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Fic: Crystal Diamonds on Sun-kissed Silk

Title: Crystal Diamonds on Sun-kissed Silk
Author: Dee
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC
Series: Why We Fight
Disclaimer: I haven’t received the title on my navel lint yet so please don’t sue. This is intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: A one-shot in the series, Why We Fight. This one has Dean thinking he treated Alex unfairly but he learns that she knows him better than he thinks.

‘I wish Sammy would hurry home,’ Alex sighed heavily while she reclined on their bed reading through John Winchester’s journal. Her eyes darted over the top of the book to find her lover sitting in the same spot at the table, his fingers hammering away at the keys on Sam’s laptop. "Whatcha doin, babe?"

"Research," was the short reply.

They had been tracking down one of the freed demons for over two weeks. Every time they got close, he’d elude them by mere hours, leaving death in his wake. It was wearing on all of them but Dean was taking it the worst.

This night they finally caught up to him. Sam and Alex put their heads together, tracking the prior movements of the demon and saw a pattern. It had been unclear until his last stop but they finally saw it and determined where he would end up next.

It wasn’t an easy fight.

"Is he alive?" Dean asked as he looked down at a pair of blank eyes staring at the sky.

"Yeah, he has a pulse," Sam had his fingers along the man’s neck and glanced up at Alex when she knelt beside him. "I don’t get it. You didn’t hurt him that bad. He’s got a few broken ribs but his breathing is fine."

Alex peered deep into those empty eyes curiously, her own obsidian orbs widening when she came to a realization. "There’s nothing left," she whispered as she stood and turned away from the body with tears filling her eyes. "Whoever this man was is gone and that is all that remains," she turned her face into Sam’s chest when he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Dean stared at the glistening tears that trekked down his lover’s face and felt his heart wrench from his chest. Even if they won this war they would still lose the battles and he felt like this was a lose-lose scenario anyway he looked at it.

All three of them walked away injured but they did walk away. The host wasn’t so lucky. The demon had been inside of him too long, there just wasn’t anything left of the man he had been to save when they exorcised the evil. It wasn’t a dead body that fell at their feet but more like a soulless vessel.

They had come across host bodies that suffered too much physical abuse to survive once the demon that inhabited it had been forced out but this was the first time a body dropped from having its inner light extinguished by the demon’s darkness.

It was a disheartening discovery. The demons they hunted had all escaped from the gate at the same time. Unless they happened to jump to different hosts since then it meant that none of the human souls would’ve survived the possession. Every being they encountered from now on would drop like an empty shell after they exorcised the demon.

The three hunters felt sick to their core at the thought. A shroud of darkness seemed to envelop them when they left the site of the hunt. No words were said nor needed to be. They all came to the same conclusion immediately, there would be several hundred people left in a vegetative state in their wake.

"I don’t know if we’re doing him a favor by not putting a bullet in his head," Dean shook his head, his jaw ticking with suppressed anger before he walked ahead to the car.

"I don’t think he means it," Sam watched his brother throw their gear in the trunk before he looked down into Alex’s obsidian eyes.

"Yes he does and that’s what bothers him so much," she whispered before she glanced at her other lover. "The thought of leaving these people empty after we free them from possession is disgusting but knowing there is a chance that they might be captives within their minds and bodies forever is just sickening. I imagine being caged like that is Dean’s idea of hell."

"You’re right," Sam whispered with a nod. "I imagine it would be hell to anyone but especially him."

"Don’t forget that it took a long time for your brother to come to realize that these people are innocents. In fact I don’t think he truly accepted it until you were possessed," she looked up into his soulful eyes when his attention snapped to her. "While we might be saving all the people that the possessed might kill or hurt when we track them and exorcise them, we’ll be leaving a lot of bodies behind us and that is something that is chewing him up inside."

Dean drove them home; all three of them were silent. He parked the car, got out, threw Sam the keys and said one word. "Supplies." And then he walked inside leaving them behind.

During the extent of this hunt, Dean had been out of sorts but not as bad as he was now.

