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The Road to Hell is Paved with Pain Chp.1

Title: The Road to Hell is paved with…Pain
Author: angelsdee or Dee
Chapter: 1
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/OFC/Sam
Series: Why We Fight
Spoilers: No Rest for the Wicked
Disclaimer: I haven’t received the title on my navel lint yet so please do not sue. This is intended for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Sam and Alex search for a way to rescue Dean from Hell.
Author’s Note: My take on how Dean could be saved from the pit. I will do another take after the 4th season premiere and incorporate Alex into the story arc.

“Do you want to tell me why Ruby said you could take Lilith out and save Dean from the pit?” She stared at her lover while he sat on the end of their bed with his head in his hands. “We only have each other now, baby, and you need to let me in if I’m to help you to my full ability,” she added when he remained silent.


It had been just a mere two days since Dean was mauled before his eyes by the invisible hellhound. Two days since Sam lost his brother to the pit after his deal became due. Two days of crying and comforting each other since the man they loved was torn from their lives.

Alex had transformed into a hard woman that hid her emotions after her encounter with the Trickster. Yes, she cried, she curled up into a ball and rocked herself in mute suffering, she even had occasional outbursts that forced her cousin, Kevin, to restrain her so that she wouldn’t injure herself or anyone else but she recovered quicker than her lover…this time.

Sam didn’t fare as well. He was lost without his brother and Alex was his only lifeline. He clutched on to her like she would disappear if he let go for an instant. He didn’t realize it but she pushed aside her pain to be there for him whenever he needed her. The knowledge that Dean had died for him was more than Sam could bear alone so he clung to the only thing he had left in this world that he loved.

During those two days, Kevin and Bobby tried to keep an eye on the two but the elder Von Erich had to constantly remind Bobby not to touch or go near Sam while Alex was in a rage. Bobby had seen firsthand how volatile she had become over the past few weeks; he knew it had something to do with a job they were on but was never told about, and didn’t want to anger the young woman but his concern for them both put him in danger more than a few times. Try as he might, Kevin could not contain his cousin when she was in the mind frame to protect Sam. Only the man in question could call her off the attack and it surprised both Bobby and Kevin when Alex immediately backed down at his command.


When Alex knocked on Kevin’s cabin door after their showdown with Lilith, Kevin knew the worst had happened. He was extremely relieved that his cousin survived the battle but realization quickly dawned on him after seeing how she was afterwards that she really wasn’t alive. She just existed for Sam but part of her had died with Dean.

Bobby tried unsuccessfully to convince them to bury Dean’s corpse or build him a funeral pyre. Sam shook his head no repeatedly before he looked to Alex to speak for him.

“This isn’t over,” she mumbled with a trembling lip and dead black eyes. “Not until we get him back or die trying.”

“I went through the same thing with Dean when Sam died,” Bobby shook his head in pained frustration. “He refused too and the next thing I knew I was opening my damn door to find Sam walking all erect and breathing. I hope like hell you two don’t plan on making the same damn mistake.”

“I hardly call what Dean did a mistake,” she snapped at the old hunter while she gripped Sam’s hand in hers.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Alex, and you know it. I was heartbroken when that boy died,” he pointed at Sam with tears welling in his eyes. “But all Dean did was exchange one dead body with another and I just can’t bear the thought of him down there. If you two even think about doing the same thing…”

“I made a promise to Dean that I wouldn’t, Bobby, and I won’t let Sam either,” she spoke up to cut him off. “But we won’t sit idle and abandon him if there is the slightest chance of getting him out.”

“Well I don’t mean to be rude about it but what do you plan to do about his body,” Bobby stumbled through the question uncomfortably. “He won’t hold for long if you know what I mean.”

“I’ll take care of him,” Alex stared at her lover’s bloody body with tears flowing down her cheeks. “Take Sam to the other cabin and leave me alone with him.”

“I don’t want to go,” Sam whispered to her through a tight throat and grasped on to her arm. “I want to stay with you.”

“Go, baby,” she palmed his cheek with a slight nod. “You can’t be here for this,” she looked deep into his emotional eyes and felt him give in to her.

“You shouldn’t be here for this either, Lex,” Kevin whispered as he took Sam by the elbow and led him to the door.

“There isn’t anyone else that can do it, Kev,” she lowered her head and dismissed them. She waited until they had dragged his reluctant form out of the room before she took a deep breath to prepare herself. This was going to be hard but she had to do it for him, for them.

