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The Road to Hell is Paved with Pain Chp.2

Title: The Road to Hell is paved with…Pain
Author: angelsdee or Dee
Chapter: 2
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/OFC/Sam
Series: Why We Fight
Spoilers: No Rest for the Wicked
Disclaimer: I haven’t received the title on my navel lint yet so please do not sue. This is intended for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Sam and Alex search for a way to rescue Dean from Hell.
Author’s Note: My take on how Dean could be saved from the pit. I will do another take after the 4th season premiere and incorporate Alex into the story arc.

Bobby sat quietly on the couch, watching Sam and Alex sitting on the floor between him and the fireplace. They weren’t forthcoming with what exactly they were doing and it frustrated him since it was plain as day it was huge. Alex was funneling some heavy-duty magick into Sam, who sat in the middle of a protective circle with his eyes closed.

They emerged from their bedroom three days ago, going on and on about a breakthrough, and immediately got back to work. Bobby was worried; they hadn’t slept or even taken a break since then and Alex was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. He had voiced his concerns to Kevin; who told him that they wouldn’t be swayed in their decision and to leave them be for the time being.

Kevin retired to the kitchen, cooking a meal for the four of them to occupy his time. He was out of his league here amongst the three hunters and the magick that his cousin was dealing with blew his mind. But he still had an oath to fulfill and he was a man of his word. He focused on preparing this meal with every intention of getting his cousin and her lover to eat once it was ready.

“I’m almost there, Lex,” Sam spoke in a hollow tone that sent a chill down Bobby’s spine.

“Keep going, baby,” she gasped as sweat seeped from every pore of her body. “I can hold on, Sam, just keep going til you’re there.”

Bobby’s eyes widened just as Kevin emerged from the kitchen to see Alex begin to convulse. Both men stood in awe when she threw her head back and a dark emerald bolt of energy shot from her body towards Sam. His body easily absorbed every last bit of the power she gave him until she slumped forward, her reserves drained.

Both men knew they couldn’t enter the circle to assist her and stood by helplessly waiting for one of them to move. They released a sigh of relief when Sam finally crawled to her side to lift her tired body into his lap. It was a short-lived moment of relief when he opened his eyes to look at them. They were pearl white.

“Are you okay, Lex?” he held her with one arm under her back and touched the side of her face with his free hand.

“I gave you everything I’ve got at the moment,” she smiled wearily. “Looks like it paid off,” she traced the soft skin beside his eyes with a fingertip.

“I know what we have to do now,” Sam’s face fell as he thought on the consequences of what he was about to say. “We need to go to the gate.”

“What are you talking about, boy?” Bobby looked at him like he was insane and judging by the color of his eyes, he wasn’t sure if that wasn’t that case.

“It’s the easiest way to get in without wasting our power by trying to open one ourselves, Bobby,” he glanced up at his friend before he placed his hand on Alex’s nape. “I can keep them in if I stand in the doorway, baby, but you’ll have to go in to find him on your own.”

“Wait a minute here!” Bobby and Kevin said in unison. “Sam, I don’t know what the hell the two of you are doing but I know it ain’t natural,” Bobby argued when those pearl eyes pierced him. “And whatever she’s doing is clearly taking a heavy toll on her,” he pointed at the bone weary Alex that all but lay limp in Sam’s arms.

“Shut up!” Sam and Alex snapped at them.

“Lex, you’ll have to find him by yourself and get him,” he looked deep into her eyes, pearl white drilling into obsidian black. “We’ll take a few hours for you to recover your strength so that you can defend yourself in there, okay? But as soon as you have him, I’ll know and be able to come get you both out. I have to stay out of there until the last moment, baby. You understand, don’t you?” he asked her with his love and worry in his voice.

“I understand,” she whispered with a tired nod.

“How the hell can she defend herself in there?” Kevin yelled with his hands out to his sides. “And what the hell is up with your eyes?” he pointed one hard finger at Sam.

