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Title: Torn Between Two Lovers
Author: Dee
Chapter: 3C/3D
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC/Sam
Genre: Threesome – Angst, Threesome – Drama, Threesome – Episode-Related Scene, Threesome – Established Relationship, Threesome – Hurt/Comfort, and Threesome – Romance
Disclaimer: The title for my navel lint hasn’t arrived yet so please do not sue. This piece is meant for entertainment purposes only with no copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Alex is stuck between Dean and Sam during the year of the Crossroad’s Demon’s deal.
Series: Why We Fight
Author’s Note: I’m getting back to the story line here for a bit here. I figured it would be interesting to see how she reacts to the boys fighting about Sam saving Dean’s life, Dean finally deciding that he wants to try to live and wanted to take a crack at the boys separating like they did during Time Is On My Side. Each of the stories under the Why We Fight Series are one-shots. They do not tie into each other so enjoy them separately.
Spoilers: Season Three episodes; specifically Time is on my Side and No Rest for the Wicked.

Dean looks up in his rearview mirror when they hear a siren as Sam looks over at him. The flashing lights from the police car reflecting inside the car and over their faces.

“We getting pulled over?” Sam asked as he glances over his shoulder.

“I’ve got a busted taillight. It's not like we're in a hurry or nothing,” Dean looks at his side mirror at the cop car stopping behind him after he pulls over. He rolls down his window as Sam hands over the license and registration. The police officer walks up to his window, flashlight in hand. “Problem officer?”

“License and registration, please,” the policeman asks. Dean, not looking at him, hands him the needed papers. The officer takes and looks at it while he talks to Dean. “Do you realize you have a tail-light out, Mr. Hagar?”

Dean looks up him and after a moment his face falls. The officer tilts his head and shines the light on him. “Yes…yes sir. Uhh…you know I've been meaning to…take care of that,” he slowly turns his head back towards the road in front of him, his eyes dodging back at the cop. “As a matter of fact...” he suddenly opens his door fast, hitting the officer in the stomach with it. Dean rushes out the car at him.

“DEAN!” Sam yells, shocked at his brother’s actions, and steps out of the car with Alex right behind him.

Dean punches the cop three times in the face as Sam tries to run around the car to stop him. Alex grabs his arm, holding him at bay but her hand is resting on the handle of her blade over her shoulder. Dean quickly reaches down and takes out the knife from his belt and thrusts it into the jaw of the officer. As Bobby pulls up behind the police car, the officer begins to flash within, showing that Dean just thrust the knife into a demon. He pulls out the knife and lets go off the cop who falls dead to the ground. Dean stands over him, arm behind him, panting after the fight. Sam, shocked, moves up behind him.

Bobby quickly runs over to them and looks down at the dead officer/demon. He looks back up at his three young charges, surprised and shocked. “What the hell happened?” he asks.

“Dean just killed a demon,” Sam answers before he glances at his brother. “How'd you know?”

Dean, still breathing heavily, looks around on the ground and then turns to Sam who's still looking shocked. He can’t hide the worry in his eyes or on his face. “I just knew.” He turns back and glances at the dead man on the ground. “I could see its face. Its real face under that one.”

Bobby, who was looking down at the corpse, snaps his eyes up at him. Dean stares into Alex’s eyes and she feels the rising panic in her lover. It almost cripples her but Sam’s touch on her arm grounds her.

“How did you know he wasn’t flipping out?” he whispers in her ear.

“Because I know him as well as I know you,” she said simply. “We need to book ass, gentlemen,” she speaks up before she gets back into the car.


The boys are putting branches over the police car, to hide it from plain sight and so that nobody can find it. Alex is sitting behind the wheel of Dean’s car, her legs hanging out the door, watching with Bobby.

“So what, now you're seeing demons?” Sam asks his brother when their task is complete.

“I've seen all kinds of things lately but... nothing like this.”

“Actually it's not all that crazy,” Bobby interjects.

