afforded them changed the fight to their favor. The vamps were hurting from their multitude of wounds, unable to defend themselves from the three hunters as they severed their heads. They remained quiet after they finished their business, gathered their things, and left the barn.


“This was a reckless move on your part,” she said softly while staring at the ground. “You didn’t take the time to research this nest properly and almost got yourselves killed.”


“I know,” Sam had the decency to look ashamed but she didn’t see it while she kept her focus on the grass at her feet. “We’ve been a little preoccupied,” he glanced at Dean for a second before he looked back at her.


“Preoccupied gets you killed faster,” she grumbled as she struck a match tossing it to the gas soaked ground. Fire sparked to life trailing around the old wooden barn until it was fully engulfed. “I was gonna torch the place right off and wait for the stragglers to come out. Figured the sunlight would slow them down enough to take their heads but then I heard you two in there, decided it would be a shame to lose two fine specimens of the male species and crashed the party.”


“Thanks for the assist but I think we had it covered,” Dean grinned at her when she turned to regard him with appreciative eyes. “Oh and it’s nice to know a woman recognizes a real man when she sees it.”


“Funny about the first part and a woman would have to blind not to notice, Dean, but tell me what good would come from your death because you two were in a hurry to get the job done and it almost cost you those fine asses of yours?” she furrowed her brows in anger when she thought how close she came to losing them. It bothered her more than she cared to admit. “First time I’ve heard of you two doing something so stupid.”


“I guess you don’t know us as good as you thought,” Dean mumbled as he scratched the back of his head.


“Guess not,” she sighed before she turned to walk away from the blaze.


“Alex,” Sam caught her arm as she passed him. His green eyes softened with his smile when her black orbs flickered with the background flames. “Thanks for saving our asses back there.”


“Like I said, Sam, they are too fine of asses to waste,” she grinned shyly before she nodded her head. “You’re welcome, handsome,” she said sincerely. “You guys up for a drink?”


“Oh hell yeah,” Dean interjected quickly as he moved to walk beside them. “As long as we can stop at the motel to shower first,” he made a face when he turned his nose towards his shirt. “The undead smell like hell.”


“You almost became one,” Alex smirked at Dean while Sam wrapped his arm across her shoulders and led her towards their cars. “Remember that smell the next time you decide to do something stupid like this. Someone as vain as you wouldn’t be able to handle that stink forever.”


“Wise ass,” Dean pinched her backside and grabbed the arm that flew out to catch him in the chest. “Still quick enough to catch your gorgeous ass, sweetheart.”


“That remains to be proven,” she flashed him a grin as she nuzzled into Sam’s side. “I’m not as easy as you, sweetheart, and I cover my ass unlike some people I know,” she winked at him and walked off laughing.


“And a fine ass it is,” Dean shook his head with a groan while he watched her leather clad backside sway in a purely feminine fashion.


It was their fifth meeting.




The first was the usual amongst hunters who tread on someone else’s turf. Alex worked alone and was offended when they offered to help her with the job. Sam was worried about her odds and so was Dean but it came out sounding sexist when he said it.


“You’re a woman,” he argued. “A beautiful and angry woman but still…you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”


“You have no idea what I’ve done or what I get myself into,” she growled low in her throat before she spun and delivered a roundhouse kick to his chest that left him on the ground. “Stay out of my business,” she yelled down at Dean as she stood over him before she walked away.


The boys followed her anyways and were impressed to find she could hold her own. She excelled with any weapon and trained in many forms of martial arts. As far as hunters go, she was one of the best they had seen.




Their second encounter didn’t go Alex’s way. She helped them on a hunt but was badly injured saving Sam from a fatal wound by pushing him out of the way and taking the brunt of the attack. The boys took her back to their motel room after she finally succumbed to blood loss and fell unconscious after the fight was over.


“Grab the first aid kit from the duffle!” Sam yelled out to his brother, fear setting in that they would lose her after she saved his life.


They worked as a unit, cutting her clothes off and tossing them aside so they could check the extent of her wounds. The fact that she was gorgeous did not escape their notice despite the urgency of the situation.


“She’s fucking hot,” Dean’s gaze ran the length of her nude body and he felt himself harden from the sight of her.


“No argument there,” Sam agreed with a slack jaw before he swallowed heavily and focused on the crimson covered gashes in her side. “Here,” he tossed Dean some hand towels that they had appropriated from several motels. “Soak them in warm water and help me clean this blood off.”