“I’m just drawing on some hidden talents with Lex’s help, Kevin, and trust me, she can defend herself just fine,” Sam smiled at the man before he looked back at his lover. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you the whole time to make sure you’re okay. If things get out of your control, I’ll come for you but you’ve got to try to make it on your own, baby.”

“I’ll make it, love,” she gasped with her waning strength. “I’ll get him and bring him back.”

“You are not sending my cousin into hell,” Kevin yelled as his Texas temper rose to the surface. “She can barely catch her breath now and you want to send her into the pit in a few hours! You’re insane!”

“I’m not insane, Kevin, but I am sending her into the gate and she’ll do what she has to just like I will to get him back,” Sam held his love close to his chest while he regarded her cousin and his old family friend. “You two weren’t around when we lost Dean the last time, you didn’t see what we’d become without him but you see a trace of what we were,” he narrowed his eyes on Bobby. “We did nothing but hunt and killed everything we came across like they were our prey and that is exactly what they were. They didn’t stand a chance against us, Bobby! She became my weapon and I used her to help me kill anything in our way. You still see it, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Bobby nodded his head solemnly. “She still gives me the creeps but you got passed it after a bit.”

“We’ll end up that way again without him, trust me, we will and no one will ever be able to be around us again because we’re too damn dangerous,” Sam situated Alex so that he could lift her up as he stood. “Do you have the energy to disable the circle, baby?”

“Yeah,” she waved her hand until the shimmering white light dissipated and Sam could pass the barrier. “Take me to bed, love,” she whispered into his chest.

“Get comfortable, guys, cuz you’re staying here with Dean’s body while we’re gone,” Sam grinned at them as he passed but didn’t see them shudder from looking at his eyes.

“How are they going to get there without wasting their energy?” Bobby asked in frustration as he flopped on to the couch. “Wyoming isn’t too far from here but the drive will still be a pain in the ass.”

“She has a private plane, remember,” Kevin said sadly as he walked into the kitchen and made up two plates for them. “I’m gonna take them some food to help build up their strength. Well hers anyways, Sam seems to have plenty at his disposal right now.”

“That may be the case but he still needs her to use her spells to balance him out if I understand everything I saw and heard while they did this,” Bobby called out to him. “I have no idea how she’s going to be able to do that and protect herself in the pit at the same time.”

“She’ll do it,” Kevin said with tears in his eyes. “Or die trying,” he added before he disappeared down the hall with the plates.


He was naked, his limbs stretched out with the chains around his wrists and ankles, and tears coursed down his cheeks. A barbed whip sliced through the air, tearing into his skin with each lashing. But it wasn’t the whipping that broke him down.

His tear-filled eyes stared at his brother’s body ten feet away. The innocence and emotion that always filled Sam’s eyes were gone, replaced with despair and resignation. Long strips of his skin were missing and blood flowed freely from every wound but Sam didn’t cry out anymore. He’d stare with vacant eyes at Dean or cry when he heard the abuse visited upon Alex.

She was harder to break and they worked on her twice as hard as Sam. The more fire you had the more they loved to see you break and Alex had a lot of fire. Dean watched, screaming for them to leave her alone but it made the torture she went through even worse so he eventually stopped begging. He’d close his eyes when he saw shapes approach her naked and torn body, knowing what was coming next. She’d stay quiet at first, gritting past the pain before it became intolerable and begged them to stop. It took months for her to beg and as usual, it only made it worse on her the next time.


Sam fed Alex every last bit of food on her plate while he ate his with vigor. He had real hope for the first time in a year that he could save Dean. Of course, he wished he could have kept him alive before the deal came due but it didn’t work out that way. Now, with the help of his love, he had the chance to face his demonic destiny, give it the finger and save his brother at the same time.

“You gonna be okay in a bit for us to leave?” he asked his mate while she lay propped up against the headboard. He smiled softly when she wearily nodded her head. “You’re amazing, you know?”

“I try my best,” she smirked before she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. “I need to be with you now,” she whispered against his lips.

“Alex, I’m not comfortable with my eyes and the reason for them being this way,” he lowered his gaze to her chin. “You’d be making love to a half-man/half-demon.”