Before, when he wasn’t snapping at Sam for any reason at all, he was griping at Alex for constantly moving to the forefront of their fights. The most frightening thing Dean Winchester could do to unsettle his brother and lover was give them the silent treatment like he was now.

‘It’s just plain creepy when he does this,’ she shuddered involuntarily from the iciness she could feel coming off of him and swore she felt the cabin was as cold around her as the snow outside. ‘It isn’t natural for him to go this long without saying a word.’ Alex glanced up when Dean closed the laptop and moved to get up. "Where you going, babe?"


‘Another one word answer,’ she thought with a sense of dread. She pushed the journal aside, flopping down on her back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. ‘Get up, Alex,’ she groused at herself before she rose to her feet, heading towards the bathroom door. ‘Show him he isn’t alone in this,’ she walked into the steamy room, eyeing his naked, muscular form through the opaque glass of the shower stall.

‘Beautiful man,’ soft eyes ran down the outline of his body while she stripped off her clothes. Alex quietly opened the door, stepping in the stall behind him and pulling it closed. She smiled softly when he tensed a bit when she ran her hands down his bare back.

"What are you doing, Lex?"

"I’d think that was obvious, love," she purred in his ear while her hands moved to his hard chest.

"I’m not up for it right now."

"You’re always up for it, baby," her hands traveled down to his groin to find his shaft standing proudly against his abdomen. "Told you so," she chuckled.

"I’m not in the mood, Lex."

"I think little Dean sees it differently, babe."

The smile faded from her face when he pried her hands off of him and turned towards her, his expression was filled with pain that he couldn’t mask no matter how hard he tried. His hand darted out, catching her by the nape and pulling her into a hard desperate kiss. And desperation is exactly what flooded her lover at this moment.

He learned a hard truth today that sat like a pit in his gut. He needed the one thing in this world that brought him solace…Alex. She made everything better. Touching her freed his mind, loving her lifted his heart and joining their bodies together nurtured his soul. He needed her to save him from this desolation that filled him now.

Alex could feel his hard length pressed against her abdomen and a thrill shot through her body just like it did every time he was ready for her. When Dean broke their kiss, leaving her gasping for air, she could see that he couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with her. A second later, he turned her around to face the wall of the stall and urged her forward until she was bent at the waist with her hands braced against the glass.

Dean ran his hands over her slick skin before he gripped his length in one fist, rubbed the head over her silky lips and drove into her body. He gritted his teeth from the inferno that surrounded him before he took her slender hips in his large powerful hands and pulled her back into each of his long hard strokes.

While he reveled in the feel of his love in his hands and around his length, Dean couldn’t bring himself to look in her eyes. Those black depths always seemed to stare straight through him, tearing down all his walls and peering right into his heart and soul. She could unman him, make him see the pain and uncertainty he felt every single day reflected back at him in those ebony pools.

It was something Dean was unaccustomed to and that is why he avoided her after bad hunts.

He was a master at hiding his feelings; making jokes, getting angry or just walking away was his way of dealing with the problems of his life. Alex wouldn’t let him get away with any of those things when she knew he was hurting badly. She would hound him to talk or just read it in his eyes and in a way he hated her for that despite the fact he loved her more than life.

She was changing him and it made him nervous.

Water cascaded over his shoulders, down his chest, over her back and down her ass and legs while he continued to pound into her tight pussy. The shower did nothing to drown out the sounds of their slapping flesh, if anything it made it louder. Her whimpers and cries resounded off the glass walls coming to his ears in stereo and made the fire in his loins rage out of control.

His grip on her hips tightened almost painfully with his need to lose himself in her. Her arms were shaking with the effort to keep him from driving her into the wall with each powerful thrust into her body. He loved this woman but what he needed from her right now was an escape.

Dean prided himself on being a considerate lover and seeing to his lady’s needs before his but he needed this release so badly he didn’t think he could hold out. Alex was pushing back into his thrusts and squeezing his cock with her inner muscles until he couldn’t see straight. He groaned from the friction she applied to his shaft and sped up his thrusts until he felt himself swell within her.

