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Title: Aggressive Negotiations

Author: Dee

Chapter: 1/1

Rating: NC-17 or MA

Pairings: Dean/OFC/Sam

Warnings: This one contains D/s, bondage, spanking, toys, and anal penetration in a Het setting.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the title on my navel lint yet so please do not sue. This is meant for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: One-shot off the story, Why We Fight. A bad hunt leaves Dean in a dark mood alone with Alex.


“How long do you think this is going to last?”


“I have no idea,” Sam shook his head, throwing himself on top of Alex and pushing her down on the bed when a bottle flew over their heads. “That was close,” he sighed, looking down into her eyes before he checked if the coast was clear. “Dean…”


“Shut up, Sam,” Dean said in a low tone as he paced their room, his hands clenched into fists against his temples.


“I think it’s going to be a while,” Sam turned to her, tipping up her chin to inspect the cut on her cheek. “I really should go get the supplies we’re gonna need to patch us up and hold us over for a while. This one could actually use a stitch or two.”


“Paranoid much,” she smiled at him, her exhaustion and sadness reflecting in her obsidian eyes. “I’ve had way worse than this. I never bothered with something unless it merited more than ten stitches.”


“The difference now is that you’ve got someone to take care of you and it bothers me to see you bleeding and hurt,” he leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her parted lips before another crash startled him into breaking it. “He cares too despite the fact that he’s in a rampage right now.”


“He’s taking this one hard, we all are but it’s more personal for him,” she whispered, lowering her gaze to her lap when Sam’s eyes snapped to her. “He gave me your Dad’s journal to read a while back. I know about the Shtriga and your history with it.”


“Dad never made a journal entry about the Shtriga.”


“Dean did after you took it out,” she whispered with a shrug of her shoulders. “He’s been very insistent that I know everything you two have done and has been updating the journal. He even told me to add the nasties that I’ve been up against that you haven’t. I guess we can hand it down when we’re too old to hunt to the next generation of hunters.”


“Yeah, that would be nice but we have to make it to our old age first,” he cleared his throat when she slid her eyes to his face. “The Shtriga, it is a tough one for Dean to live with but this job was totally different. Technically, we killed this kid. Duck,” he pulled her head down again when some unidentifiable object flew by before he let her up. “Look, I don’t know if I should leave you here alone with him,” Sam shot his eyes to his enraged brother before his worried gaze returned to her.


“He won’t hurt me, Sam,” Alex glanced at Dean with pain-filled eyes before she smiled softly at her other lover, placing a hand on his neck. “Besides I might be left horribly disfigured if you don’t get the silk to put in this one stitch.”


“Fine,” he chuckled before he leaned in for a kiss, letting it linger for several seconds before he stood up to grab her keys off the nightstand. “I’ll pick up what we need and some dinner. We can bunk down here tonight and leave in the morning.”


“Okay,” she nodded her head, giving him a tight smile as he walked towards the door. “Be careful,” she called out before he closed it behind him and turned her worried eyes on her enraged lover. “Do you want to talk about it?” she rose off the bed moving cautiously and slowly towards him.


“I’m not in the sharing mood in case you didn’t notice!” he kept his back to her, pacing frantically for a few seconds before he stopped seemingly unaware of what to do to vent his anger.


“We can’t save them all, Dean,” she kept her tone even and light, desperate to get through to him. “You know that.”


“Leave it alone, Lex,” he practically growled low in his throat before a hand whipped out sending all the random items on the desk flying through the air.




Dean spun around, a momentary spike of fear that he hurt her, only to find a vase firmly in her hand before her face. ‘Damn, she’s quick,’ he thought with an arched brow. Her eyes flashed in anger at him as she smashed it on the floor at her feet.


“You’re angry, I get that but trashing our cabin is not going to change what happened out there tonight and I don’t plan on spending the rest of the night ducking shit that you throw at me,” she snapped at him. “We lose people all the time!”


“Leave it alone, Lex,” his chest heaved in anger as he glared at her.


“I don’t think so,” she shook her head before he picked up a beer bottle and hurled it at her. Her fist came forward so quickly that on some level it surprised him when she punched through the flying glass, the remaining bits of shards exploding all over the room. “And that is the last time you throw shit at me,” she said in a low tone.


