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Title: Why We Fight

Author: Dee

Chapter: 3/3

Rating: NC-17 or MA

Characters: Dean/OFC/Sam

Disclaimer: I don’t own my navel lint. This is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: The brothers add a third hunter to their two-man team against the supernatural. They find that the perks extend further than the fight.

Author’s Note: These events take place after AHBL II but Sam survived his wound from Jake and Dean didn’t make the deal with the Crossroads Demon.

The three of them sat in her hotel room in awkward silence. It had been over a month since they had their last encounter and it weighed heavily on the Winchesters’ heads and hearts. Alex knew what their preoccupation was and she was angry about it. The situation was tense and could go several different ways.


“It’s me, isn’t it?” she looked up from her drink and stared daggers through them. “You’ve been preoccupied because of me and it almost got you killed tonight. It makes me wonder how many other jobs almost cost you your sorry asses,” she snapped at them in fury taking a swig of her bourbon.


“You can’t blame us since you were the one to walk out the fucking door. You didn’t even give us a say in the matter,” Dean yelled as he jumped to his feet and stood over her. “And in case you’re gonna ask, no I haven’t learned the concept of personal space at least when it comes to you since I know every inch of your personal space,” he ran his eyes down her form undressing her with his eyes.


“I told you why we couldn’t ride together and you just proved the point by almost getting yourselves killed,” she shouted back as she stood up getting into his face. “If I hadn’t shown up…”


“You see how stupid your idea was,” Sam joined in and shouted at her as the three of them stood in a triangle. “We didn’t hunt together and we still almost got killed! We’re alive because you showed up!”


“And you got lucky that I did!” she screamed at Sam, poking a hard finger into his chest.


“Actually you did because if he dies I die and you’d be left alone with no one to lay you!” Dean jabbed his finger in her chest before he bent down and hauled her over his shoulder. “You did say that you would never know the touch of any other man besides us,” he swatted her ass when she tried to wiggle off of his shoulder. “I guess that would leave you with many lonely nights for the rest of your life, sweetheart,” he threw her down on the bed, barely smiling when she scooted back. “The way I see it is this, babe,” he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back before he pinned her to the bed. “We stick together from now on to protect our interests,” he grabbed her arms and held her wrists together above her head in one of his hands.


“Our interests, huh?” she ground out as she labored for breath.


“You’re definitely my interest,” his free hand snagged the neckline of her tank and ripped it from her body leaving her bare from the waist up. “Or should I say interests?” he grinned as he nipped at both nipples causing her to flinch.


“Do you need help, bro?” Sam asked with a lazy grin.


“Hold her hands, will ya, Sammy?” Dean released her wrists after Sam got a firm grasp on them. He pulled a knife from his back pocket and cut the remnants of her ruined top off and threw the scraps to the floor. “I’ll spare your pants this time since you have so much love for your leather outfits and I’m kinda partial to them myself,” he put his knife on the nightstand and unbuttoned her pants. He moved to the end of the bed, pulled off her boots and socks before he stripped her leather pants off her legs. “Damn I missed this body,” he said appreciatively as he ran his gaze over her nude form.


“I am so furious with you if you even dare to bring your dick near me, you’ll be aching for months,” Alex hissed when he pulled his shirts over his head and tossed them to the floor with her pants.


“You wouldn’t dare,” Dean growled at her before a cocky smile lid into place. “That would leave you with only one dick for the rest of your life and I know you love this one.”


“Kiss my ass,” she snapped with fury in her eyes.


“Roll over! I’d be glad to,” Dean laughed.


Her eyes strayed down his chest and she swallowed convulsively when she saw how sharply etched his torso had become. “Have you been eating?”


“Do you care?”


“Of course I do or we wouldn’t be fighting like this,” she said sadly. “You look like you haven’t eaten in days. Your body has fed on what little fat cells you had,” she turned her attention to Sam when he released her wrists and her mouth fell open when she stared at his chiseled physique. “Sam!” she glanced between the two of them feeling heat suffuse her face. “Holy shit, you both look hot as hell,” she panted when the flames raced through her body.


“We kind of went into a depression after you left us,” Sam moved to lay beside her on his side. “You didn’t know how right you were when you said we have everything in common or when you said we call out to particular sides of you. Alex, we were cut from the same mold,” he took her face between his palms and stared deep into those onyx eyes. “You’re Dean and I rolled into one beautiful package. You were made for us. You can’t deny it, can you?”




“And don’t try to deny the fact that you missed us every second we were apart!” Dean pointed at her knowingly.


“I won’t.”


“And don’t try to tell us that you just happened to show up at that barn by chance tonight,” Sam grinned at her when she sighed and lowered her head. “You’ve been shadowing us, haven’t you?”




“What?” Dean looked at Sam with a confused expression before he turned his eyes to Alex. “How long were you following us?”


“A week,” she grumbled.