“How's it not that crazy?” Dean raises his brow at his friend.

“Well you've got, just over five hours to go?” Bobby glances at his watch before he moves to stand before the boys. “You're piercing the veil, Dean. You're glimpsing the B side.”

“A little less new age-y please,” Dean looks at him in confusion.

“You're almost hell's bitch. So, you can see hell's other bitches,” Bobby states in a matter of fact tone.

“Thank you.”

“Well, actually it could come in pretty handy,” Sam adds somewhat uncomfortably.

“Oh, well, I'm glad my doomed soul is good for something.”

“Damn right it is. Lilith's probably got demons stashed all over town. We can't let them sound the alarm. She knows we're here, we're dead before we're started,” Bobby glances over all their faces, trying to get them to understand that this is the biggest thing they have ever gone up against.

“Well, this is a terrific plan. I'm excited to be apart of it. Can we go, please?” Dean said grumpily before he urges Alex to move over and gets in next to her.


“It's the little girl,” Dean whispers, staring out the window. “Her face is awful.”

The four hunters are standing in a vacant house across from their destination, looking over at the family. Sam takes the binoculars from his brother to check out the scene before he lowers them. “Alright then, lets go. We're wasting time,” he walks past Bobby and Dean, moves for the door before Alex grabs his arm and stops him from leaving.

“Wait!” Dean said in a loud whisper.

“For what?” Sam argues back. “For it to kill the rest of them?”

“Yeah, and us too if we're not careful. Look,” he points across the street. “See the real go-getter mailman on the clock at nine PM?” Sam holds up the binoculars to see the mailman sorting mail at the back of his car. “And Mr. Rogers over there.”

“Demons?” Bobby asks while he stares at the men positioned strategically on the street.

Sam looks through the binoculars again and sees "Mr. Rogers" sitting in a chair in his home, smoking a pipe and reading a book, his chair facing the windows.


“Ok, fine. We-we-we-we, we ninja pass those guys, sneak in,” Sam says a little shakily, desperate to save his brother and tired of the obstacles.

“Then what? Give a "Columbian necktie" to a ten year old girl, come on!” Dean said in a louder tone, finding the thought of killing the child distasteful.

“Look, Dean, I know it's awful,” Sam begins but trails off.

“You think?”

“This isn't just about saving you, Dean. This is about saving everybody,” Sam reasons with him.

“I agree with Sam but personally I don’t care about the others,” Alex stood tall next to the younger Winchester, sword at her back and at the ready.

“She's gotta be stopped, son,” Bobby stands up next to them, giving Alex a worried glance out of the corner of his eye.

Dean looks contemplative and taking this in, turns around and looks at Bobby and then out the window. “Oh, damn it.”


The demon/mailman is still standing by the back of his truck, flipping through mail until he hears a sound across the street and glances up. He sees Dean standing by a fence, looking over at him as if he's been caught. The mailman's eyes turn demon-black and he takes off after him. Dean runs back the way he came from, closely followed by the demon/mailman. He rounds a corner of the house the fence encloses, and when the mailman comes around the same corner a second later he runs right into Sam holding Ruby's knife. Sam drives the blade into him and struggles to put him down. As he turns around, Dean comes up behind the mailman and puts a hand over his mouth so his death doesn't alarm the rest of the demons. Sam pulls out the knife and the demon flashes a few times before Dean drops him to the ground.


“Exorcizo te, creatura aquae. In nomine dei patris onmipotintes,” Bobby chants in Latin with Alex standing guard while he works. He drops the rosary into an opening of the water pipes and the stream carries it away.


Sam grabs the knife and wrenches it free from Mr. Rogers's belly, who's lying dead on the ground. He pulls it out and stands up next to Dean, wiping it off. Dean grabs Mr. Rogers's feet and drags him out of view. He then comes back and takes off in another direction while Sam stands still, looking around.