“Shut up,” Dean kept a forced grin on his face while she pushed him. He knew she’d stop the bottle. She couldn’t be hurt unless she brought it on herself, which she’d been doing a lot lately.


“No, you asshole,” her hands balled into fists at her sides. “You need to get it out of your system so we can move on!” she surged forward, shoving him back hard with her open palms to his chest. He tried to grab at her but she ducked down putting her shoulder into driving him to the wall. He slipped a leg between hers, crossing it behind her left foot and pushing forward. She fell back but latched onto his head as she went, both of them crashing to the floor. “You’ve been learning,” she growled as they wrestled around on the floor.


It would’ve been funny if they weren’t so pissed. Furniture slid aside as Dean rolled them back and forth repeatedly until he ended up on top. A chair fell over when Alex kicked her feet out to arch her back and get him off balance enough to fall to the side. They rolled to their feet, Dean watching the grimace on her face as she clutched her back that was injured earlier that evening. Seeing her in pain made him even angrier.


“We saved countless others at the cost of one,” she gasped with a hand holding her back. “We’ve lost a lot of ones to spare the many,” she looked up into her lover’s eyes seeing the fury there.


“Let it go,” he said in warning.


“We even lose kids but we had no choice,” she pressed her point and wasn’t prepared for what she unleashed.


“Shut up!” he ran towards her, grabbing her throat in his hand while he barreled them on to the bed. He straddled her waist, pinning her down beneath him with his hand still gripping her throat and seething fury in his eyes. “We killed a kid!”


“I killed a kid,” she growled as the pressure increased on her airway. “I exorcized the demon from his body and he didn’t make it. If you want to blame someone, punish someone for it then bring it. I’ll take whatever you think I deserve,” her black eyes darted between his green.


Dean sneered at her, his whole body shaking while he tried to control his rage. Visions of that lifeless little body hanging limp in his arms invaded his mind and it hurt but not as badly as the sight of her crumbling to the ground like a puppet with cut strings. With a cry of anguish and fury, he tore her shirt from her body, the force of the aggressive act lifting her off the bed.


Alex’s vision swam before her eyes, the limited oxygen to her lungs beginning to take its toll. The hand on her throat vanished a moment later leaving her coughing even as she vaguely heard the sound of tearing fabric. Her arms were lifted above her head, her wrists brought together and when she tried to move them a moment later, she found them secured to the headboard.


Her eyes fluttered open to find her lover at the end of bed digging through his duffle bag. “Dean,” her voice skipped when a spike of fear flashed through her when his angry green eyes glanced over his shoulder at her. “What are you gonna do?”


He didn’t answer but moved to the side of the bed with a box in his hands. When his eyes darted to hers, she averted her head not able to stand the pain and anger she saw there. She panicked for a moment when darkness settled over her eyes and she realized he was blindfolding her when she felt him tie the material behind her head.




“Be quiet,” he hissed in her ear. “You don’t get to say a word unless I ask you a question, got it?”


Her chest heaved at the tone of his voice, devoid of the love she was used to hearing there before she shakily nodded her head. The bed dipped down beside her, she heard him rifling through the box he placed on the nightstand and a second later, something sharp bit into her nipple and didn’t let up for an instant.


“Ahh!” she cried out, arching her back from the stinging pain. “Dean,” she shook before he repeated the process on the other nipple. “What the hell is that?”


The answer she received was a tug on the chain that hung between her breasts. “I told you not a word unless I asked you a question, didn’t I?” She whimpered nodding her head when he dropped the chain and moved down to unbutton her jeans. “They’re alligator clamps,” he told her while he pulled her jeans down her legs. “Little clamps that bite into those fucking sexy nipples of yours. It hurts, doesn’t it?” Her teeth were clenched tight from the pain but she nodded her head. “The chain is to punish you when you act up,” he threw her pants on the floor and looked up her body. “Roll over and get on your knees,” his tone was dark and sent a chill through her.