“Because I realized I couldn’t fight without you,” she met Dean’s penetrating gaze with her heart shining in her eyes. “I couldn’t breathe without you, sleep without you, or have a thought enter my head that didn’t include you somehow,” she shrugged her shoulders.


“Then why wait a week to approach us?”


“She was trying to work up the nerve,” Dean answered for the silent Alex with a genuine smile on his face.


“The two of you are the only ones to have touched my heart in more years than I care to count,” her voice broke with the emotions that rose up within her. “I closed myself off so long ago until you but I struggled with the idea of letting myself feel it. It isn’t easy to adjust to emotions that you turned off to protect yourself,” she whispered and glanced up at them with tears streaming from her eyes. “I was scared.”


“Scared of what, baby?” Sam placed a gentle hand on her bare shoulder to give her comfort.


“I was scared of living again for anything other than revenge. I was scared of loving you and possibly losing you like everyone else I ever loved in this world,” she sobbed and threw herself into Dean’s arms.


Dean glanced up at Sam over the top of her head, seeing the intense emotions in his eyes, he smiled and gently ran his hands over her bare back. “There’s something you didn’t give us a chance to say before you left us last month and I think we need to say it now for all our sakes,” he nodded his head at his brother in agreement of what needed to be done. “We love you too,” he whispered in her ear.


“What?” her head snapped up catching Dean under the chin.


“Ow!” he cradled his stinging jaw with clenched eyes before he looked at her incredulously. “What is it with you headbutting the crap out of me and not feeling a thing yourself? Did you get dropped on your head a lot when you were a kid to toughen up your skull?”


“As a matter of fact I did,” she snapped at him and held up her hand. “Five male cousins that were wrestlers, remember? I’m sorry,” she took his face gently in her hands and kissed along his jaw. “Does that feel better?”


“It’s getting there,” he said with a mock pout and jutted out his chin. “Maybe a little more?”


“I will continue if you say it again,” she whispered against his lips, her eyes darting between his.


“I love you,” Dean wrapped his arms around her back pulling her flush to his chest as he plundered her mouth with his tongue.


Sam placed his knees on either side of her legs, kneeling behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He lowered his head running his nose along her neck before he bit down on her throat. “Just for the record,” he nibbled along her neck to her jaw. “I love you too,” he gasped when she turned her head to the side and took his mouth in a deep kiss, her tongue battling his for dominancy.


Dean bent forward drawing a nipple into his mouth while his hand cupped her pussy in his palm. The heat emanating from her core flooded his entire body. “Lay her down, Sam,” he gasped, his voice filled with hunger. Sam moved to the side and guided her down on to the bed before he lay beside her. Dean positioned himself on his stomach between her legs, met her gaze with desire in his eyes and smiled, “my turn,” before he drove his tongue into her hot channel.


Alex threw her head back on the pillow in sheer bliss as her fingers gripped Sam’s forearm with bruising force. “I guess Dean has just as much talent in that department as I do,” he grimaced before he pried her hand from his arm, took both of her wrists once again and pinned them to the bed above her head. “Now we have you as a naked prisoner,” he flashed her a dashing smile as she moaned heatedly from Dean’s assault before he swallowed her cries with his kiss.


“Damn you taste amazing,” Dean gasped as he stared at the object of his fascination. He used his left thumb to expose her clit before his mouth descended upon it, at the same time two fingers of his right hand pumped repeatedly into her pussy.


Sam tore his mouth away from hers, quickly grabbed one of her breasts in his free hand and greedily sucked on the hard peak.


Dean’s tongue flicked repeatedly over her clit while he continued to fuck her pussy with his fingers.


And Alex…her body arched like a bow and a cry tore from her heaving chest when she shattered in a million pieces.


Dean lapped up her juices that escaped her body, enjoying every drop before he crawled up her body. “So tell me,” he waited until her eyes fluttered open before he arched a brow. “Who’s better at eating your pussy?”


“Shut up and make love to me.”


“Your command is my wish,” Dean grinned at her before he rolled off the bed, pulled off his boots and socks before he frantically worked at his jeans. He laughed when he glanced across the bed to see his brother doing the same. When he was free of his clothing, he crawled on to the bed to find Alex already on her hands and knees. “You sure you want to do it this way again, Lex?” he asked as he moved behind her, running his hands over her firm ass.


“Definitely,” she smiled over her shoulder before she turned to Sam. “On your knees in front of me, big boy?”


“Oh that is so unfair,” Dean grumbled as he rubbed the head of his cock over her slick lips. “He already took your virginity and now he’s gonna be your first blowjob too?”


She glanced up at Sam with a question in her eyes; he smiled and nodded his head. “Switch places with him, gorgeous,” she tilted her head indicating them to move.


Sam slid into her tight pussy in one thrust, grabbing a hold of her hips. Alex tossed her head back, her hair fanning over her back like a cape, and cried out from his thick length filling her to the hilt. In this position, he went deeper into her than he had before.