He drove into her to the hilt releasing his seed within her welcoming depths and trembled against her back when he collapsed on top of her. There he stayed, gasping heavily through his mouth until it hit him…guilt. He slipped free of her body, turned towards the showerhead to rinse off and left her behind in the stall.

Alex gingerly moved to let the warm water wash over her body, watching him out of the corner of her eye. He wrapped a towel around his waist, quickly glanced at her to see a few stray drops of liquid fall from her eyes, somehow knowing that they weren’t water from the showerhead. He turned with his head down and walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

By the time she finished her shower and entered the bedroom wrapped in a towel, he was gone from the cabin.


‘I can’t believe I treated her like that,’ Dean shook his head, angry with himself for not only the act itself but walking out and leaving her alone without a word. ‘She can be so irritating at times but I know she loves me,’ he walked along the path in the woods until he reached the clearing by the lake that Alex loved so much. ‘I used her and walked away,’ he cursed himself as he sat at the water’s edge.

Alex hated motel rooms since they first met her and insisted they stay in cabins or any waterfront property near their jobs. She was wealthy and could afford the nicer accommodations. He and Sam loved the privacy it afforded them especially since their late night escapades tended to get loud and it allowed them to come and go as they please without worry of being seen loading their gear.

Dean used to complain when she asked if he would go with her. He didn’t see the point in just sitting there staring at the stars in silence and would try to tell her as much only to have her shush him while she looked up at the heavens. After a few trips down there, he would watch her closely and could see the serenity enter her body and facial features along with a few tears gliding down that silky flesh.

Most of the time she would go lakeside after hunts and he realized the water, surrounding woods, and night sky was her escape from the job, her pressure valve that allowed her to release the things she did and saw everyday. He asked her once what she got out of this.

"With all the horrible things we see everyday," she glanced at him with the moon reflecting back at him in her eyes, "it’s nice to see a little beauty in this world."

Alex was the beauty in this world to him but he soon became used to these nighttime walks down to the water with her. He even stopped talking and began to enjoy just watching her relax with the view.

Alex’s tears always fascinated Dean. She occasionally cried after they made love or when she was genuinely sad, sometimes she would let a few fall with no emotion on her face but the most interesting time was when she looked at her stars.

And here he sat…looking up at the stars and using the view as a release valve for the guilt, shame, and pain he felt inside. He felt moisture on his face when the cold night air blew against his skin, reached up a tentative hand and drew it back to find a teardrop on his finger. And here was another thing she was changing about him.


"Hey baby," Sam smiled at Alex when he walked into their bedroom to find her reclining across the bed in a short silk robe.

"I’m glad you’re home," she closed the journal, placed it on the nightstand, and sat on her legs smiling at him.

"Where’s Dean?" he stripped off his jacket, throwing it on the chair at the table before he sat beside her. "Hey beautiful," he leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on her lips not noticing that she neglected to answer his question.

"Hey tall and gorgeous," she grinned, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him down on top of her.

Sam opened his eyes for a brief second while she stole his breath with her kiss. Her eyes were fixed on his, a painful desperation in her gaze. "You okay, baby?" he gasped when he broke their lip lock.

"I need you, Sam," her voice skipped a beat while her eyes danced between his. Her hands slid down his chest and her nimble fingers worked the buttons on his shirt. Her gaze never left his even as she pushed his shirt off his shoulders.

Sam could see the desire in her eyes, it overshadowed the pain she was feeling. He wanted to ask but she needed him and he always wanted her. He stood up beside the bed, quickly shed every article of clothing on his body and straddled her legs.

"I always need you, Lex," he pulled at the tie on her robe, parted the material and ran his hands from her waist up to her breasts. "The silk of your skin puts this robe to shame," he lowered his head down and drew a hard nipple into his mouth.


Dean quietly made his way into the bedroom when he heard the sounds of lovemaking the moment he entered the cabin. The room was dark, the only light coming through the half closed door of the bathroom. He moved to sit in the chair at the table and watched his little brother make love to their woman.