Dean watched with hungry eyes as she obeyed his instructions, rolling over and sitting on her legs with her bound arms stretched out to the headboard. He walked over to the nightstand, taking two metal weights attached to hooks in each hand and sat down beside her. “I’m going to tell you a little secret,” he whispered in her ear. “It kills me inside that the kid didn’t survive but that isn’t what I’m pissed about,” he slipped one hook through the opening on one clamp, letting it fall from his grasp to hang from her nipple. “I’m beyond pissed that you jumped into that fight without a thought to your safety just to protect me and almost got yourself killed,” he slipped the other hook into place and smirked when she whimpered, trembling from the sting of the teeth of the now weighted clamps applied to the tips of her breasts. “Does it hurt?”


“Yes,” her voice was a raspy whisper as she tried to answer him.


“I’m gonna have to teach you a little lesson, babe, and you better learn it quick,” he eased her forward until her hands rested on the top of the headboard. He grinned when she quashed a cry in her throat when gravity pulled the weights straight down towards the bed. She was the picture of a submissive slave to his angry yet appreciative eyes and he felt his cock swell from the sight of her.


He knelt beside her, running his hand across the swells of her breasts, laughing wickedly when he made the weights move from his fondling caress. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he gave the chain a slight tug when she tried to avoid his touch. “But you’re stubborn and headstrong and you need to learn you have limits,” his voice rose in volume before a hard hand slapped down on her ass.


“Sam and I can take care of ourselves,” he spanked her hard again, the slap resounding through the room with her cries. “We’ve done it for a long time before you,” another slap, “and we won’t let you leave us because you’re so anxious to jump in the way of us and danger! Do you understand me?” he yelled at her as his strong hand rained one spank after another down on her already reddened cheeks.


“Yes!” she cried out with tears leaking from beneath the blindfold.


“I don’t think you do…yet,” Dean looked at her quivering lip, almost feeling guilty for the punishment he was inflicting on her but not quite. The scratches and bruises that formed on her back and arms from impacting the walls of the building they fought the demon in made him furious. Seeing her fly across the room one last time before she crumbled to the ground scared him more than anything he’d ever been through before. “But you will learn soon, I guarantee it,” he rolled away from her and left the bed.


Alex was shaking from the pain shooting through her nipples and the sting on her ass from the spanking. She vaguely heard Dean move into the bathroom, the sound of running water for a moment before she picked up on his footsteps reentering the room through the pounding of her heart in her ears.


“Take a sip,” she heard him tell her once he returned to her side and felt the edge of the glass at her lips. She was sweating profusely, heat running through her body from the pain and she greedily accepted the water from him before he pulled it away. “That’s enough for now,” he placed it aside on the nightstand before he dug through the box again. “Open your mouth,” he snapped at her and a gag was put in place when she obeyed. “And no more talking,” she could hear the smile in his voice when he tied it behind her head. “Feel free to cry and whimper at will though,” he patted her cheek before he tugged on the chain again to make her do just that before he moved from her side.


Alex jumped when she felt his hand glide over her stinging buttocks, her head dropping between her arms expecting the spanking to resume. “You should see how red your ass is,” he chuckled when she squirmed against his hand. “It’s beautiful, so damn beautiful,” he trailed off when his touch left her skin.


She heard another sound from behind her but couldn’t make it out until a slick finger ran between her cheeks. “Mmm!” she objected through her gag to the unfamiliar touch and cried out when he pushed that probing digit into her tight asshole. “Nnnhhh!” she struggled to move away but his free arm wrapped across her pelvis and held her in place while he inched his finger in to the hilt.


Neither of them had ever touched her there before during their sexual encounters whether they were making love or fucking. It was another virgin territory of her body that the Winchesters were taking. She was uncomfortable with the intrusion and shook violently when he pumped his finger in and out of her at his leisure.


She thought it was over when he withdrew after a minute, just another lesson he was teaching her she would suffer from if she ever disobeyed him again until seconds later, he pushed two fingers in. She cried out, wiggling to get free even as he held her securely and scissored his fingers within her, stretching her tiny opening.


“Uncomfortable?” he asked nonchalantly as he kept his attention on his work.


“Mmm!” she nodded her head in tiny jerking motions as he pumped his digits all the way in, widened them by spreading his fingers, and pulled back.