“Sam,” she lifted his chin, “you had that blood in you since you were a few months old. I already have made love to a half-man/half-demon several times and I don’t care. The man is in control and he is everything to me.”

“Well, you’re eyes look like a demon’s too so I guess we’re kind of on equal footing not to mention the Romanian and Egyptian spells…” he laughed when she dug her fingers into his side and mercilessly tickled his ribs. “Stop! Hahaha! Please…”

“Some half-demon you turned out to be!” she giggled uncontrollably, spurred on to hysterics by his breathless laughter. “I mean, come on, they wanted you to be king of the underworld. I can dethrone you with a mere tickle!”

“Stop…” he wrestled her hands away from his sides and pinned her arms down beside her head. “Now I’ve got you where I want you,” he gasped, his chest heaving to get air in his lungs.

“And what do you want to do with me, Oh King Sam?”

“Shut up, wench,” he chuckled before he took her lips in a searing kiss. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he gasped against her lips before he slid his tongue into her mouth. His hands pulled at her clothes, tearing them from her body and tossing them to the floor. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” he said in between kisses while he fumbled to remove his jeans.

“Sam, please…” Alex gasped from lack of oxygen but pulled his shirt over his head in her need for him. A moment later, she arched her back when he drove his hard shaft into her pussy. “Yes, baby, yes,” she cried when he frantically pumped his length in and out of her body.

“Oh, Lex!” he groaned from her fiery heat surrounding his penetrating cock. “Baby, you feel so damn good,” his eyes clenched when she bit his pec. His large hands covered her breasts and squeezed them hard while he bit along her jaw. ‘She doesn’t have anything left,’ he managed to think through the haze in his mind when she could barely lift her arms to hold on to his neck. Normally, Alex was a very active participant during sex; she’d practically overpower him to encourage his movements none to subtly by using her legs or hands to pull him into her, but now she just lay in a mindless pool of bliss beneath him. He pounded into her slight body for several minutes, relishing in her writhing form beneath him and the sounds of her whimpers and moans. “Alex, baby…” he gasped, pulling back to look at her face.

“Now, Sam!” she keened when her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave.

“Lex!” Sam gritted from between his teeth when she clenched him within her, the tiny convulsions of her orgasm making her pussy ripple along his cock. It was more than he could stand and he jerked his seemingly endless release into her hot depths. “Oh my God,” he collapsed on top of her, boneless and heavy but she didn’t complain.

“You’re gonna have to carry me into the plane,” she mumbled into his chest.

“No problem,” he propped himself up on his forearms with a big lazy smile. “I have an abundance of energy to run on.”

“Yeah, mine, now get off of me so we can get ready,” she laughed, pushing at his shoulders.


Sam and Alex packed their gear and dropped it at the bottom of the stairs before they went up to see Dean. The spell was working like a charm. He was not only perfectly preserved but his body was slowly healing from its injuries. They looked on him fondly, their love for him in their eyes. He was their inspiration, their drive to make it through this and bring him back.

“I love you, baby,” Alex whispered to her love, lightly kissing him on his lips. “I’ll be seeing you soon,” she backed up to let Sam say his piece.

“I’m going to get you back, Dean, and I promise,” he glanced back at Alex before he lowered his voice. “I promise I won’t let anything happen to her,” he squeezed his hand in his before he turned to Alex. “Shall we go get what’s ours?”



The flight to Wyoming was quick and they were thankful to her pilot for that. Their tension was running a little high and the sooner they got this started the better. He touched down within walking distance of the cemetery that marked the beginning of Sam’s year of hell and hopefully the end of Dean’s.

“I think we hit a snag already,” Sam scratched the back of his head while he stared at the big metal door of the gate. “We don’t have the Colt.”


“It’s the key to the gate.”

“Kind of an important little detail to remember, don’t you think?” she frowned at him. “I don’t know what you’d do without me,” she shook her head, dropping her pack on the ground. She walked up to the heavy door, studied the basic structure of it before she rubbed her hands together and placed them over the lock. “I guess I could’ve used the dynamite in my bag but I figure we need to be able to shut this damn thing when we get out, huh?” she joked half-heartedly when the spell she recited within her mind began to unlock the gate.