They were lying on their right sides, Sam plastered against her back, his right arm wrapped across her generous breasts, his left hand cradling her jaw while he kissed, bit and sucked along her neck. Alex’s left leg was draped over Sam’s, her left hand reaching behind her to grab his ass while he drove his length into her in long slow strokes.

The look on her face told Dean everything she was experiencing in the capable hands of Sam. She was in ecstasy. He had to hand it to his brother. Despite the conclusions they came to after this last hunt, Sam was still capable of clearing his head enough to love Alex the way she should be. He focused on the beauty in their lives and gave himself up to her completely.

Dean envied him for that. Sam could look past everything without question as long as he had her.

He knew she was the North Star that guided him through the darkness they lived with everyday but Dean treated her differently than Sam. He tried so hard to keep her at a distance when things got tough for him but she wouldn’t let him. When she approached him, he was short with her, argued with her but she fought back. They were too much alike and Alex had the tenacity and advantages of womanhood on her side.

Dean was fighting a losing battle with her. He couldn’t win. He needed what she gave him too much to fight too hard.

Dean’s gaze went to Alex’s face when her cries of passion rose in volume. Her eyes were screwed shut, she began to pant heavily when Sam’s thrusts became faster and harder. She was close. Dean knew all the signs of Alex’s oncoming orgasms. She was amazing to watch.

She always shuddered almost violently when she came, sometimes her eyes were wide open, sometimes they were clenched tight, on occasion tears would fall down her cheeks but a satisfied smile was always in place when she came down.

She threw her head back against Sam’s shoulder and cried out when her release tore through her. Sam bit lightly on her cheek before he jerked his release into her body with a loud groan.

"If I was one of the bad guys, you’d both be dead right now," Dean lowered his head, staring at the floor, unable to watch the satisfaction on her face that Sam brought her after he left her unfulfilled in the shower. He glanced back up when he heard the slide slowly eject the round in Alex’s firearm. "Point taken," he raised his hands in surrender.

"I heard the door open," she said breathlessly while she replaced her weapon under the pillow. "I’d know the sound of your footsteps if I was blindfolded in a room with twenty people."

"Humph," he shook his head in wonder at the miracle of his lady. ‘My lady,’ he thought sadly since the way he recently treated her was as far from a lady as possible. "I’m sorry, Lex," he whispered as he glanced up at her through his long lashes.

"For what, baby?"

"You know what," he didn’t want to say it in front of Sam. He was very protective of Alex and might take Dean’s use of her in a bad way. "I didn’t mean for it to be that way," he said guiltily.

"Dean, baby, come here," Alex patted the mattress in front of her while Sam grabbed the sheet from behind him, pulled it over their bodies and snuggled around her. When he finally settled beside her, she took his hand and brushed a kiss across his knuckles. "Do you think for one second that I’m angry with you?"

"I don’t know," he averted his gaze until she lifted his chin and he saw the love in her eyes. "I guess not but it still doesn’t excuse what I did."

"I walked into that shower knowing exactly what you needed, Dean, how it was going to be and I gave it to you anyways," she moved her hand to cup his cheek in her palm. "I knew it was going to be just for you and it didn’t bother me, baby. I love you, Dean, and I’d do anything to make you feel better or help relieve your tension. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah." He lowered his eyes when he spotted Sam’s furrowed brow. "I still feel like an ass though."

"Get undressed and get that fine ass in this bed, lover," she smirked at him before Sam turned her head towards him and ran his tongue into her mouth.

Dean rose up, standing beside the bed while he stripped off his shirts. "Hey baby," he said on an afterthought. "Why don’t you put on some boots and come with me?" he asked when she looked back up at him.

"Okay," she said in a curious tone when he grabbed an extra blanket and held out his hand. She accepted the hand up, stepped into her snow boots, and arched a brow when he wrapped the blanket around her naked body, picked her up and carried her towards the den.

"Don’t wait up for us, Sammy," Dean called out before they left the cabin.


"Are you going to tell me where you’re taking me?"

"I came out here earlier when I left after…you know," he cleared his throat uncomfortably while he carried her down the path.