They spent the next two hours washing the blood from her tanned skin, stitching up the talon marks in her side, applying disinfectant ointment, and bandaging her up. She had yet to regain consciousness when they cleaned up and discarded the blood soaked towels.


“Sam,” Dean called out to his brother who was putting things away in the bathroom.


“What is it?”


“She’s fucking hot.”


“I heard you the first time, Dean.”


“No, I mean she’s fucking hot!” Sam rushed back into the room from the urgency in his brother’s tone to find him resting a hand on her flushed face. “She’s burning up!”


“Damn,” Sam touched her forehead with worry in his eyes. “I was hoping we got her patched up before infection set in. Grab the blankets from your bed!” Sam pulled the sheet, blanket, and bedspread over her naked form while Dean retrieved his and threw them on top of her. They tucked her in tight before they settled on either side of her. “We can only watch her now,” Sam sighed as he lay down facing her. “If she gets worse, we’ll take her to the hospital.”


“And how do you plan on explaining the claw marks on her?” Dean looked at his brother over the unsteady rise and fall of her full breasts. “Do you think they’ll accept that she jumped the fence at the zoo and got carried away playing with the tigers?”


“I don’t know, Dean, but I won’t let anything happen to her after she saved my life,” Sam said sadly. “I owe her.”


“We both do, Sammy,” Dean whispered as he studied her sleeping features. “She’s not nearly as scary when she’s out. In fact with those long lashes, black eyes, yard of black wavy hair, and drop dead body, I’d say she’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“What are you kidding?” Sam mumbled while he lazily played with a ringlet of her hair. “She’s beautiful.”


They watched her shiver for hours with fever before it finally broke. Her temperature went down, the sweat dried on her skin, and her breathing was no longer labored. Exhausted from the hunt, patching her up, and keeping an eye on her, Dean and Sam drifted off to sleep with Alex safely between them.




They woke up the next afternoon to the sound of running water in the shower. An awkward glance at each other and the boys rolled out of opposite sides of the bed. “If we never mention this and I do mean ever, that would be great for me,” Dean said in his manliest tone.


“No problem here,” Sam cleared his throat while he scratched the back of his head.


“You cut up my favorite outfit!”


They turned to find a very naked and extremely irate Alex standing in the doorway with her ruined leather tank and pants in her hands.


“We were a little busy trying to stitch your ass up before you bled out to worry about your wardrobe, sweetheart,” Dean recovered from the initial shock of seeing her bare and responded to her hostile tone in kind. “Personally I can’t believe you got taken down that easy,” he stalked up to her until she had to look up into his green eyes. “I thought you were some bad ass black belt?”


“As I recall I was a little busy saving your brother and is the concept of personal space lost on you or what?” she snapped angrily.


“It was lost on you last night when you wrapped around my back like a second skin,” the saucy grin didn’t last long when she grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled his head down by his collar, and headbutted him. “What the hell was that for?” he yelled as he clutched his forehead.


“For being an ass,” she swept his legs out from under him, smiling as he fell unceremoniously on said ass. “I hope you had the decency to bring my car or do you plan on keeping me here naked?”


“It was my first thought but I’ve changed my mind,” Dean grumbled from the floor. “I don’t care how fine you are in the buff, you’re too much of a bitch to keep around for long.”


“I’ll remember how much of a bitch you think I am when its your ass on the line next time,” she hissed at him before she rolled her eyes at her ruined clothes and dropped them to the floor to place her hands on her hips. “Well, are you going to get my bag or what?”


“Go get it yourself,” Dean moaned as he sat up and grabbed his head. “You don’t seem to have a problem walking around in your birthday suit in front of other people anyways.”


“There weren’t any towels in the bathroom!”


“That’s because we used them all stitching your ass up!”


“Enough!” Sam shouted loud enough to draw their attention. “If you can stop bitching at each other long enough, I’ll go out and get your bag,” he pointed at Alex. “And you get a grip,” he told Dean with a shake of his head. “It’s not like a chick never knocked you on your ass before,” Sam said over his shoulder as he walked out of the room.


Dean pulled himself off of the floor and sat down on the end of his bed. “Sorry I called you a bitch,” he mumbled when he saw Alex fidget uncomfortably when her arm brushed against her stitches. “You saved my brother’s life and I owe you for that,” he said humbly.