They stepped back while it spun its course and turned to look into each other’s eyes. “You gonna be okay?” he asked her when he grabbed both of her hands in his.

“I’ll be fine,” she forced a smile when the lock rotated through its last sequence. “Will you?”

“I’ll be fine too,” he turned his head to look at the gate when it released all its safeties. “I’ll be right here when you need me,” he kissed her desperately on the lips before he positioned himself in front of the doors as they swung open. A black vortex of smoke rushed directly at him and Sam braced himself. He was scared that he might be wrong, that they might make things worse but he held on to his hope and felt the presence of the woman behind him. ‘Hope and Lex, it’s all I have left,’ he thought as the darkness approached. Just at the moment of contact, it veered away when it seemingly sensed the power within him. “I’ve got em held back, Lex,” he shouted over the roar at her. “It’s up to you now, baby!”

Alex nodded her head at him before she gazed past him to the entrance to hell. ‘This is it,’ she thought with a mix of dread and determination. ‘Sam, did his part now it’s your turn,’ she pulled her sword from its scabbard across her back, ducked under Sam’s outstretched arm and stepped over the threshold.

“Lex!” Sam shouted at her when she moved into the darkness until she stopped to glance at him. “I love you!”

“I love you too!” she smiled before she turned and disappeared into the dark.


The tunnel she was in seemed to go down forever but she kept moving. She ran into a handful of demons about 40 minutes into her descent and dispatched them with ease. When they realized that her blade could kill them, she was given some leeway and hadn’t had any real opposition for the past 35 minutes.

It got hotter and darker the further down she went. “What the fuck did you expect, Lex? This is hell after all,” she mumbled to herself while she kept up her steady run. Another 10 minutes and she could hear the screams of the damned. Tears stung at her eyes when she pictured her love here amongst these poor souls. A scream tore through the darkness that sent a chill down her spine. She recognized that voice and ran with every ounce of energy she had at her disposal to get to it.


“NO!” Dean screamed at the top of his lungs, his arms and legs immobile in the chains while he watched the skin peel from the bodies of his brother and mate. “STOP! PLEASE STOP!”

“The fun thing is we can keep this up for an eternity, Dean,” the voice echoed around him.

“I don’t think so, fucker,” it was the most animalistic growl he’d ever heard.

Dean’s eyes snapped open to see a glint of steel slice through the body of Sam and then Alex. Flashes of light sparked through their forms before they fell to the ground. He raised his weary, tear-filled eyes to a form that moved towards him in the darkness, shaking his head no when it became clear.

“You’re not real,” he cried, his head drooping in despair. “You’re one of them,” he mumbled through his sobs.

“I’m as real as it gets, lover,” she ground out of clenched teeth, grunting as she swung her arm and sliced through the chains holding his legs. She wrapped an arm around his waist to support him before she swung her blade through his wrist restraints and caught his body against hers as he slid down her to the ground. The state his body was in almost made her wretch but she shook it off, she had a job to do. “And I’m taking you home,” her tear-filled eyes met his glassy ones before she half-pulled/half-carried him back the way she came.

Dean mumbled almost incoherently for a majority of the journey. Some words she could make out and some were mindless gibberish but what she did hear was him repeatedly saying she wasn’t real or describing the things he had seen done to her there. It tore at her heart to hear him break down and cry but she stiffened up her resolve and kept dragging him towards freedom.

“Hey, pretty lady,” a small voice drifted through the darkness before them and stopped Alex cold. “Where are you taking my toy? I didn’t give you permission to play with him,” the young child stepped out before them, her milky white eyes studying Alex’s black ones.

For the first time in her days of hunting, Alex was scared shitless but she didn’t let it show. Her hand tightened almost painfully on Dean’s naked flesh, holding his sagging body close to her side. In her free hand, she held her blade in a steady, death grip. She’d fight until her death but she knew it wouldn’t be for long. She had run out of strength eons ago, desperation the only thing that kept her going. This kid was going to kill her, drag Dean back down, and nothing she could do would prevent that. She was on ‘E’ and barely had the energy to hold up her sword.