Dean runs through some trees along a fence, where Ruby suddenly appears and shoves him into the fence, holding him there. “I'd like my knife back, please. Or your neck snaps like a chicken bone,” she hisses.

Sam comes up behind her and holds her knife to her throat. “He doesn't have it. Take it easy,” he says in an even tone, trying to calm her down.

She backs away from Dean, releasing him from the fence. Sam moves next to his brother, who turns around to face her.

“How the hell did you get out?” he growls at her angrily.

“What you don't know about me could fill a book,” she shoots back at him.

Dean suddenly reacts to her face, moving his head back just a bit with wider eyes. “Whoa.”


Dean averts his eyes to the side, not wanting to look at her anymore. He glances at her once or twice but that's it. “Nothing. I just- I couldn't see you before, but you're one ugly broad.”

“Sam, give me the knife before you hurt yourself,” she dismisses Dean and looks at Sam expectantly.

“You'll get it when this is over,” he stands his ground.

“It's already over. I gave you a way to save Dean, you shot me down. Now it's too late. He's dead. And I'm not gonna let you die too,” she said in a serious and sincere tone.

“Try and stop me, and I'll kill you. Bitch,” Sam practically growls at her. His patience is at an end and he won’t let anyone stand between him and saving his brother.

“Hit me with your best shot, baby,” she goads him on until a sword appears under her chin, cutting into her skin.

“Don’t tempt me, bitch,” Alex hissed in her ear. “You’re only alive because Sam insists that I don’t kill you. I might ignore this one request if you keep it up.”

“Guys, guys! Hey. Have your little catfight later,” Dean places his hand on Alex’s arm to get her attention.

They turn as a unit to see two people, probably father and son, standing outside on their porch looking at them. They glance over to the next house where a man with a briefcase is standing, staring at them. Then they see two other men staring at them, this time closer so they can see their black eyes.

“So much for the element of surprise,” Dean mutters.

“Go. Go. Run. Run!” Sam pushes them along in a hurry.

They open the gate of the fence and run for the house that Lilith is occupying. As they do, several more demons begin to run after them. Sam reaches the house first and crouches down to start picking the lock on the door. Ruby and Dean come up behind him, looking out on the lawn as more people are running after them. Alex lingers between her men and the approaching demons.

“What the hell is taking Bobby?” Dean shouts when the distance closes between them and Lilith’s army.

Sam is having problems picking the lock and nervously glances up at the closing crowd. “I'm trying!” he yells when he sees Alex hold her sword at the ready.

“Don’t let your guard down,” she glances back at her men. “Go! I’ll handle this.”

“Alex!” Dean yells at her when she moves forward to meet an approaching demon that is ahead of the rest. They come together in the center of the lawn. “Baby!” Dean moves to go to his love when she suddenly whips her blade up in an arc, slicing across the demon’s throat. She cocks her head, watching with interest when light flashes within her and she drops to the ground dead. “Way to go, Lex!” his smile fades when she walks away from the dead woman to meet the rest of the small army.

Suddenly when one demon reaches the lawn, the sprinklers turn on and she begins to flail, screaming, as the water burns her. Alex stands in the middle of the holy water coming from the sprinkler system. Another demon is caught in the water and he screams and flails as well. Dean has a smile starting to show on his lips when his lady begins to systematically yet ruthlessly dispatch the screeching demons. The rest of the possessed people stand outside the lawn, beyond the barrier of holy water.

Sam gets the door opened and as he and Ruby go inside Dean looks longingly at his love and then walked inside the house too. They made their plans before they left the vacant house. He and Sam were to take out the closest of Lilith’s soldiers while Alex protected Bobby as he worked on the sprinkler system. Alex’s job afterwards was to watch their backs and this was her first challenge. He didn’t know how she managed to make her sword capable of killing the demons but he was still worried about her welfare.


Sam and Ruby are standing over a body with shocked faces, and Dean closes the door, not having seen it yet. He turns around and sees it, and his serious game face is on again.

