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The Road So Far (NC-17) Dean/OFC/Sam

Title: The Road So Far
Author: Dee
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Dean/OFC/Sam
Series: Why We Fight
Disclaimer: I don’t have the title on my navel lint yet so please do not sue. This is intended for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Dean ponders the changes in Sam and Alex since his death in Mystery Spot.
Author’s Note: This one is for my babe, Monte! She put the idea of a Dean POV in my head a while back and I figured it was time I got down to it.

I have no idea what to make of it all. They told me that they would never tell me what happened to them when I was…gone and they sure lived up to their word. I can’t get them to tell me a thing and I even gave them some time before I snuck it into a conversation. Pain in the ass, both of them.

I don’t even know what to think of the whole ‘my being dead’ thing in the first place. When Sam told me the first time, my reaction is what anyone else’s would be; he’s nuts. From what I can tell he explained it to me for more Tuesdays than I can imagine. Must’ve been a real bitch for him to beat it into my head that many times but he’s a big pain in the ass, real persistent.

I don’t know how I felt when it was all over. I know my year is almost up and I’m gonna end up in the pit but I don’t remember being there when the Trickster helped me along. The bastard. I used to like his style until he focused on killing me day after day just to torture Sam and Alex.

The two of em won’t tell a thing but I can see the differences in them since then. Sam used to hide his research from me before. Now he and Alex are sitting in front of the laptop or hovering over books every chance they get. I hate research but I guess I should try to help them save my ass.

I watch em close these days.

Alex has taken to wielding a sword instead of the usual hardware she’d carried. She’s better than the damn Highlander with that thing. There’s something else too. She’s more ruthless on the job. I mean she flat out kills any damn demon that gets near us and completely blows off the exorcism. She’s racking up a hell of a body count.

She protects Sam like it’s her personal mission in life. She protects me too but not like she does with him. I get a little jealous sometimes but I assume it has something to do with when I was gone. All they had was each other. That memory and the things they went through are still fresh in their minds. When we’re out on a job, they don’t even have to talk to each other! It’s fucking weird!

They seem to know what the other is thinking and move as a unit. I feel like I’m in the way sometimes. Hell, Sam is in the way. She’s right back to jumping between danger and us again but this time, there’s nothing I can do about it. I tried but the look in her eyes says there’s no chance of getting her to chill. Something is driving her and nothing I can say or do will derail this ride.

It took Sam a little time to get back to what passes as normal for him but he did. He wigged me out a bit after it was over too. He seemed darker, a little less alive. Sammy was always the emotional one of the two of us and he did a complete one-eighty. Man, he wielded Alex like she was his weapon. Now I know what she meant when she said she existed purely for him.

It took a while for him to stop using her like that but she never changed. She still acts on instinct alone. I just hope it doesn’t get her killed cuz I don’t know what we’d do if we lost her.

She’s always working out in the gym, doing her kata, or sharpening that damn sword. When she isn’t, when we’re in bed, she’s desperate for touch and love. I’m not complaining at all. I tried to be easy on her after the Trickster bodily inflicted all my deaths on her but she didn’t want any of that. The woman was voracious! I could barely keep up with her and I’ll never admit that out loud to anyone.

After that first night that I saw how Sam was with her, I knew something had changed within her. He fought it, she didn’t. Sam went back to making love to her like he always did but I could see the wildness in her eyes. She went primal on us. I think that bastard pushed her too far. She didn’t relive the day like Sam but the pain of my injuries was funneled into her body. She wore the bruises, burns, and cuts on her skin. Fuck, that must’ve been a bitch to wake up every day with another wound and find out that I died from it.

It didn’t kill her but she carried it for who knows how long.

She’s lying right beside me, kissing the breath out of Sam and all I can think about is pushing him out of the way so I can take my turn. I’m the one working against a ticking clock right now. I know...I’m an asshole but still.

Damn, she looks so tiny against Sam. Well, he is a Sasquatch.

I know she chose us both and I know when I’m gone Sammy will feel as empty as I did when he died but on some level, he’s gotta feel relieved that he gets her all to himself. We’ve all been together for a while now and we aren’t uncomfortable together in the same bed anymore but it still sucks waiting for your turn.

Sam is really tearing her up. Alex has a way of bringing the animal out in him. Hell, she has a knack of bringing that out in any man. She is sinful pleasure on two legs.

Oh, the hell with this! I want my woman now. I’m the one that’s gonna die soon. Sam can have her whenever he wants afterwards. I’ll just slip my hands between them to cup her breasts and try to ignore the fact that I’m touching my brother’s skin. Oh yeah, she loves it when I roll her nipples between my fingers. Now come to Daddy.

That’s my girl. Sam’s forgotten and she’s rolling over to me. Her lips…so damn soft and that tongue is to die for. I’ll just slip a hand down her stomach and…yep, a little tickle to her clit gets her squirming like crazy. She hasn’t let me take her from behind since the shit with the Trickster and I’m glad. I get to look in her eyes, at her face when I hit all her g-spots and there is another one.

I can’t take any more foreplay and by the feel of how wet she is, neither can she. Oh yeah! Her pussy gloves my cock so perfectly. I’ve never felt anything like when I’m inside her. She’s so hot, so wet. Her pussy feels like heaven has taken me in. I’ve been with a lot of women before but no one like her. To think, I was kind of her first.

Damn, she’s more limber now then she was before! All that working out has paid off in the sex department. I don’t even have to lift her legs up on to my shoulders. She can do it herself. Fuck, I’m so deep inside of her I don’t know where she begins and I end. Whoa! I see she’s developed some kick ass control over the muscles in her pussy. Damn, that feels amazing.