“I get uncomfortable all the time when I see you do stupid shit like what you did tonight,” he grumbled. “Want to know a secret about your body, sweetheart? You don’t hate this as much as you’re making out,” his arm around her pelvis moved until his hand cupped her pussy, his fingers sliding over her lips and spreading her arousal almost up to her belly button. “You’re dripping all over my arm,” he returned his arm to its position as he pulled his fingers free once again.


“Let’s see how you like this,” he mused with a grin. “Lower your hands down the bars and put your head on the pillow but keep your ass up in the air,” Dean grinned ear to ear when she obediently complied to his orders but flinched up for a moment when the chain and weights on her nipples dragged against the bed. He held her tight with his left arm, brought the oil-covered object up in his right hand and pushed the fat head of it slowly into her ass.


“Nnnhhh!” Alex cried out from the intrusion and tried to pull forward to escape it as he screwed and pushed it past the rings of muscle until it was firmly seated in her ass.


“Now that is fucking hot,” Dean’s eyes lit up as he looked at the red pull ring and base of the butt plug fit snugly up between her cheeks. His cock was throbbing from the sight of her, his fierce fellow hunter and loyal lover tied up, blindfolded, and gagged with the weighted alligator clamps distending her nipples and the plug firmly wedged in her ass.


He moved off the bed and lazily stripped off his clothes all the while watching his little sex slave bent over in the submissive pose he put her in. Dean was enjoying this immensely and despite her protestations, Alex’s arousal was literally dripping from her pussy.


Once naked, he crawled up behind her, wrapped his arm around her lower abdomen once again and swiftly impaled her pussy on his cock. She cried out, lifting her head off the pillow when his pelvis hit the ring protruding from between her reddened and still stinging cheeks. “Put your head down,” he slid his hand up to the chain and gave it a yank until she quickly did as he said. “Every time you lift your head I’m gonna pull the chain,” he warned her before he slid his cock almost all the way out of her and pushed in to the hilt again. This time she jumped forward when he hit the ring but she didn’t lift her head. “Good girl,” he purred at her before he took her hips in a tight grip and fucked her hard.


Every movement he made within her made the weights swing back and forth on her purple distended nipples. With every inward thrust he made sure he hit the ring sometimes flattening it against the base of the plug. Dean was in heaven. He had brought their lady to the pain/pleasure threshold and she was responding to it unlike his wildest dreams had envisioned.


Alex had never been so wet before; his cock was glistening with her creamy essence when he watched it pump in and out of her pussy in rapid, hard strokes. Her cries were muffled against her gag but they were music to his ears. He kept a tight rein on his urge to lose his load within her, wanting to feel her cum around him and he didn’t have to wait long.


A few more fast, hard thrusts into her quivering pussy and she came convulsing around his cock. She was sweating profusely from the pleasurable abuses he inflicted on her and collapsed her upper body on to the bed only to jerk up when the clamps brushed against the linens.


Dean slipped free from her pussy, moved to her side to pull the gag aside and held up the glass to her gasping lips. “Take a drink but not too much,” he said in a stern voice, trembling from her ordeal she obeyed and drank as much as he would allow her. He quickly replaced the gag after setting the glass on the nightstand and rested his arm on her sore ass.


She jumped up, realizing her mistake to late when he grabbed the chain and gave it a tug along with a resounding smack across her ass cheeks. He intentionally hit the base of the plug with his hand. “You haven’t learned your lesson yet, Lex,” he laughed when she shot up from the jolt of the plug.


She didn’t know where he got it from but a flat paddle rained down several smacks on her cheeks leaving her whimpering with her head on the pillow. “Enough,” a voice said softly from across the room. With the blood pounding in her ears, she couldn’t tell whom it was if her life depended on it until the blindfold was removed from her eyes and Sam’s face came into focus. “I’ve been here the whole time since your lesson began,” he answered the question in her eyes. “Yeah, I’m angry with you too but Dean is better at handing out your punishment,” he blushed when her eyes skimmed down his nude body before they returned to his gaze. “It was a turn on to watch.”