“That must’ve been hard for you,” she flopped down on the end of Sam’s bed before she smirked at him. “It almost sounded like a thank you,” she hissed while she lay down on her back and gingerly touched her side. “You guys did a good job on these stitches. The scarring should be minimal.”


“That almost sounded like a thank you,” Dean grinned at her when she rolled her eyes. “Must take a long time to shave,” he changed the subject a few minutes later and ran his gaze from her knees bent over the edge of the bed, up her thighs to her smooth pussy, over her ripped abdomen to her full breasts before he met her gaze. “You don’t have a single hair on your body except for the three feet of it on your head. Oh come on,” he furrowed his brows and shrugged his shoulders. “I might have been cleaning up your blood and helping Sam put you back together but I’m not a doctor or dead. I definitely looked,” he grinned ear to ear before his eyes slid to his brother’s, “and so did Sam.”


Alex sat up to find Sam’s eyes transfixed on her spread legs with his mouth gaping open. The precariousness of her situation seemed to impact her good sense and a deep flush colored her suntanned skin. “Uh,” she gingerly rose from the bed as quick as she could and took her bag from his hands. “Thanks, Sam,” she whispered, unable to meet his gaze before she hurried into the bathroom.


“You okay, Sam?” Dean asked his flustered younger brother. “You look like a starving man that just found a three course meal,” he chuckled when Sam drove his hands into his pockets and shifted uncomfortably on his feet. “Don’t worry about it, Sam. It’s a natural reaction for a man after seeing something like that. Be happy you aren’t such a girl after all.”


Alex carefully pulled on her low riding jeans mindful of her wounds while she thought on her belligerent reaction to the Winchesters. As she slept she felt protected within a cocoon of warmth, like nothing could touch her there. Safety and comfort was not something a hunter ever felt but she did with them wrapped around her.


Before she was fully awake, she remembered snuggling against Dean’s back with Sam draped protectively around hers. Every move she made sandwiched between them felt good in all the right places and she tingled from the contact. When her conscious mind took complete control, she became aware of her nudity, their proximity, and her state of arousal.


She quickly slid to the end of the bed, glanced longingly at the two of them wishing she could stay in that warmth forever before she hurried into the shower. Standing under the cool spray, she was forced to shake the feeling of contentment. It made hunters weak and she couldn’t afford that in her line of work. The harder she had to work at getting them out of her head the angrier she got and that was why she lashed out at them.


“They saved your ass, Alex,” she said to herself as she angrily pulled on a wifebeater and freed her hair from the shirt. “You could at least cut them some slack for that,” she sighed leaning against the vanity after she caught a glimpse of the bloody towels that overflowed from the trashcan.


Taking a deep cleansing breath, she shouldered her bag and opened the door. Her false bravado hung on by a thread when Dean’s bedroom eyes and Sam’s dreamy eyes turned to her. “Uh, I guess I owe you my thanks especially after seeing how many towels I bloodied up,” she tilted her head towards the bathroom while she avoided their gaze.


“You only got that way saving me,” Sam said softly. “In my book, I owe you one.”


“I guess we can call it even,” she whispered as she glanced up into his eyes.


“No,” Dean moved to stand at their shoulders as they faced each other. He stooped down to look straight in her eyes. “I still owe you no matter what we did here for you.”


Alex stared into his green-yellow eyes for several seconds before she slightly nodded her head. “I guess I’ll see you around,” she held the strap of her bag before she accepted her keys from Sam and walked out of their lives again.




The third meeting between them was against one of the demons that escaped the gate to hell. Alex was one of the few hunters that knew of the Winchesters involvement and didn’t hold any animosity towards them. Dean questioned her about it during the fight and much to Sam’s amazement she answered.


The guys went in first and drew its attention while she set up the Devil’s Trap. She hurried through it when she heard them crashing against the walls and the following grunts of pain. When she finished, she moved window-to-window trying to find the vantage point before she dove through, rolled forward and came up with a momentum driven fist to the demon’s back.


The possessed man flew into the wall that he had telekinetically pinned Dean and Sam to. Momentarily distracted, his control of them faltered and they had free movement again. “Do it now,” Dean yelled at Alex while he and Sam cleared a path to the door.


Alex lined up with the exit and executed a roundhouse kick to his chest driving him back. The next one connected with his stomach and he moved back further. A look of determination crossed her face as she did one after another in quick succession not giving him time to get his bearings; each kick moved him towards their goal.