I can barely hold myself back with her. I laid here too long, watching Sam eating her out and getting her into a frenzy that I was about to explode without touching her. Now that I’m inside her, damn it, Dean, don’t you dare cum without taking her with you!

Think of something! Uh, reapers, wendigos, frickin scarecrows, anything to keep your mind off of how fucking fantastic she feels! Okay, that’s better. Whew, that would’ve been embarrassing especially in front of Sam. Yeah, thinking about Sam and knowing he’s right there will stop it too.

She’s almost there! I can feel her pussy tightening around me. Yep, her eyes just snapped open and all I can see is myself reflected in those beautiful, black pools. Faster, Dean! She’s ready. I love the sound of our flesh slapping together, the feel of my balls bouncing off her gorgeous ass. Oh yeah! Look right here in my eyes, baby! We can watch the tiny death, our orgasms, in each other’s eyes. I’m swelling inside of her! Her pussy is convulsing around me! Oh God! Son of a bitch! Jesus Christ! Holy shit!

Am I still jerking my load into her? Damn, I am but it feels unbelievable! Oh, these gorgeous tits crushed against my chest! She’s breathing as hard as I am! Screw the hellhounds and the demon! She’s gonna give me a heart attack cuz the damn thing is fixing to pound out of my chest!

Calm down, Dean. Breathe! Whew! That’s better. Her eyes are so emotional, the look in them almost child-like after she cums. She’s got tears building. Don’t cry, baby. I know you’re not doing it because you’re sad, I know it’s the release but it still kills me to see tears in your eyes.

She does this sometimes. Alex has different reactions after she orgasms. Sometimes she gets a big, lazy smile, sometimes she giggles which is cute as hell, and sometimes she cries. I just kiss each one of those little crystal drops away like I’m doing now. There now, she’s better and she looks like she’s fixing to pass out. Sorry, Sammy, but I think I wore out our girl.

Of course, he’s pushing my shoulder to get me off of her. The possessive little shit won’t let me get away with polishing her off after he primed her to go. Haha! I’ve gotta laugh at that one though. He did work her up only to have me get the fringe benefits!

Yeah, he’s pissed. I didn’t know Sammy had that nasty look in his arsenal but damn, if it could kill…

He’s taking her to the shower so he obviously plans to get his despite the fact that she’s wiped. She’ll give it to him too. Alex denies us nothing.

Hell, I’m wiped. I could crash right now but I don’t like to til she’s beside me. Oh yeah. Judging by that thumping sound, he’s getting his right now and there are those adorable little whimpers she makes. Man, I love those.

So, where am I now?

I have a brother that is working like a madman to save my life. I have a lover that is more dangerous than any being I’ve ever seen on the hunt and more passionate than any woman in the world could hope to be. And me…I’m lying in bed so physically exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open. I also happen to be living on borrowed time.

I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to go to hell. I don’t want to be alone without my brother and my lover. I put up the front long enough and they both know I want to live but the consequences…

If we fuck this up, we’ll lose Sam and that’s not something I can live with. Shit, I’m in this predicament because I couldn’t live without Sam. And how will Alex feel about me if we lose Sam because of me? Will she hate me? Will she leave me? She stayed with Sam when I died…the last time. She obviously didn’t hold my death against him but then again, my deaths then weren’t a result of my deal.

Will she feel differently towards him when I die because of the deal? I doubt it; she loves him too damn much. She loves me too, I know, but Sam seems like he was made for her. No, I know I was made for her too. We’ve got everything in common. She’s a perfect combination of Sam and I in every way imaginable. Our perfect woman!

This is making my head hurt. Why am I bugging over this? She is my perfect mate. Sam’s too but still. Cut it out, Dean! She’s just as much yours as she is his. Okay! Now that I’ve settled that. Jeez, I can be such the woman that I accuse Sam of being. Add that to the list of things that I’ll never admit out loud.

Here they come and damn, she looks exhausted! Sam carries her everywhere. Talk about over-compensating. Get real, Dean! You carry her everywhere too. It’s a man-thing. Yeah, that’s it. We manly men need to carry our little woman around like we’re protecting her from the world. Just so happens our little woman can kick both our asses and kill most things that go bump in the night.

He’s putting her down between us. God, she’s beautiful. She looks so innocent and fragile right now. Well, she looks that way after we make love to her all the time. Its like she allows herself to become the woman she was meant to be before this life toughened her up. We are so lucky to get to see that. No one on this planet gets to see her like this cept us and no one ever will. She belongs to us. We belong to her.

Sam’s crashing out too. I guess he really needed to get that out of his system and now he’s as drained as I am. No one on the planet can say that they’d do anything for their brother like I can. I made the ultimate sacrifice cuz I think the world is a better place having him in it. It can live without someone like me. I love my brother too much to see him leave it before me.

Problem is I don’t want to leave it. I want to stay with them forever. I’d love to see us grow old together, all three of us. It’d be great to live a normal life. Well, as normal as a threesome can have. I want us to settle down in this kick ass home that she bought us. I want us to have kids and that brings up a whole other headache. How would we know which one of us is the father? Does it even matter since we live as a three person couple? How would we explain this to a kid? Doesn’t matter. We’d figure it out and live with it if it ever happens. Happily, I might add. Sam would be a great dad. I wonder if I would?

She’s curling into my chest like she does every night when she’s about to fall completely asleep. And there goes Sam wrapping around her back like a protective shield. He’s done that since I died. That sounds weird, huh?

We’d make a great family. We already are but with kids, that would be so perfect. It’d be everything I wanted, everything we didn’t have as kids. All three of us got shafted. We deserve normal and I want it. I know Sam does and Alex had mentioned before that she did too.

So, if I live, the first thing we work on after we send all the demons that escaped the gate back to hell is a normal life. So, I guess it comes down to this.

Sam…Alex, please save me.

~The End~

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