“Upright on your knees again, Lex,” Dean lightly smacked her ass to get her moving. “Here Sam,” he held the paddle out to his brother and watched her muscles tense in her shoulders when he took it.


“Dean’s right, baby,” Sam looked into her eyes that remained riveted to the paddle in his hand. “You need to learn this lesson,” his hand cupped one heavy breast, holding it gently in his palm before he jerked the paddle down in a swift, short motion that smacked the top of her tit. Her eyes fell closed when he repeated the motion on her left breast and continued to alternate between the two until they were bright red. A glance up at her clenched eyes and tear-stained face told him that was enough. He couldn’t stand to hurt her anymore. “Take a drink,” he held the glass before her lips and watched her struggle to swallow, about half of the cool liquid spilling down her chin on to her chest before Sam slipped her gag back in place.


“Sam, sit down against the headboard and let Alex mount you,” he moved aside to give his brother room to settle on his back and scoot between her legs when she raised a knee before she settled over him. She hovered above him as he positioned his cock at her entrance and sank down until he was completely seated inside of her; she then wrapped her legs around his waist holding on to the headboard with her bound arms on either side of his head. “Pull her to your chest, Sammy.”


Sam wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her chest flush with his and smiled when she gasped from the clamps.


Dean placed a hand on her lower back, grabbing the ring of the plug in the other and after a few quick, hard tugs wrenched it free with a pop. Alex flushed a deep crimson red in humiliation from the sound and the oil running down her thighs. Dean fisted his shaft and rubbed the head in the escaping oil before he pushed into her stretched opening.


“Hold on to her, Sammy,” he gasped from the excruciating tightness as he pushed inch by inch into her.


“Mmm!” Alex protested against her gag. Dean was thicker and much longer than the butt plug he made her keep within her. It hurt like hell to feel him stretch her with his occupation and she shook violently in Sam’s arms.


“Shh,” Sam palmed her cheek in one hand while he kept their bodies flush together. “Just relax,” he said softly as he spread his legs a little and forced her knees wider apart.


Alex felt Dean push all the way into her ass and clenched her eyes tight when she felt her two lovers almost tear her in two. She wasn’t aware of anything except the feel of them both sitting perfectly still inside of her. After several long moments, her pain-filled eyes opened and fixed on Sam’s face. His eyes glanced over her shoulder and gave a nod of his head.


Sam wrapped his large hands around her ribcage while Dean slipped his under her buttocks. The two of them worked in tandem to lift her up and pull her back down onto their deeply penetrating lengths. The pressure she gripped them with barely concealed the fact that they could feel each other through the thin tissue that separated her pussy from her ass.


The two of them continued their pleasurable assault on her body for what seemed like forever. Dean pressed up against her backside, crushing her against Sam’s chest. His chest rubbing the clamps up and down with her nipples secured within them. The three of them bonding, mating in the most primal way imaginable.


The boys were sweating just as profusely as Alex was when their limits were almost reached. They panted heavily, each of their heads resting on one of her shoulders. Alex’s head swayed forward and back with every thrust they made into her body. Her cries had changed from pain to discomfort to pleasure over the span of forty-five excruciating minutes of their twin assault on her senses.


A few more hard thrusts and jerks into her body and the three lovers came moaning or howling with their release. The sound of gasping chests and Alex’s weak muffled breathing filled the silence around them. Sam untied her gag, throwing it aside while he watched her shoulders rise and fall quickly with the air she dragged into her lungs. He pulled back a bit and gently released one clamp from her nipple, his eyes flashing to hers for a second when she gasped from the pulsing blood that filled the tip. He grinned after he lowered his head and removed the other one freeing her from that torment.


“Dean,” he called out to his brother whose head still rested on her shoulder. “Get out of her already,” he furrowed his brows and jerked his head to get him moving.


“Keep her still,” Dean rasped in her ear before he slowly pulled his spent member from her body. “Here let me help,” he moved to Sam’s side, wrapped his hands around her upper ribcage while Sam grabbed her waist and lifted her off of his softening length. Dean waited until Sam ducked his head from between her still bound arms and moved to the side before he lowered Alex’s limp body on to the bed. “I think we broke her,” he whispered to Sam while he released the tie that kept her bound wrists to the headboard and lay down beside her.