“I don’t need your permission, bitch!” Sam barreled into her from behind, knocking her to the ground. “Move, Alex!” he shouted at her while he kept himself between his loved ones and Lilith. “Go, baby,” he yelled over his shoulder.

“Not without you!”


“No!” she screamed back so loudly that it drowned out the sounds from the pit. “Take the damn sword and kill that bitch so we can go home!” she threw him the blade and hoisted Dean up now that she had use of both arms. “Together or not at all, Sam,” she held fast to her position with no chance of talking her out of it.

Sam rounded on the girl that looked at him with a hint of fear overshadowing her madness. When she saw the blade in his hands, she pouted, instantly sensing its power and purpose. “You’re not playing fair, Sam,” she smiled before her face morphed into pure evil. “I hate it when people cheat at my games!”

“This isn’t a game!” he yelled before he raised his hand. His eyes returned to their pearl white color and a flash of light erupted from his hand, throwing her across the tunnel. Lilith crashed against the wall before slamming to the ground. When she lifted her head, Sam was already there, grabbing her by the collar with a sneer on his face. “And I’m not playing, bitch!” he swung the sword across his body and sliced cleanly through her neck, dropping her as her head rolled off into the dark.

He stood up, looking down the tunnel when he sensed the others presence. “Come near me or mine and I’ll burn you from existence! Every single one of you fuckers will die a permanent death if you come after us! Do you get me?” he shouted, his voice echoing off the stone walls. “Let’s go, Alex!” he backed up, holding the sword in one hand while he shouldered Dean’s other arm and they took off running for the gate.

“You’re not real either,” Dean muttered sadly as he wearily looked up at his brother. “Sam’s dead. They’re torturing him over and over back there. You’re just fucking with my head.”

“Not now, Dean!” he snapped at his delirious brother before he glanced at Alex over his head. “We’re almost there but if any of them got behind me…”

“They aren’t going anywhere!” she huffed back in near exhaustion. “Trust me,” she smiled when he looked at her in confusion. They ran at full speed, dragging Dean between them until a small slit of light pierced the darkness ahead. “There’s the gate!”

“And there’s a wall of them, Lex!”

“Sam, let me handle Dean, move ahead and use the sword and your power to clear the way,” she shifted Dean’s weight on to her so that Sam was free to move. “Time this right!”

“How are they not getting out of here?” he ran a few paces in front of them and stared at the demons that pounded on an invisible barrier.

“As soon as you left the gateway, I conjured a protective circle in front of it so they couldn’t pass,” she gasped as her lungs burned from the long run. “Clear the path, so that I can drop the barrier when we’re ready to cross it!”

Sam held the pommel in both hands, kept a steady pace in front of his struggling woman and screamed at the top of his lungs. They turned just as he was on them only to find half of their numbers cut down by the enchanted blade and the other half burned from the light that permeated his skin.

Alex waved one hand out in front of her and they dove through the doorway, landing hard on the ground. Sam rolled over to look back at the gate and found the barrier back in place. “I’m tired, babe,” Alex gasped through heaving lungs. “Shut the damn doors and I’ll lock em from here,” she flopped down onto the grass.

Sam rose to his feet, embedded her blade in the ground before he pushed both gates closed in the faces of the furious demons. When it clanged shut, the lock spun, engaging all the tumblers until it was sealed once again.

“Where’s Dean?” Sam asked when he turned back towards Alex.

“Hopefully in his body,” she mumbled and held up a hand. “We carried his heavy ass soul out of there,” she said when he pulled her up. “When we crossed the barrier, his soul was free to return to his body or that was my plan anyways.”

“We did it,” Sam sighed before he looked down into her eyes. “We really did it.”

“We did,” she nodded her head before her legs buckled.

“I’ve got you, baby,” he swept her up in his arms, cradling her close to his chest.