"Used me for your pleasure and left me hanging?" she smiled at him and began to chuckle when he turned an interesting shade of red. "Oh please," she rolled her eyes at him with a huge grin on her face. "Just so you know I cum the moment you enter me, Dean, I always have. Anything after that is just gravy."

"Thanks, babe," he blushed before they emerged from the woods. "Ah, here it is," he walked to the edge of the water and set her on her feet. "Pull off your boots and get in."

"It’s a little cold out here to go swimming."

"It’s a hot spring, babe," he grinned when he saw the smile grow across her face before she toed off her boots and eased into the water. "How does it feel?" he asked as he placed the blanket on a nearby rock.

"Heavenly," she said on a sigh when she found a spot to sit so that the warm water covered her shoulders. "Your nipples are hard as diamonds, babe," she laughed as Dean quickly worked on the rest of his clothing. "You better hurry and get in here before you’re capable of cutting glass with those things."

"Damn, it’s cold," he huffed before he stepped into the spring and quickly sank down into the warm water next to her. "Better, much better," he sighed in relief before his gaze went to her face when she straddled his waist. "I know why you like the night sky after a job. I remember what you told me."

"It’s nice to know you listen to me when I talk," she ran her hand along his hard shaft and stimulated her clit with the head. "I always hoped I wouldn’t end up with one of those men that thought a woman should be seen and not heard."

"I’m not like that, baby," he gasped when she sank down on his length to the hilt. "Well not since I met you," he admitted when she arched a brow at him. "I wanted to tell you that you are the beauty, the sparkling diamond that I stare at when I look for the pure and beautiful that makes this world worth saving."

"That’s beautiful, love," she whispered with her heart shining in her eyes. "Now make me orgasm before you cum and leave me high and dry again," she giggled when he swatted her ass but swiftly began to moan when he slipped his hands beneath her behind and lifted her up and down his shaft.

"Never again, baby," he whispered against her lips.

"And I told you I don’t mind," she kissed him gently while she caressed his back and shoulders. "You take care of my needs often enough and I do mean often," she gasped, her head falling back when he hit just the right spot inside of her that sent her towards a quick orgasm. "I’m only too happy to help you take the edge off when it gets too bad," her fingers ran through his short hair, gripping it on every upwards thrust.

"Remember you said that," he kissed along her shoulder and up her neck, feeling her near the edge until a few quick hard thrusts sent her over.

"Remember I said what?" she gasped against his ear while he relentlessly pumped into her.

"That I can use you for my pleasure," he groaned in her ear.

"Oh right, yes! Yes!" she cried out before another climax swept through her body and pulled Dean along with her. "Whenever you need me, baby," she labored to speak while her head rested on his shoulder.

"You’re changing me, you know?" he gasped in her ear.

"Is that a bad thing?" she said in a small voice. "Do you hold it against me?"

"No. It’s taking me longer to get used to your influence over the way I act and react but it’s not bad. It’s different for Sam. He follows his heart in everything he does and you own that part of him," he said softly running his hands gently over her back. "You own that part of me too but it’s something I kept buried for so long until I met you that I fought your influence over me for a while. I realize now it is pointless. I belong to you as much as you belong to me."


He took her face between his palms and smiled when he saw that infamous single tear trek down her cheek like a crystal diamond on sun-kissed silk. "I love you," he collected the liquid on his finger, rubbing it between the tips, absorbing more of her through his skin before he pulled her into a deep sensual kiss.

~ The End ~

For Kaytee, one of my latest muses!


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Apr. 16th, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
Ohhhhh Dee!

I'm breathless once again.

I love how you describe their feelings and their thoughts. And Dean is thinking a lot in this piece. Guilty Dean is adorable!

I felt a bit sorry that they didn't tell Sammy what happened because he MUST have noticed something was wrong, but I'm sure they'll tell him tomorrow.

My favorite part is definitely Sam and Alex having sex from Dean's point of view. That is terrific! Many hugs for that gorgeous idea of yours.

May. 5th, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
I thank you for the praise, sweetie! It was your idea and I'm fixing to post your Evil Sam idea right now. I finished it up in a hurry but haven't had a chance to get to a computer since.
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