The boys opened the double doors and stood aside waiting for the hopeful outcome in anticipation. Alex glanced out the door, seeing the trap just feet away before her gaze slid back to their target. She ran towards the man jumping into the air at the last second and drove both her feet into his chest.


“Tell me he’s in the trap,” she gasped as she lay on her back on the ground.


“He’s in the trap,” Dean smiled down at her as he stood over her holding out his hand. “Nice job,” he nodded his head at her after he pulled her to her feet.


“Thanks,” she gasped as she bent over resting her hands on her knees.


“Don’t tell me you’re getting too old for this shit,” he grinned at her as he placed his hand on her back.


“You try doing this shit with enough force for a demon while holding back just enough to spare the host any permanent damage,” she stood upright trying to catch her breath but found it difficult from Dean’s lingering touch.


“Crack open the book and get started, Sammy,” Dean told his brother while his hand rubbed gently along her thin shirt.


When the winds picked up and the demon howled from the Latin spell, Dean asked Alex why she didn’t blame them like almost every hunter they’d come across.


“You didn’t stick the damn key in the door and open it,” Alex yelled back while Sam read the exorcism text.


“Yeah, most people know that and don’t give a shit,” he shouted back. “Then there is the whole ‘your brother is worse than the things you hunt’ crap that we get from the real zealots of our fellow hunters.”


“Sam is not evil,” she met the younger Winchester’s startled eyes even as he continued to read. “Some of these shitheads take this crap too far. You couldn’t help what Azazel forced on you when you were children. We all were brought into this life by some tragedy that was out of our control and I am no one to judge his interest in your family. In the end, you took him out and that is good enough for me.”


They turned to glance at the black smoke funneling out of his mouth, watched it disappear in the night, and looked at the unconscious man on the ground. “Is he alive?” Dean asked his brother when he moved to check his pulse and felt Alex tense beside him.


“Yeah,” Sam sighed as he rose to his feet, “but he’s gonna be sore for months.”


The tension bled from her body until Dean wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side with a smile. “He’s lucky to be alive to feel sore for months,” his eyes shined when he looked at her.


“I’ll dial 911 and give them a location,” she pulled her cell from her pocket brushing Dean’s arm off as she did. “I think a call from a woman would go over better with the local law than if one of you called and they found him beaten,” she moved off a few feet to make the call.


“I think she’s thawing out,” Dean whispered to Sam while they watched her. “She actually defended us instead of going straight to bitching at us.”







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Mar. 14th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)

I'm so excited.
Can't wait to read the next part.

“I might have been cleaning up your blood and helping Sam put you back together but I’m not a doctor or dead. I definitely looked,” he grinned ear to ear before his eyes slid to his brother’s, “and so did Sam.”

That's absolutely Dean! I'm laughing tears about Alex and Dean fighting half the time. I bet Sam's constantly rolling his eyes.

This is great. A girl who's tough enough to defy Dean but gets a little nervous when she realizes that Sam sees her naked.
It's simply perfect!

she became aware of her nudity, their proximity, and her state of arousal.

Nobody is resistent to the Winchesters. Yay!

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm totally in love with your characters.
My favorite fic so far.


Jun. 14th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
I would love to read this but the script is so small that I really don't have the heart to start. Sweetheart, please think of the vision impaired. I'm sure it is a wonderful piece and my interest is truly piqued, but I just can't focus long enough to avoid a migraine.

Truthfully, no offense is intended.

Jun. 14th, 2008 07:55 am (UTC)
No offense taken, April. Is this any better? I get so frustrated making posts of my fics into multiple parts that I try to squeeze as much into one post as I can. I really want you to give it a read so I made it a little bigger. Is this okay?
Jun. 15th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
I am so glad that I commented and that you responded so graciously. I'm so relieved that you didn't take offense.
I really enjoyed my introduction to Alex and hope that you will continue to show us more and more of her.
Note to Kripke: Add an Alex.
Jun. 15th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
I'm not easily offended, sweetie, and my eyes almost imploded when I posted the thing. But I hate the limit on LJ sometimes and as most know, LJ can be a pain in the ass to post to at times so I do what I can to get my long chapters posted as fast as I can. There's nothing more annoying than to see the infamous words "Post too long" after you get everything on there, bolded, italicized, etc...

I have a whole series on these three. All the stories are one shots and some are multi-chaptered. You can find them here:


Listed in order with links to my LJ.

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