“That you do, now take me to the damn plane so I can flip that switch in your brain and get your pretty eyes back,” she kissed him lightly on his lips before her head flopped down to rest on his shoulder. “Then I need to sleep for about a year,” she said on a big yawn.


Bobby and Kevin kept a silent but anxious vigil over Dean’s body while Sam and Alex were gone. Hours ticked by while they paced the room. They roughly knew the timetable and if they successfully completed their mission, Dean should have woken up by now.

“Do you think something went wrong?” Kevin asked as he passed Bobby in the center of the room while they paced in opposite directions.

“Hell, son, everything about this was wrong but I know what you meant and I don’t know,” Bobby groused on his way past him again. “Then again…” he tapered off when the bright blue particles of mist poured out of Dean’s skin.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and shot up in bed taking a deep breath to fill his lungs. He stared up at the ceiling, screamed at the top of his lungs, and collapsed back on to the bed.

“Is he alive?” Kevin asked as Bobby checked his pulse.

“I can’t believe that I’m saying this but yes, he is,” Bobby smiled before he dropped down into the chair beside the bed.

“They did it,” a smile broke out on Kevin’s face as he stared at the unconscious Dean and clapped a hand down on Bobby’s shoulder. “I can’t believe its over,” he sighed with relief.

“The hard part is over, son, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that it’s over. That boy has been in hell for who knows how long,” he pointed at Dean. “We have no idea what kind of shape he’ll be in when he wakes up.”


“How is he?”

“Did it work?”

Kevin raised a finger to his lips, hushing the desperate couple when they flew into the bedroom. He pointed towards the bed and they saw Bobby asleep in the chair, hunched over on to the bed, and resting a hand on top of Dean’s.

“He’s alive,” Kevin answered Alex first, “but he passed out right after he woke up.” He looked over their haggard appearances and shook his head. “You two look like hell but considering that’s where you were I guess it suits you.”

“Thanks, Kev.”

“No problem, Lex,” he smirked at her before he turned to Sam. “Nice to see your eyes back to normal, man, cuz that was just too weird.”

“She turned off the switch,” Sam tilted his head towards Alex with a blush. “I can probably still reach it if I try but I don’t want it easily accessible to me.”

“Probably a good idea,” Kevin nodded his head with an arched brow. “Jury’s still out on how that sits with me, my cousin in love with a part demon.”

“I guess congratulations are in order,” Bobby mumbled, rubbing his eyes as he rose from his seat. “You two did the impossible and lived to talk about it to no one outside of this room, got me?” he furrowed his brow, glancing between the two of them.

“Yes, Sir,” Sam cleared his throat, averting his eyes to the bed.

“You both look like shit,” Bobby narrowed his eyes on the tired but excited couple. “Why don’t you hit the sack and keep an eye on him while you’re at it.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sam slapped his shoulder as he ran to the bed.

“You did a good thing, young lady,” Bobby whispered while he took a quick glance over his shoulder to see Sam lay his hand over his brother’s heart. “And I know it took a lot out of you but you came through for your family. Sam would’ve tried and tried to tap into that damn power on his own and never accomplished it without your help. Yes,” he turned back to Alex when she opened her mouth. “I know about the power and where it came from. You can’t hide anything from me for long.”

“I guess not,” she frowned while she stared over his shoulder.

“Nevertheless, you did an amazing thing and I admire you for it,” he said in a soft tone. “You three are like the kids I never had and losing one of you isn’t something I ever want to go through again.”

“Thank you,” she smiled at him with a blush coloring her tanned cheeks.

“You’re welcome,” he nodded as he cleared his throat. “Now get some sleep, darlin,” he kissed her lightly on her temple and walked out the door with a tear in his eye.

“Good night, cousin,” Kevin picked her up in a bear hug, kissed her forehead, and replaced her on her feet.

“Night, Kev,” she waved over her shoulder when he hustled to the door and pulled it closed behind him. “Finally,” she sighed as she trudged over to the bed. “He looks like our Dean,” she whispered while she lazily stripped off her clothes.