The next several hours were spent by first removing his bloody, tattered clothing. Her hands shook so badly that it made this task near impossible. “Oh my baby,” she gasped when the air left her lungs. Then she cleaned his body and broke down into deep, heaving sobs that wracked her slight frame. “By the Gods, Dean…my love…” To see him like that, torn and bloody, made her feel like her heart had been wrenched out of her chest. It took a long while before she calmed down enough to thread the needle.

She stitched up every single wound with tiny incisions so that scarring would be minimal if his life and soul were returned to their shell. “You know I don’t like scars on my men, handsome,” she mused with a sad smile while she tied off the last stitch. “We’ll bring you back, baby, just you hold on for us, okay?” she let her fingers drift through his hair before she kissed him lightly on his forehead and closed her eyes to concentrate.

Bobby; against Kevin’s warning to leave her be, slipped in to check on her after hours had gone by. When he entered the bedroom, he found her sitting in the Lotus position on the end of the bed and chanting in a language he wasn’t familiar with. After a few minutes went by, his eyes shot wide open when a bright blue mist appeared around Alex, funneled down her arms and spread from her hands that hovered over his chest to encase Dean’s body. The ambient energy layered over his skin for mere seconds before it was absorbed into his skin.

“What did you do?”

Alex took a deep breath and instantly deflated when exhaustion set in. “I used a spell to contain him,” she gazed at her lover longingly before she began to sway. Bobby appeared behind her, holding her up so that she could get to her feet. “He’ll remain perfectly preserved within for as long as it takes or until I die.”

Those were the last words she uttered before darkness claimed her from wielding such powerful magicks. Bobby carried her weary body back to Sam, placed her in bed beside him, and he and Kevin spent the next two days watching them. No one slept, ate, or spoke except for whispered words of comfort between Sam and Alex. It was the longest two days of their lives until Sam finally spoke up.

“I want to go home.”

Alex stared into his eyes, silently nodded her head and glanced at their two companions. They didn’t even need to ask. They just went to pack.


“Are you going to make me ask you again, Sammy?”

“No,” he sighed while he interlaced his fingers and clenched his hands together. “When Azazel was in my nursery when I was a kid, he…fed me his blood,” his eyes were closed, waiting for something from her but only felt the bed dip down beside him. “That’s how all of us ended up with these powers,” he turned his head and opened his eyes to look into hers.

“He fed you demonic blood,” she reiterated and he shook his head. “Okay, that makes sense since he was trying to make a General for his army.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” he looked at her with haunted yet curious eyes. “It doesn’t bother you that I have demonic blood, that your brother had demonic blood?”

“This is going to sound bad but I’m kind of glad that Darius couldn’t handle his powers. If he didn’t kill himself, he could’ve killed all of you. I mean think about it,” she placed her hand over his. “His power was telepathy. He could’ve done anything with that and you wouldn’t have stood a chance. We never would’ve met.”

“Alex…” he began when she avoided his question and went off on a tangent.

“Sam, I fell in love with you as you are, demonic blood and all, and nothing is going to change the way I feel about you. Do you get me or do I need to hit you or something?” she gave him a slight grin which he exchanged and shook his head no. “So, this thing about your powers, you haven’t used them in quite some time.”

“I haven’t had a vision since Dean killed Yellow-eyes.”

“But the others like you, Ava in particular, focused on controlling those abilities and some even made them grow,” she asked questioningly and he nodded his head once again. “Then we need to work on your gifts.”

“Alex, I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Tell me this, baby,” she turned fully towards him, taking his hands in hers. “You planned on using this ability to save him when it came down to it, yes?”


“Then that is what you’re going to do with my help. I’m not Ruby with some hidden agenda of you taking over the reins of power since the throne is empty. I’m your lover, confidante, and protector,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down while she rested hers against his chest. “I won’t let you go dark side. They can have their kingdom to themselves. We just want what’s ours.”


They moved back to their home in Montana the next day.

Kevin called his wife and told her that an emergency had come up with his long lost cousin. She understood what Alex meant to him; she was his only link to his brothers, his family, his past, and told him to stay as long as she needed him. He moved his things into one of the empty bedrooms downstairs and made an unspoken promise that he would fulfill his oath to Dean no matter what. He would be there for Sam and Alex until the bitter end.