“You think Lilith knows we're here?” Dean asks with a grimace.

“Probably,” Ruby says quietly.

They look around a bit and then walk into the living room. Sam goes in first, holding the knife out as if it was a gun. Ruby is behind him, closely followed by Dean.

“Sam,” Dean pulls up next to his brother, speaking softly. “Will Lex be okay out there?”

“Dean, you have no idea what she’s become capable of,” Sam answered before he went on.


Dean continues through the house, hears the creak of a door behind him and quickly turns around, putting up one hand and placing it over Mr. Fremont’s mouth, turning them around to Sam and Ruby. Dean shushes the frightened man trying to quiet and calm him down.

“We're here to help. Ok?” Dean whispers to him. “I'm gonna move my hand, and we're gonna talk nice and quiet, okay?” Mr. Fremont nods his head yes and Dean slowly removes his hand.

“Sir, where is your daughter?” Sam asks him.

“It's not... it's not her anymore,” he responds, clearly distraught.

“Where is she?” Sam asks again.

“Upstairs,” the man finally calms enough to tell him. “In her bedroom.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Dean lowers his voice and focuses on the man. “Listen to me. I want you to go downstairs to the basement. Put a line of salt at the door behind you. Do you understand me?”

“Not without my wife,” the man said with more strength in his voice.

“Yes, without your wife,” Dean tells him, knowing it was going to be a fight. After all, he had to fight the urge to go to Alex’s side, take her away from this danger, and just hold her until it was over.


Dean throws a punch that knocks the man out since they don't have time to argue about all this. He picks him up, puts him over his shoulder and gives the others a look. He then starts walking.


Sam and Ruby walk upstairs, backs against the wall and as stealthy as possible. Sam is in the lead with the knife in front of him. When they get up to the top, they look around a bit and then Ruby walks to the door to their right, they share a look, Sam nods at her and then she goes in, closing the door behind her. Sam starts slowly for the door to the left. He leans in against the closed door, trying to listen to any sign of life or Lilith. After a beat he opens the door as quietly as possible and quickly slips in.

Sam walks slowly into the room, knife out in front of him. He sees a bed across the room. It has thin drapes around it and through them he can see Mrs. Fremont and her Lilith-possessed daughter lying on the bed, asleep. Sam slowly makes his way around it while keeping his eyes glued to them. As he rounds the corner of the bed, he shifts the knife in his hand so it's now in his grasp with the blade extended down. As quietly and slowly as possible, he removes the drapes and hears Mrs. Fremont breathing heavily, scared, as he comes into view. She looks up at him, terrified, with Lilith still nuzzled into her shoulder, apparently asleep.

“Do it!” she whispers with hope and fear in her eyes.

Sam slowly raises the knife, looking down on the child Lilith has possessed. She stirs a little.

“Do it,” the mother pleads once again. “Do it!” she whispers again when Sam struggles with the thought of stabbing a child. Lilith moves a little, apparently starting to wake up. Mrs. Fremont gets more and more afraid, panicked while Sam is staring at Lilith, pulling himself to the point of stabbing her. “Do it! Do it!” she says a little louder. Lilith wakes up, and starts to rise on the bed, eyes hardly opened. “Hurry!”

The child screams when she opens her eyes and sees Sam who lunges for her. At the last moment, Dean grabs hold of his arm and stops him.

“It's not her!” Dean tells his brother. “It's not in the girl anymore.”

“Mommy!” the child throws herself into her mother’s chest, holding on for dear life.

“Mommy's here,” she reassures her daughter. “Mommy's here. It's ok.”


Through the window of the vacant house, Bobby stands in awe as Alex tears through the demons that dare approach her; the others are still standing outside the barrier of the sprinklers. He stares at the young woman as she dispatches one demon after another, amazed that she has kept up this pace for so long. He hears a clock ticking and lifts up his hand, looking at it.

“Damn it,” he mutters, worried about the boys and the young warrior below. He looks out through the window again.


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