He began a slow, steady pace pulling her back into his penetration with her hips. When she became accustomed to his occupation, she opened her eyes to find Dean’s glorious cock aimed at her mouth. Her gaze darkened when she glanced up at him before she opened up and took him into the heat of her mouth.


Dean groaned low in his throat, his eyes rolling up into his head when every push of Sam’s cock drove him further into that wonderful inferno. His hands laced through her hair, at times clenching it in his fists when her tongue pressed hard along the underside of his shaft. He wouldn’t last long at this rate.


Sam’s head fell back from the exquisite pressure her pussy applied to his cock. In the back of his mind, he knew he was bruising her hips from the grip he had on them but he wasn’t in control of this mating any longer. Alex was pushing back into each of his thrusts, her ass slapping against his pelvis.


Alex knew Sam was going to make her cum in a matter of minutes and was determined to suck Dean to completion before she wouldn’t be coherent enough when her orgasm hit. The suction she applied to his thick shaft had him moaning and grunting loudly. His hands gripped her hair almost to the point of pain but she didn’t care. He swelled within her throat and almost choked her before his body seized up and long ribbons of his cum shot into her waiting mouth. She swallowed around him making his hips buck forward as she did until he finally slid free of her lips and sank heavily on his legs.


Sam pulled her back onto his length in a frantic pace, the slaps of their flesh mixing with their moans and cries until he felt her pussy begin to clench him within her. He swelled even thicker and pulled her back hard into his thrust, jerking his hips forward with his release while she convulsed with hers.


Alex’s arms gave out from exhaustion and she collapsed on to Dean’s thighs. Her breath blew in short, hot gasps across his legs while she struggled to regain her senses. “No demon will ever get a shot at killing me,” she mumbled with difficulty, her lips moving against Dean’s flesh. “You two are gonna be the death of me.”


“Personally I can’t think of a better way to go,” Dean chuckled while he ran his hands over her hair. “Hey Sammy?”


“What?” he gasped.


“Why don’t you get off of her already?”


Sam had collapsed on to her back when he had emptied himself within her depths. He felt boneless and could barely straighten up long enough to slip free of her pussy.


Dean grabbed a hold of Alex, scooted up the bed, and lay down beside her. Alex still couldn’t control her heaving chest after that intense orgasm and draped half her body across Dean. Sam crawled up beside her and flopped on to his back. They laid there for several minutes without movement except for their heaving chests until they finally calmed enough for one to talk.


“Okay, family meeting,” Dean ran his right hand over the back of her neck until she managed to roll over on to her back. “Sam,” he turned his head after he rose up on his elbow to look at Alex and his little brother. “Pull up the sheet,” Dean reached for the cover, tucked his legs under, waited for Alex to do the same before he and Sam pulled the sheet up to their waists. “Better, okay here’s the deal,” he stared down into her eyes. “We stick together from now on. You don’t go anywhere without us ever again, got it?”


“Got it.”


“Sammy had it right when he said you’re our girl and we aren’t letting you go,” he pointed a finger at her like he was teaching her a lesson. “We hunt together, we eat together, we sleep together, and take turns bathing with you.”


“Oh come on,” she pouted and batted her long lashes. “I’d love to take a bubble bath with both of you tending to my every need,” a sly grin formed on her face when she felt them both shift uncomfortably next to her. “I’ll make it worth your while,” she said in a singsong tone.


“Sam,” Dean said quickly.


“I’ll go run the water,” Sam rolled out of bed and hustled into the bathroom.


“I’ve never seen him move so fast and that’s saying something considering the things we’ve had after our asses,” Dean lifted an eyebrow in amusement before he rolled out of bed. “It’s a good thing you’re loaded and stay in these nice hotels. The tubs are huge,” he picked Alex up, tossing her over his shoulder and smacked her ass as he walked towards the bathroom.


“Perfect for the three of us,” she bit his ass as she dangled in front of it. “Like I said, it would be a waste to lose something this fine.”


~ The End ~


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Mar. 14th, 2008 08:10 pm (UTC)
I have to go and take a cold shower I think. *blushes*

This is so amazing, awesome, beautiful... ... ...

You have no idea how much I appreciate this.
I think I've just become your biggest fan.

Mar. 14th, 2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
I know I could use a cold shower but only cuz it's in the mid-90s here. Okay you officially made me squee! I have a fan! I loved writing this one and all you had to do was ask and this is what you got. If you noticed, I put you down as my inspiration in the Author's Notes for Part One. I wrote this because you asked for it.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Mar. 15th, 2008 02:04 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, of course I noticed that and I do really appreciate it.
I can also just say thank you thank you thank you because you actually made my day.
Mar. 14th, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
Dee darling, I love it!! But it needs more p0Rn!! HA HA HA!!!
Mar. 14th, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
Laura, ask and you shall receive. Amy gave me a prompt that will work wonderfully with an accompanying one-shot. Keep an eye out here or on the board!

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