Bobby came along as well without asking or being asked. It was a given that he wasn’t going to leave them alone during their quest. At first he thought it was a useless effort that would leave both of these kids even emptier than they already felt or possibly result in their deaths. But after witnessing the spell that Alex performed to preserve Dean’s body, he felt a tinge of hope that they might be able to pull off the impossible. He moved in to the room next to Kevin, resolved in his decision to stay with these kids that he thought of as his own until his dying day.

Dean was placed in the master bedroom in his bed, their bed. Alex had draped his body in loose white cotton pants to maintain his dignity around the outsiders. Kevin and Sam had carried him into the bedroom with Alex and Bobby pulling up the rear. When he was comfortably placed in the center, the other men moved to the back of the room to give them some space.

“How did you do it?” Sam turned towards her at the foot of the bed.

“A very old spell,” she smiled softly at her ‘sleeping’ lover before she glanced at Sam. “I did a lot of traveling in my efforts to save Darius and a lot more after I lost him. I didn’t just hunt Azazel, love, I searched for a way to kill him. I didn’t have the luxury of the Colt or a pretty little knife so I had to improvise.”

“Where did you learn witchcraft?”

“It isn’t exactly witchcraft. I learned some old incantations in Romania from gypsies and even older ones in Egypt,” she crossed the room to her duffle and pulled out her sword before she glanced at Bobby. “You were in the vantage spot across the street. Did you see what this did?”

“Yeah, it killed the demons you fought out in the yard like the Colt or Ruby’s knife.”

“I made it capable of it with this,” she pulled the blade from its scabbard and showed them the symbols engraved in the steel. “Egyptian hieroglyphs,” she answered before Sam could ask. “Like I said, I learned some old techniques that eventually came in handy after I got them right through trial and error.”

“You spent a lot of time engraving that thing, going on a hunt, and changing the symbols over the past months. Is that what you were doing, testing the spell to see if it worked?” Sam took in her nod and glanced at his brother. “And the spell you used on Dean?”

“That is old gypsy magick,” she turned her gaze back to her lover lying in bed. “It will preserve his body; and even heal his injuries given time, until we achieve our goal or until I die. Now,” she turned back to Sam and took his hand, “we have to rest because we have a lot of work to do tomorrow and using these damn spells takes a lot of my energy. We’ll be staying in the downstairs’ master bedroom until the three of us can be together again the way we’re supposed to be.” They glanced at Dean for a moment before Sam led her towards the door. “Good night, you two,” Alex whispered with a grim smile.

“Do you get the feeling things are going to get weirder than they already are?” Kevin asked Bobby as they followed them out and he pulled the door shut behind him.

“Son, when it comes to those three, things can get stranger and stranger with each passing second. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do to save each other as you can see,” he thumbed over his shoulder to the master bedroom where Dean lay in stasis. “All we can hope for is that they don’t get so lost in this quest of theirs that they all end up dead and in the pit.”


Alex and Sam mechanically stripped off their clothes before they noticed that they were nude. A blush colored Sam’s cheeks when he slipped into bed next to his love. He opened his arms to accept her into the warmth of his embrace and wrapped his body around her like he did when they lost Dean a few months back.

“Do you think this will work, Lex?” he whispered into her hair, holding her close to his body.

“Between the two of us, I don’t think there’s anything we can’t do, Sammy,” she mumbled into his chest. “I’ll help you tap into your power and keep you grounded. Then if we have to, we’ll march into hell and go get him back by force.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that,” she forced the smile into her voice to reassure him before she nuzzled into his form. “I love you, Sam.”

“I love you too, baby.”


It was dark and loud all around him. All he could feel was pain. All he could hear was pain. It was a place of suffering and he wasn’t the only one doing that judging by screams around him. He couldn’t see anything but he knew he wasn’t alone and yet he was.

His brother and lover were nowhere to be seen, heard or felt. The last time he saw them they were both crying before his fading vision. It seemed like a lifetime ago. Since he awoke here, he had spent days on end hanging from hooks in his flesh suspending him from chains that disappeared into the inky blackness.

As painful as that was it was preferable to being free of his bonds but frozen in place for the sounds and sights they accosted him with after that. A voice, sickly sweet, informed him that his loved ones were here too. He denied it, told the faceless voice that he was lying, that they were alive. He held fast to his beliefs, knowing they were trying to break him, for several days until he heard familiar voices.

“Dean! Help me!”

“Sam?” his voice echoed around him until another scream split the silence around him. “Sammy! No!”