“Really?” Sam rolled on to his side and looked down at her with worry in his eyes.


“No, dumbass,” Dean chuckled. “She’s just spent. Hold on,” he grabbed the glass from the nightstand and lifted her head gently in one hand. “Drink, baby,” he whispered in a loving tone, smiling when she sipped slowly from the glass. “Good girl,” he smiled, putting it back on the table before he smoothed her hair away from her eyes.


“Why the water?” she said in a small voice as those deep ebony pools met his gaze. “Why did you keep making me drink?”


“The pain made you sweat and I didn’t want you to dehydrate,” he smiled softly at her when her bound hands slipped over his head to rest behind his neck. The smile faded from his face when a dark look entered her expression and she jerked him forward into a headbutt. “Motherfucker!” he tried to grab his forehead but her arms lifting over his head blocked his attempts. “What the hell was that for?” his hand settled over his hurting head, seeing stars dance before his eyes.


“What do you think?” she said in a weak tone.


“I think if you don’t learn to work with us instead of trying to take charge, you’re going to be relearning this lesson every time you break the rules,” he pointed a hard finger into her chest before he flicked it over her nipple causing her to whimper and flinch back into Sam. “Do you understand me?”


“Yes,” she lowered her eyes to his chest. “You’ve had these things for a while,” she whispered before she glanced up at him.


“Yeah,” Dean nodded his head averting his gaze to her chest, seemingly embarrassed that she had put it together. “I’ve had em for a few weeks.”


“So the two of you wanted to do these things to me for a while now,” she nodded her head and took a deep breath before she scooted up to look between them. “Are you going to answer me?”


“We wanted to bring you into it slowly,” Sam lowered his head, unable to look in those accusing eyes of hers. “We hoped you’d get accustomed to the idea.”


“And you think that unleashing it on me in this manner was the way to go about it?”


“Alex, you pissed us off!” Sam snapped so loudly that he actually startled her; he could see it in her widened eyes. “You’ve accused us of being reckless before but what you did tonight was just fucking stupid. When I heard your head crack against the wall, I thought that was it, that you were dead,” his voice was tinged with worry that reflected in those green eyes that drilled into hers. “You almost got killed and we just wanted to teach you a lesson. I didn’t think Dean would use these tonight as part of that lesson though,” he frowned at his brother over her shoulder.


“She liked it,” Dean argued with a grin. “Just so you know, I can think up more ways and buy more things to use when you get out of hand,” he narrowed his gaze on his lover. “Every time you fuck up we’ll be taking you to school again until you get it through your head that we can’t live without you either,” he lowered his voice at the end of his rant and palmed her cheek lovingly.


“We love you, baby,” Sam whispered in her ear, wrapping an arm around her midsection. “We can’t lose you either. Okay?”


She nodded her head silently before she glanced up at Dean with a wary look in her eyes. “So I get spanked and humiliated whenever I do something you don’t approve of?” she asked him with a shaky voice.


He nodded his head.


“How will I know what your rules are so I don’t break them?”


“You get spanked and humiliated then you can add that one to the list,” he grinned lasciviously at her. “Call it on the job training,” he leaned forward, kissing her gently on her parted lips.


~ The End ~


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Mar. 19th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
Well.........I think I gotta calm down before writing a longer rewiew.

It embarrasses me a little to admit that this was really really hot.
But that is so far the only thing I'm able to say. *blushes*

Mar. 19th, 2008 08:41 pm (UTC)
Let it go, woman. Hell I wrote this piece of smut so imagine how I feel. :) I'm absolutely humiliated to say I needed to change while I wrote it. Hahahaha!

Mar. 19th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
The other one is a lot tamer compared to this one.
Mar. 19th, 2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
I'm a bit surprised that Sam joined them because I'd have imagined he'd be like "Oh come on Dean, you can't possibly do this to her!" or something like that. But somehow it had to be like that. Well, let's say there was a reason.
I love Sam when he doesn't act like everybody would expect it from him.

And Alex must be lucky right now, because she doesn't have to choose any more (which is difficult, you know). She can have them both at the same time.

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