“He’s ours,” Sam pulled off his shirt and crawled in next to his brother while Alex curled up on Dean’s other side. “Under normal circumstances, there is no way in hell I would ever lay down beside him without you in the middle of us but I just have to know he’s here, you know?”

“I know exactly what you mean, baby,” Alex whispered while she stared at her lover’s profile, sharing his pillow. “Love you, Sammy,” she stretched her hand out over Dean’s stomach until she felt Sam lay his on top of hers, both of them keeping contact with each other with the protective arms over Dean.

“Love you, Lex.”


His eyes snapped open to unfamiliar surroundings. It was dark in here but not as black as he was used to. The second thing he noticed was that he didn’t feel any pain. With a whimper, he prepared himself for the visions and sounds of Sam and Alex’s daily torture.

He waited with his eyes darting back and forth but the screams didn’t come. He felt a subtle weight across his body and the presence of objects on either side of him. Tears filled his eyes while he waited for the new torture they had planned for him.

He felt the person to his left move closer to him and his entire body flinched from the contact. ‘I can move…’ he shifted the weight off of his chest and scampered across the soft surface until he fell a short distance to the floor.

“Baby?” Alex rubbed her eyes when she heard a thump and reached out to her side. Her vision cleared when she felt the warm yet empty space beside her. “Sam, wake up!” she jumped out of bed, turning the nightstand light on.

“What is it?” he rubbed his eyes with a yawn.

“Dean?” she called out softly when she saw him huddled in the corner of the room and moved cautiously towards him. “Sam!” she whispered harshly to rouse him and heard him bound out of bed until he was by her side. They stood a few feet from him while he sat in the corner with his face hidden behind his arms that held his knees. “Baby?” she reached out a tentative hand and pulled it back when he flinched away from her.

“Please don’t…” he shook his head back and forth across his forearms. “I can’t…”

“Dean, it’s okay,” Sam said in a soft tone. “You’re home. We got you out and you’re safe with us.”

“Liar!” Dean yelled through a tight throat and swung his arm out at the creature that took his brother’s form. A hand closed over his wrist before he hit his target and he struggled to wrench himself free. “Let go of me!” he screamed as he pulled against demon Alex’s grasp. “Please don’t…not you…or him,” he broke down in tears. “I can’t…not from you…”

“Shh,” Alex pulled his resistant form into her arms, holding him against her chest. “We’re not going to hurt you, baby,” she whispered into his hair as he cried uncontrollably into her flesh. “It’s really us, love. We aren’t demons or a trick. We’re with you and you’re home,” she sobbed as her love trembled in her arms. She glanced up into Sam’s tear-filled eyes, slid her gaze to the bed and he moved to an unspoken request. “Dean, love, it’s really me,” she continued to whisper reassuringly to him.

“Nonononono,” he shook his head back and forth, continuously denying they were real.

Sam returned to her side with a blanket from the bed. He sat down beside his mate while his shaking brother cried, curled up against her body. Sam spread the blanket across the three of them and wrapped an arm across her shoulders while she rocked Dean back and forth, murmuring words of love and comfort to him the entire time.

He and Alex had literally gone to hell and back to rescue his brother and now he was broken. The sound of Dean crying, the sight of him trembling like that tore Sam’s heart out of his chest.

Sam sat with his back against the wall and Alex tucked under one arm until Dean finally cried himself to sleep with his head on her lap. The two weary warriors looked into each other’s tear-filled eyes and knew the hard part wasn’t hell.



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Jul. 1st, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad they made it!
I bet nobody could bear Dean suffering in hell much longer. But I know it had to be cruel.
By the way, those hell-parts are written like you've been watching Dean all the time. Don't tell me you were an eye-witness! *grins*

Sam with those white eyes is really creepy. But I do understand Alex in that case. I wouldn't be able to resist him, either.

Wow, and now everyone knows that going to hell and back to rescue Dean was the easier part of everything.
Jul. 1st, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
That part was the hardest to write. I didn't know how far to go in regards to describing his torment. Oh hell, I couldn't resist Sam normal or getting his demon mojo on. The next chapter is the tough part.
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