“He isn’t the only one, Dean,” the bodiless voice teased him again. “We got her too.”

An area to his left lit up and Dean could barely make out the form of Alex hanging naked and bloody from the hooks. He didn’t believe it, he refused to until she opened her eyes and he saw the obsidian depths that he loved so much reflecting intense pain within them.

“Alex, baby?” he called out to her but she couldn’t speak through the blood running down her throat. He stared deep into her eyes and almost fell into further despair until he noticed something. “That’s not Lex,” he said to no one in particular. The dark spark of near danger was missing from those black eyes.

Alex had an air of insanity around her, a spark of raging fire within her gaze that had been there since the Trickster inflicted his many deaths upon her. Dean didn’t know a single person that was tougher than his mate. If she had gotten here at the same time or after him, she wouldn’t have lost that spark yet because he hadn’t and she was stronger than him.

The illusion vanished from sight and he found himself back in the chains and hooks again. As painful as that was, he preferred it to the sounds and visions of Sam and Alex’s tortured, pain-wracked bodies. Days on the hooks surrounded in darkness and screams followed by the sight and sound of his loved ones in bloody agony began to wear on him.

He had to fight everyday to keep to his beliefs that Sam and Alex were safe, that they weren’t there before his eyes. It became harder to believe when they cried out to him, begging for their pain to end. He could hear them clearly despite the fact that he covered his ears to block out their screams. He couldn’t move towards them or even fall to his knees while his lower body was held in place by nothing he could see or feel.

It went on for more days than he could remember. Days of agony in the hooks and then days of terror watching his brother and lover suffering painful tortures, it just went on and on. His mind began to splinter under the constant abuse despite how many times he told himself they weren’t there.

“Sam, please save me,” he cried in despair. “Lex…I can’t take much more…please…”


Sam snapped awake with a start, waking Alex as he shot upright in bed. They had been home for a few days now, working non-stop on pulling Sam’s abilities to the surface and only stopping for rest when the magicks Alex wielded wore her down.

“What is it, baby?” she placed her hands on his heaving chest, looking at him in concern. “Sam! What’s wrong?”

“I felt Dean,” he gasped with wild eyes darting over her face. “I felt him in my head. He’s terrified and losing it.”

“Calm down, baby,” she hushed him, placing a delicate finger over his lips in an attempt to help him control his breathing. “Look at me,” she held his face between her palms and waited for his panicked eyes to settle on her. “We’ll get him out, okay?”

“Okay,” he nodded his head shakily, still gasping for breath.

“I know its scary but there is one positive thing about this,” she said in a calm tone to ease him. “It’s working. You’re getting a hold of this thing.”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” he said on a released breath.

“Do you want to start again?”

“Lex, we can’t,” he shook his head, focusing on her face. “You need to recover your strength. This stuff is draining you and I need you to keep me anchored while I tap into this shit.”

“I can handle it,” she reassured him with a gentle smile. “You made a breakthrough here and we should capitalize on it.”


“Sam, I can handle it,” she said in a stern tone, a spark of frustration igniting in her eyes before quickly tamping it down. “I pull my strength from you, for you, and I won’t let you or Dean down again.”

“Again?” he furrowed his brow when she averted her gaze. “Hey,” he lifted her chin with his index finger to look deep into her emotional eyes. “You never let us down, do you hear me?” he waited for some response before he pushed her a little further. “You never let us down! Now do you get me or do I need to hit you or something?” he grinned when he repeated her words back to her and felt at ease when her smile broke through.

“I got you,” she nodded her head.



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Jul. 1st, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
Wow, at the beginning I couldn't stop a few tears from rolling down my cheeks.
Sam's suffering and Alex who is struggling with stitching up Dean's corpse, that is much more than sad.

I'm a little relieved that Kevin and Bobby are there to support them. As a matter of fact, it's absolutely essential for Kevin to be there. I believe he's the only guy in the whole world capable of stopping Alex from sacrificing herself for the Winchesters, which is necessary in my opinion.

At first it seemed to me a little strange to put a spell on Dean's dead body, but it's well explained, and I can't think of another possibility to preserve his body.

So far for the first part...
Jul. 1st, 2008 12:15 pm (UTC)
I've been a little curious what they're going to do with his body if they plan on him being in hell for a bit. I've read quite a few scenarios already and I came up with this.

I love Kevin. He was a large part of my life for a very long time and - yeah, he's important.

Thanks, babe!
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